Are Air Force One Shoes And Jordans The Same?

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The short answer is No. Nike Air Force one shoes and Nike Jordans aren’t the same in various respects, even though it can be hard to compare both sneakers given that they are great choices.

The main difference between these shoes is that the Air Jordans are slightly narrow in the toes, while Air Force 1 sneakers are not quite as breathable.

Meanwhile, the above is not the only reason that proves these two sneakers to be different. The Nike Air Force One comes in low and high and in different colors while the Nike Air Jordans are available in 23 models, including the Jordan 2011s.

If you are torn between these two models, then you need to look beyond their difference to make the right choice.

What You Probably Don’t Know About the Air Force 1

To begin with, it is necessary to admit that the Air Force 1 sneakers have been around for a while before the introduction of the Air Jordans into the sneakers market by Nike.  Launched in 1982, the Air Force 1 is generally known as ideal footwear for both everyday wear and for wearing during basketball games – even to this day.

Unlike some other sneaker lineups, Air force 1 has a blend of both canvas and leather on the upper body which makes the shoe an abundance of cushioning but remains quite light.

What this means is that you are better off buying the Air force 1 than any other Nike Sneakers for jumping and running around during a basketball game.

It is the opinion of many sneakerheads that the Air Force 1 shoe is a bit more comfortable when compared with Jordans. However, this is subjective because preference varies as per individual.

What You Need to Know About the Jordan 1

While the Air Force 1 sneakers might sound like a great choice, the design of the Air Jordans has gotten people crazy over it basically as a result of its peak uniqueness. The shoe first made its debut in 1985 and is primarily designed to meet the needs of basketball players since it is quite comfortable.

There is also an obvious variation in the height of the top of the shoe as some might be tall as the height of your ankle but others start below the ankle.

The Jordans’ design comprises canvas or leather, while luxury versions of the sneaker usually feature additional materials that are exclusive and spike up the prices of these shoes compared to the average Air Jordan.

Plus, there are over 20 color variations of the shoe which makes it less difficult to express one’s style through whatever color one decides to choose for these sneakers.

Unlike the Air Force, it is expected that you likely run into some small issues when wearing the Air Jordans.

What Makes The Air Force 1 Different From The Jordans?

After a closer examination, I have realized that the space in the toes of Air Force 1 sneakers is better than that of the Jordans, and you should consider this if you prioritize space in your sneakers. In other words, it is an added benefit for those with wider feet.

Meanwhile, the Air Force 1 grasp your feet firmly so that they won’t slip against your feet as you walk. It is a good characteristic that assures you won’t get blisters from them.

Another thing that sets the Air Force 1 apart from the Jordans is the fact that AF 1s fit true to size and are great for feet of all sizes. This validates why they tend to be roomier than Air Jordan 1 sneakers.

On Second thought, The Jordans May Be Better If…

 Suppose you prioritize breathability when buying sneakers. In that case, you will realize that Air Jordans are more breathable than Air Force 1. So in the former, your feet will not start to break a sweat after a few hours of usage.

Another area that the AJ 1 sneaker stands tall above the AF 1 sneaker is support. For instance, the rubber sole of Jordan ensures balanced feet for a very long time and during different instance engagements.

Also, thanks to the lace dubrae on the show that allows it to be tightened with shoelaces without any problems.

Meanwhile, since the Air Jordans grips your foot and ankle quite firmly, it is no surprise that many buyers have complained about the top of the shoe rubbing against their ankle when running or walking. Based on experience, this problem will only last till there is a bit of wear.

Just like the Air Force, the Jordans are true to size and won’t give any problem around sizing as long as you choose the right size for your feet. Some report that the Jordan 1 runs small, but it is not a general problem.

In Summary

The bottom line is that Air Force 1 and Jordan 1 are not the same shoes. Although they may be two flagships of the Nike footwear company, the Air Force 1 was originally released in 1982 while the original Air Jordan 1 was released in 1985.

Aside from the date of launching, the difference between these two sneakers also draws from their selling point.

For instance, the Air Force was the first Nike basketball shoe to feature Air technology, contributing to their large sole. Whereas, the Jordan borrowed some aspects of the AF1’s Air technology but has a much thinner midsole.

In the end, you’ll be compelled to agree that these two shoes have the same spirit but just different specifics.

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