Air Max 95 Vs 97: The Comparison

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The main difference between the Nike AirMax 95 and AirMax 97 revolves around versatility, comfort, and styling. The 97s are an edge above the 95 models in the area of being versatile, whereas the 95s are more comfortable but will only fit certain styles.

There are some other factors, however, that will break clarity on which of these tempting models you should cop first or throw your investment at.

The truth is that both the Airmax  95 and 97 share similarities in a lot of areas, thus making it a challenging task to know which one is better than the other.

Many enthusiasts believe that both variations are of good value, especially given that they equally have tons of colorways to choose from.

To pick the best, you need to know about the two shows, what they offer, and what might make one better than the other, particularly when you intend to use these pairs.

Let’s begin with knowing what the deal about these two models is that makes them a hot debate in many forums as we speak.

What about the AirMax 95?

The AirMax 95 Sneakers are mainly characterized by a bulky composition among other prominent features. This pair has worn the heart of many chunky shoe lovers.

The wavy design of this model is worth talking about as it has effortlessly built a profile for the 95 that makes it stand out from most other Nike lineups, evolving the portfolio of the designers.

One unique thing about this model is that it has one or two features that will appeal to all and sundry, including those who prefer the retro “Grape” version, or “Floral Camo” rework.

What about the AirMax 97?

The impression that the Airmax 97 gave upon debut was little or no surprise, given the iconic “Silver Bullet” original that is considered a prelude to this immensely popular lineup.

The former version has been updated and streamlined with an Ultra revision. The shoe shares a lot of similarities with the 95 but stands out in specific areas as we will see later on which explains why it continues to dominate the mainstream, especially on Instagram.

Air Max 95 Vs 97: Comfort

If the main reason you are choosing to buy either of these shoes is primarily because of comfort, then you’d be better off with the Air Max 97.

After wearing both shoes, I noticed that the 97 is a somewhat comfortable sneaker, especially for its upper, compared to the Air Max 95.

The cushioning and overall fit of the 97 indeed seem to be stiffer when placed side by side with models that were released earlier. This is due to the full-length Air unit feature in the sneaker. But it has an edge over the 95 in the area of comfort.

Air Max 95 Vs 97: Lightweight

There is a general topical discussion that the Nike Air Max design is a heavy one. It is a modern-day problem and is complained about in almost all its variations.

If you are big on wearing lightweight shoes, I would recommend you go for the 97. Whenever we want to review the downside of the AirMax model being heavy, most times, we use the 95 as an example because its midsole that contains the Air is denser while its outsole is beefier.

 Again, the upper of the Airmax 95 appears to be more elaborate than the 97.

Both shoes have the downside of not being lightweight and appealing compared to other models, especially due to the Airbags which can be seen in all Air Max models. (Well, Airmax are shoes for Visual appeal)

Air Max 95 Vs 97: Price

There is no striking difference between the prices of Air Max 95 and Air Max 97 sneakers. There is just a marginal increase that separates both in terms of being economically friendly.

If you are on a budget, you may want to consider the 95s. These chunky shoes will set you back around $170 depending on the design.

On the other hand, the Air Max 97 can be priced in a similar range, but expect some designs to go as high as $264 or less.

The availability of these shoes is equal as anyone would easily find them via the e-commerce website of Nike and selected physical stores.

What is the difference between Air Max 95 and 97?

As cited earlier, comfort separates the Air Max 97 from the Air Max 95. The upper of the 97 feels a bit comfier than the Air Max 95, but the overall fit and cushioning are stiffer, especially when you compare it to earlier models.

Similarities between Air Max 95 and 97

There are a lot of similarities between these two when you look deeply, that is why it is hard to choose.

For example, the material on the upper of both shoes is reinforced with a waterproof material, particularly in the wavy areas.

In addition, buyers are not limited in Colour options when it comes to both sneakers. But I recommend going for black because it fits the weather ahead, and helps reduce the upkeep needed to make it clean always.

Aside from these, it is general knowledge for every Sneakerhead that the Air Max lineup is heavy. It applies to both shoes here, only that the one does it a little better than the other in terms of lightweight.

Lastly, both the Air Max 95 and 97 are originally released as running shoes for larger runners needing max cushioning.

You will observe that their visual design is taken from cues from human anatomy – the spine of the shoe symbolizes the human spine and the materials take the representation of the human skin, ribs, and tendons. How interesting!

Final Verdict: Which should I buy?

All and above, I would recommend you go for the Air Max 97 if you are torn between the two models. Based on experience, the shoe feels amazingly good for 2–3 hours of walking and is easy to style with most of my outfits.

At the end of the day, it all boils down to what you prefer, that is, your personal preference. We have seen both sides of the coin.

One of the ways I make my pick on the best shoe to buy among two conflicting choices is going physically to a sneaker store and seeing which works for you.

While the Air Max 97 seems to be comfier than the 95, comfort means different things to different people. This is because everyone has a slightly different foot shape, style of walking/running, and intentions of wearing a shoe.

I may consider the Max 97 soft, cushiony, and a not-too-tight fit, but another reviewer may consider sagging and loose.

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