Are Converse Good For Walking

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Converse shoes are a popular brand of casual shoes that are often worn for walking. But whether or not Converse shoes are good for walking depends on the style and the person who wears them.

Depending on how well they support and cushion your feet, some Converse shoes may be better for walking than others.

Shoes that are made for walking, like sneakers or walking shoes, may be better for long walks or hikes than shoes that are not made for these activities.

These kinds of shoes often have features like arch support, cushioning, and a more flexible sole that can help reduce the impact on your feet and make you feel less tired.

If you plan to walk a lot in your Converse shoes, you should choose a style that gives your feet enough support and cushioning.

You might also want to buy inserts or insoles to give your feet more support and cushion. To avoid foot pain or injury, it is also important to wear shoes that fit well and are comfortable.

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Why Are Converse Shoes Considered Good?

I’m not sure if they are thought to be “good,” whatever that means. But right now, both guys and girls love to wear them. And being “good” doesn’t always stop something from being a fashion statement.

They are good because they are sleek and not too big. They look great with the slim and skinny jeans and pants that are popular right now. And they’re good because they’re a nice casual sneaker with a definite throwback look.

As for most other things, they are not good at all. They were once the best basketball shoes on the market, but that was decades ago. Along with the fact that sneakers are what they are.

Before Nike, Adidas, Puma, Saucony, and New Balance were even made, there were Converse All Stars. They were the only sneakers, so you wore them when you wore sneakers.

Why Converse Are Good For Your Feet?

Not sure what you mean by “bad for your feet.” Some people with arch problems might not get enough support from them, but they are stylish, airy, and better for your feet than Old Navy flip-flops.

Cons are not “bad” for your feet if you don’t already have problems with them. Julian Toussaint mentioned what happens when you wear shoes or sneakers that change the way you walk. I agree with him on that point.

But if you don’t have “perfect feet”—feet with no serious problems—Converse would be one of the worst sneakers you could wear, in my opinion.

Converse are ok. The best shoes are New Balance. Get a pair of PowerSteps online, take out the dirty one that came with the shoe, and put the new one in. Even more so with converse. Most New Balance shoes have a good arch and insole.

Why Converse Are Good For Your Feet?

Will Wearing Converse Daily Harm My Feet and Knees?

Yes, but from a different point of view than the other answer.

Converse are better than shoes that are much stiffer because they let your feet move a little bit, but they are still shoes, so they still limit how much your feet can move.

When you wear shoes, it changes how you stand, how you walk, and how your body moves and works as a whole. When we walk, run, or climb, our feet were made to move freely, roll, and grip. When shoes are on, these functions aren’t as good.

Since most shoes aren’t flexible, our feet act like a flat, stiff base. All of this affects how muscles and joints in other parts of the body move and work.

Because you are working against the “engineering” you were born with, this can cause problems like weaker arches and ankles and pain in your knees, hips, and lower back because your muscles and joints are being overworked.

Honestly, if you want a softer shoe, you should wear minimalist shoes. Better still, just go barefoot.

Are Converse Sneakers Durable Enough For Daily Use?

Yes, in a word. I have worn a grey colorway of the Converse One Star. They are one of my most-worn pairs of shoes because they are comfortable and last a long time.

The shoes are surprisingly comfortable because the insole is very padded. This gives your foot a soft place to land when you walk. Again, the suede on the shoe is very durable. I sprayed the suede with a waterproofing spray to protect it from rain.

I’ve only worn converse one stars, so that’s all I can say about them. But I would definitely recommend them because they are very clean and can be dressed up in any way you want.

They are very durable, as my pair has held up for more than 18 months of constant use without showing any real signs of wear.

How Can I Make My Converse More Comfortable for Walking?

Given how many insoles and orthotics you can find at most big box Sporting Goods stores, it shouldn’t be too hard to make your Cons a little bit more comfortable. Don’t expect miracles, but you should be able to do better than the flat insole that came with the shoe.

The first step would be to take out the old insole. Try to get it out as a whole so you can use it as a pattern to cut and trim the new insoles. Con’s are pretty long and narrow, and most aftermarket insoles will need to be trimmed to fit.

In the end, you should know that these shoes have a retro look and are made just like the originals. When Converse were first made, brands like Nike, Adidas, Puma, and Saucony hadn’t even been thought of yet.


If you don’t want to change them, the best thing to do is to wear them a lot and wear down the canvas so it becomes stretchy and softer.

Make sure the shoelaces are loose. You could also put anti-blister cream on your ankles before putting them on, or you could buy soles that are more comfortable.

How to Break in Converse (Video)

Are Converse Shoes Comfortable?

The first pair of Converse All-Stars were made way back in 1912.

In all those years, the basic design hasn’t changed much. They might have a better foam insole, but that’s about it. It’s amazing that they’re still as comfortable as they are.

All-Stars don’t have any arch support or foot control built in, so you might as well be wearing soft-soled moccasins. The high tops support and control your ankles much better than the low tops, but you have to tighten the laces on the high tops to get this effect.

All-Stars can be fine for a day if you don’t have any foot problems and have a strong arch, but your dogs will be complaining by the end of the day, especially if you spend most of it on your feet.

If you want a sneaker with good arch support and control of your foot, forget it; you’ll be miserable. All-Stars were made to be basketball shoes, and most round ball games last no more than an hour. They were never meant to be worn all day.

Still, you can try putting in new insoles to improve the comfort and support of your shoes. With all the high-tech insoles for sports shoes on the market today, you might be able to make All-Stars much more comfortable and give them a little arch support.

Take the originals out and try to keep them as whole as you can. The idea is to be able to use the old insole as a pattern to cut a new one so that it fits right.

I’ve never tried this before, but I’ve heard that the new All-Star II has a more modern, supportive, and cushier insole, among other small changes.

What are Some Good Replacement insoles for Converse Sneakers?

There are a lot of different sports shoe and hiking shoe insoles to choose from. It’s really up to each person. But I would look for insoles with a little bit of arch support and better cushioning.

The important thing is to find replacement insoles that fit well. The key is to take out the old insoles as whole as you can. You can tear up the sponge foam a bit, but try to keep the shape and size of the old insoles when you take them out.

If you do it this way, you can use the old insoles as templates to cut the new ones to fit. You don’t have to guess or use the generic cutting lines on the new insoles.

I haven’t done this with a pair of Converse, but I have with a pair of Vans. The end result was a big step up.

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