Are Guess Shoes Good Quality

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Guess shoes are great. Speaking of quality, that may depend on what “quality” means to you. There are several complaints about how long they last but Guess shoes are better than the average products you get in the market.

In terms of durability, Guess shoes may not be ranked highly but when it comes to comfort, they can’t be left out. In short, Guess shoes are good enough. You just have to go for the right pairs.

What Makes Guess Shoes Good Quality?

Most brands, including the biggest ones, always have both negative and positive reviews on their products.

Sometimes, one review contradicts the other and you wonder if different products are being reviewed.

Sometimes, how you feel about a product depends on you. However, some reviews are basic so it’s necessary to check them out.

  1. I’m so glad to find these in stock. I have three pairs of Guess shoes. They are similar but with different colors. They are worth every penny spent. I recommend these.
  2. I bought these as a gift for a friend. She had to call again and again to say how perfectly they fit. They look nice and I’m happy I bought these.
  3. They fit perfectly, are true to size, and they look great. I got compliments from the first day I put them on. I love the cushioning. It’s second to none. Considering the price paid to get these, they can’t be defeated. The overall quality is great, the stitching is well done, and the price is low. Nice deal to me.

These are reviews from random people who have tried out some Guess shoes. Not all of the reviews can be trusted since we have different legs and different preferences.

Let’s take a look at the level of quality you should consider;


Guess shoes are not the most durable shoes you can get, as mentioned earlier, but they may be the best you can get for any price less than $40. Guess shoes should last up to a year on average.

With proper handling of your Guess shoes, you can get them to last a lot longer than that.

  • The quality of the shoes is not always the best but, for the price, they are definitely good… at least, better than Zara shoes.


This is where Guess shoes get all the accolades. Virtually every positive review out there has to mention the level of comfort received from the Guess shoes.

Guess provides a range of shoe styles and they all have cushioned insoles that assure comfort.

These are the kinds of shoes you like to walk around in, all day. While having a flat bottom, the cushioned insoles feel like a soft low heel that bounces your feet when you walk.

In addition to that, it has enough support. Support is one of the major features of comfortable footwear. Without support, you may not be able to enjoy the comfort of your shoes long enough.

  • It’s perfect for daily wear. I love the styles. Affordable and super comfortable.


Prices matter to most people when judging how long a piece of clothing will last. The same applies to footwear.

Most people believe some brands go for cheap resources to make their products less expensive and that makes for low durability.

That is probably the idea behind the stereotype about Chinese products.

Guess shoes are not the cheapest shoes you can get but they are special when compared to equally cheap footwear brands.

Similar brands with cheap items include Keds, Cole Haan, Sperry, Zara, and many more. While these brands are not as versatile as the Guess brand is, their shoes don’t last as long either. 

  • If you want compliments, you should buy these Guess boots. I already got the brown and I plan to buy the black too. They are so comfortable. At this price, anyone would be tempted to stock up.
  • These are cute boots. Very comfortable to walk in. No doubt they can’t be beaten by any other leather boots this season. Anything similar to these will lie within $200 and $400. Some boots even cost more. Nice.

Size and Fit

While the size and fit of a pair of shoes don’t guarantee good quality, it matters in terms of comfort. Oversized shoes are not comfortable.

Asides from that, you won’t get enough support which means you can’t wear them for so long. Undersized shoes are tight and totally uncomfortable.

Guess shoes are not much better as some styles are large, some styles run small, and some styles fit perfectly.

However, you can see this in the description. The comfort comes in when you can find your perfect fit.

Some shoes like Cole Haan are uncomfortable at first. In addition to that, it takes a while to break in, even though you have picked the correct size. Guess shoes, on the other hand, break in easily.

There are even reviews from people who chose a smaller size by mistake but had the shoes fit perfectly after the third wear.

  • Gorgeous boots! I fell in love with these boots immediately after I saw them so I ordered them before checking the reviews. They run small but I couldn’t return them so I decided to see if I could “wear them in”. After the third wear, they turned out perfect and extremely comfortable. I can’t even tell they were smaller.

Why You Should Buy Guess Shoes

We have learned how good Guess shoes are in terms of quality. We have also managed to deduce their limits.

Some features of Guess shoes are not common with many brands but should be appreciated. They include;

  • Comfort
  • Beauty
  • Easy to break in
  • Affordability
  • Versatility


This has been mentioned earlier but is probably not explained enough. There are so many brands with so many styles of footwear.

While anyone could go with just any pair of shoes or sandals, virtually everyone has a preference that is guided by the appearance or the comfort gotten from the footwear.

 Many brands have shoes and sandals with enough comfort level but most sacrifice durability or inflate the prices.

Everything about Guess shoes assures you comfort, from the lining to the footbed. Even the level of support.

With enough support in your Guess shoes, they can stay comfortable on your feet for as long as you choose to wear them.


This shouldn’t be new to you if you already know Guess shoes. Guess shoes have unique styles and colors that attract you at first glance.

As stated in one of the reviews mentioned earlier, you should buy Guess shoes if you want compliments.

The compliments don’t come from the person wearing the shoes but from the people who see the shoes on your feet. Guess shoes are attractive enough to pull compliments your way.

Easy to break in

When mentioning the most comfortable boots, Wesco has to be mentioned as one of the best.

While that is not exactly wrong, Wesco boots don’t seem comfortable at first, most times, even when you are wearing the correct size.

This is contrary to Guess shoes. They are very comfortable. Asides from the assured comfort, slightly tight shoes are easily broken in.

Wesco boots would be a lot better if the comfort would set in after a few wears but it takes a long while to break in.

With this feature in Guess shoes, even if you order a smaller size, you have some hope of having a perfect fit from the same pair of undersized shoes.


It is normal to be doubtful when reading a review or checking out a particular product for the first time.

Usually, people want to take advantage of Amazon’s free return policy to test such products. While the price of the products can be discouraging, it’s not the same with Guess shoes.

Guess shoes cost less so you can decide to buy four styles at a time and return them all if you are dissatisfied. You just might want to buy more of them after trying them out.


The Guess brand has virtually every style of footwear you may consider your favorite.

Their wide range of styles in shoes, sandals, heels, boots, and other footwear allows you to find at least one style you like.

The Guess brand is slightly similar to Levi’s clothing brand when it comes to the range of styles.

Asides from the styles offered, most Guess footwear can fit in perfectly for any occasion. The level of versatility of Guess shoes cannot be rivaled. 

Guess Footwear You Should Have In Your Closet

  • Guess Sandals
  • Guess Heels
  • Guess Flip-flop
  • Guess Shoes

Guess Sandals

Men’s Ester Sandals

Are Guess Shoes Good Quality

There’s not much styling with sandals, though women’s sandals may try. Generally, men’s footwear are usually plain.

While Ester Sandals are not exactly special, they don’t only look great but they are comfortable. They last as long as you expect your average sandals too so you can enjoy the comfort as long as you want.

The reviews claim they run small so you are advised to order one size higher.

Women’s Tahiti Flat Sandals

Are Guess Shoes Good Quality

You can see how nice these sandals look. They are available in different colors. As mentioned earlier, they look a bit more stylish than the sandals for the male.

The G logo on the top gives it an attractive appearance that will pull attention and compliments.

Guess Heels

Women’s Allon Heeled Sandals

Are Guess Shoes Good Quality

The beautiful appearance of these heels cannot be overlooked. This is one of the many styles of women’s sandals can come in.

For those learning to walk in heeled sandals, this is great because the wide heels offer extra support in lifting yourself than thin heels.

Since walking and footwear are not daredevil exercises, it’s wiser to go for safer and simpler options like this one.

If these heeled sandals can look so great without legs in them, you can imagine yourself walking in them. You will be getting a ton of compliments, undoubtedly.

Guess Flip-flops

Men’s Huller Flip-flop

Are Guess Shoes Good Quality

When you hear “Guess”, then men’s footwear can be stylish too. The Huller Flip-flop is like regular flip-flop sandals but with a thick sole. The straps are also thick so they can’t get damaged easily when wearing. 

Women’s Tutu Flip-flop

Are Guess Shoes Good Quality

If you like Flip-flop sandals, you will love this one a lot better. You can ignore the color above and just check out the product in the link below.

You can order this pair of flip-flops in varieties of colors, and they are all stylish and beautiful.

The sole is entirely made of synthetic rubber so the durability of this pair of flip-flops cannot be questioned. Speaking of perfection, this is one special kind of footwear you can’t afford to miss.

Guess Shoes

Men’s Ritchie2 Sneakers

Are Guess Shoes Good Quality

Ignore the weird name and focus on the beautiful picture before you. This pair is available in white and black so you get to choose. Click the link below to check it out.

The high shaft grants extra support to your ankles. The slightly raised heels are extremely fashionable and that makes the cushioned insoles more comfortable, as it feels like you are getting bounced off the ground. You can’t afford to miss out on this.

Women’s Bellini Sneakers

Are Guess Shoes Good Quality

Before your eyes get lost in the pictures, you might want to check out the real product in the link below. If you think this is stylish, wait till you see other colors available for Bellini Sneakers.

The beauty doesn’t end in the look, however. This is more like a definition of perfection. It is comfortable and durable. That explains the 4.8-star rating on Amazon.

What Is Guess Brand Known For?

Guess is an American fashion retail brand producing clothes for both Men and Women. The Guess logo plays a plausible role in the prowess of the brand.

The brand’s fame, however, dates back to the 1980s to its wide collection of denim products.

Some Guess products have even been worn by top actors and models. The brand remains mid-tier, at the moment, but has the potential to go higher under good management.


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