Alden 405 vs Red Wing Beckman

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Alden 405 boots and Red Wing Beckman boots are quite expensive so you may not be able to test both of them out. Luckily for you, this comparison is here to guide you on which one you should go for. 

The major difference between the two boots is in the upper soles. Truly, both shoes use leather but the type of leather used and how they are treated make them quite different.

While Alden 405 boots use brown Cowhide leather (Chromexcel), Red Wing Beckman boots make use of Featherstone leather. The cowhide leather in Alden 405 is as durable as Leather can be while remaining flexible.

The Featherstone Leather in Beckman shoes is very durable but quite stiff. While the stiffness proves that they will last a very long time, it also means they will require breaking in.

Alden 405 Review

Alden 405 vs Red Wing Beckman

Alden is one of the most loved brands in the footwear industry. Unlike some other big brands, Alden boots carry high quality along with their popularity.

The Alden 405 boot is one of the best shoes produced by Alden. The boots are also called Alden Indy, named after a character in the “Indiana Jones” movie.

The boots don’t just look nice for work boots. They are constructed with the highest expertise and the best construction.

The boots make use of high-quality leather, Goodyear welt construction, and Vibram outsoles. The shoes are consequently high in price. However, the durability of these boots is assured, coupled with their extremely comfortable insoles.

Pros Alden 405

Goodyear Welt Construction

Alden 405 uses original and high-quality materials. In addition to all of that, Alden 405 boots make use of Goodyear welt construction.

This is one of the most checked features to know how good a pair of shoes will be. Some shoes use faux stitching to make it look like they used a Goodyear welt construction.

On the other hand, Alden 405 boots use original Goodyear welt construction, making them tougher and more durable.

Also, unlike other boots that are not welted, Alden 405 boots can have their soles fixed if they develop faults. That is also because the Goodyear welt construction makes it easy.

Chromexcel Leather (Cowhide)

There is something about natural leather. It is tough, durable, and breathable. Chromexcel leather is just as tough and durable as leather can be while adding a surreal shine to its perks.

They are bright enough to need no polish and they seem to never wear out. In other words, they look better as they get older.

Leather Insoles

In addition to the tough leather which Alden 404 boots are made of, they make use of leather insoles. Being a breathable natural material, the insoles are also breathable.

This allows free airflow, making your feet less sweaty so you don’t get uncomfortable after a long period of wearing the boots.

Double Toe Stitching

The stitching on the toes of the boots is not just well done but also doubled. That keeps the boots together, reducing the risks of having loose stitches.

Moccasin Stitching

Alden 405 boots feature moc-toe stitching. While the stitch doesn’t exactly hold anything, it gives the shoe an attractive look. The stitch used is brighter than the original color of the shoe making them more alluring.

Neoprene Cork Outsoles

The Outsoles are made of Neoprene cork. They are not only comfortable and durable but they are waterproof and chemical-resistant. 

Worth The Price

Alden 405 boots come at a high price but it becomes quite obvious how reasonable their prices are after getting to use them. 

Cons of Alden 405


While many would agree that Alden 405 boots are reasonably priced, the cost of buying them compared to many other boots is quite high and may not be affordable for some people.

Sizing (½ large)

Alden 405 shoes are sized with Alden Trubalance lasts which makes them a bit narrow and longer than your usual size. Since the Chromexcel leather will stretch, it is advised that you size down by a half-size.

Easy Scuffing

Probably because of the shiny look of the Chromexcel leather, the boots can be easily scratched.

Red Wing Beckman Review

Alden 405 vs Red Wing Beckman

Red Wing is another big brand well-known for high-quality shoes. Red Wing shoes usually have a high price. However, the Beckman boots are a bit higher than many other Red Wing boots.

This new model of Red Wing boots doesn’t come with a high price tag alone. There is supreme quality, durability, and a lot of comfort to enjoy in these boots.

The shoes use two-part outsoles, combining leather and rubber for maximum performance. The upper sole is made of Featherstone leather, which they claim to be the strongest form of leather for boots. They do not use insoles, however. 

Pros of Red Wing Beckman

Goodyear Welt Construction

Red Wing Beckman also has a sturdy look. It uses high-quality materials and a Goodyear welt construction which further reinforces the boot. It also makes them very easy to repair if the soles wear out.

Featherstone Leather

The upper soles are made of Featherstone leather which Red Wing claims to be the highest-quality leather. The leather is much tougher than regular leather. While they are inflexible, they will last very long.

Triple Stitch On Seams

The seams on the shoes are stitched in three rows with the Puritan sewing machine which is strong enough to stitch into tough leather materials like Featherstone leather.

Leather + Rubber Outsoles (Roccia)

Red Wing Beckman boots use outsoles made of leather and rubber. The leather material adds to their level of traction while rubber makes the shoes more durable and water-resistant.

Worth The Price

Red Wing Beckman boots have high price tags but if you can pay the price to get these, you will enjoy the quality you get. Virtually every comment that talks about the price of Beckman boots never fail to mention how much they are worth it.

Cons of Red Wing Beckman


You may have heard of Red Wing Beckman boots being reasonably priced. While that may be true, the price is very high.

The quality may be great but the price is above the average price of boots in the market and may not be affordable for some people.

No Insoles

Red Wing Beckman boots are quite comfortable but they have no insoles. The inner sole is made of leather which makes them breathable and comfortable.

However, you will have to buy new insoles separately if you are not comfortable with the leather.

Requires breaking in

Red Wing Beckman boots have stiff upper soles. Featherstone leather makes them thick and durable. However, it also makes them feel inflexible.

They may be found less comfortable by some people. The stiffness makes them hard to pull off so they need to be broken in. Unfortunately, the break-in process can take a very long time.

Sizing (½ large)

Red Wing Beckman boots are sized with 8.A lasts. This last is very similar to the Trubalance last used in Alden Indy boots. It makes the boots narrow and long so you may have to go down by a half-size.

Head-to-Head Comparison Between Alden 405 and Red Wing Beckman Boots

Alden 405 vs Red Wing Beckman

  • Construction Modes
  • Prices
  • Build Quality
  • Insoles
  • Outsoles
  • Fit and Sizing

Construction Modes

Alden 405 vs Red Wing Beckman

Alden Indy boots make use of a Goodyear welt construction which makes them very durable and also easy to repair if they develop faults.

Red Wing boots also make use of a Goodyear welt construction making them equally durable and easy to fix.

Red Wing Beckman boots feature triple stitching on the seams. The stitching is done by a puritan sewing machine which is only required for extremely tough leather.

This shows how thick and strong the leather is. Alden Indy boots feature moccasin stitching.

This is faux stitching on the toe of the boots that are not joining anything. The stitches are brighter in color, making the boots very attractive.

Bottom Line: Alden Indy boots come ahead in this comparison. This is because both boots feature a similar construction which defines the toughness and longevity of both.

The triple stitch on the upper soles of Red Wing Beckman boots adds nothing to the durability, just like the moc-toe stitching on Alden Indy boots does not make them stronger.

However, the moc-toe stitching makes Alden Indy boots more attractive due to the bright color. The stitch on Beckman boots is dull.


Alden 405 vs Red Wing Beckman

Both shoes are known to be very expensive but they are not equal in price. Red Wing boots are generally priced within the range of $100 and $400.

However, Red Wing Beckman boots broke that rule. The lowest price you can get Beckman boots is $380 and it ranges up to $500. They are more expensive than other Red Wing boots but also very valuable.

Alden Indy boots are also very expensive. They are more expensive than Red Wing boots. Their prices range from $550 to $580. However, some Alden Indy boots have prices going up to $610.

Bottom Line: Red Wing Beckman boots are ahead in this comparison. The shoes are both expensive.

However, with the cost of Alden Indy boots in hand, a person can opt for Red Wing Beckman boots and get to save some money. Fortunately, both have their perks to enjoy and you won’t be regretting the decision.

Build Quality

Alden 405 vs Red Wing Beckman

Alden Indy boots are made with Chromexcel leather which is strong and durable. Also, the wear-out process is not just slow but also fascinating.

This is because, Asides from the natural shiny look of the shoes, it looks brighter and better as it gets older. The leather is strong and durable enough but it is soft so it allows a quick break-in.

Red Wing Beckman boots are made with Featherstone leather which is stronger than Chromexcel leather. They are also very durable and quite stiff. The stiffness makes them hard to break into.

Also, Alden Indy boots reportedly get scuffed easily.

Bottom Line: Redwing Beckman boots are ahead in this comparison. While both boots may be durable, Featherstone leather is more promising.

Also, while Alden Indy boots can get scratch marks easily, Red Wing Beckman boots are much better.


Alden 405 vs Red Wing Beckman

Alden Indy boots make use of leather Insoles. The Insoles are very breathable and comfortable, with a bit of cushioning.

Red Wing Beckman boots, on the other hand, do not have insoles. However, the inner soles are made of leather, making them have a similar feel to leather insoles.

You can choose to buy separate insoles for your Red Wing Beckman boots if you don’t like the way they feel. You can also change the insoles in your Alden Indy boots if you want to.

Bottom Line: Alden Indy boots come ahead in this comparison. This is because they come with insoles which gives you the choice to remove or use them.

Red Wing Beckman boots, on the other hand, have no insoles so if you want one, you will have to buy it separately.


Alden 405 vs Red Wing Beckman

Red Wing Beckman boots use Roccia outsoles. Roccia outsoles are a kind of Vibram rubber soles that are made of rubber and leather.

It combines the traction of leather and the durability of rubber. However, due to the leather in it, it is not waterproof. The traction is also not very high.

Alden Indy boots use Neoprene Cork outsoles which are made of rubber and cork. This combines the waterproof properties of both cork and rubber, with a mid-level resistance to water.

Bottom Line: Alden Indy boots come ahead in this comparison. This is because they have superior traction and water resistance to the outsoles in Beckman boots.

While Beckman outsoles may break down slowly when exposed to water, Alden Indy outsoles will remain in perfect shape.

Fit and Sizing

Alden Indy boots use Trubalance lasts while Red Wing Beckman boots use 8.A lasts. Both boots run long and are quite narrow so you are advised to go down by a half-size.

However, the shoes may fit differently due to the leather. Alden Indy boots use Chromexcel leather which will stretch to fit you perfectly when you wear them.

They will loosen up but when you let them rest, they will retract to their original shape again. Red Wing Beckman boots will fit alright because of the missing insole which allows more room within the boots.

Bottom Line: This should be a tie since both shoes run long and narrow. They are both larger be a half-size.

Alden Indy vs Red Wing Beckman: Which Is Better?

Even with the high price, it is quite obvious that Alden Indy boots are better than Red Wing Beckman boots.

While this may be arguable in terms of durability, Alden Indy boots can last as long as Red Wing Beckman boots.

Despite the obvious difference in the leather used, Red Wing Beckman boots are not good enough when it comes to traction.

Also, Alden Indy boots have waterproof outsoles. The shoes are not waterproof because the upper sole is made of leather. However, they can be temporarily waterproofed with leather creams.

Red Wing Beckman boots can have their water resistance increased too but the outsoles will be affected by water.

This makes the extra dollars you spend on Alden Indy boots worth it.


Remember, both of these boots are worth the price tags on them. Red Wing Beckman boots cost as much as $500.

That makes them better than other average boots. They are also less costly than Alden Indy boots.

 However, the high price of Alden Indy boots is more on the positive side. While you have to spend more, you also get more.


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