Are Nike Outlet Shoes Lower Quality

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Like other brands, Nike has an outlet store where it sells many of its products. Nike factory outlets markets original Nike products which slightly differ from its in-line stores.

These outlets usually have products from previous seasons or excess from the retail stores on sale. In addition, the products, apart from being out of season, may have some defects.

If you’re a fan of Nike shoes, you would know the Nike brand is famous for its good quality shoes and standard designs. However, since the Nike outlet products slightly differ from the retail store, you may want to find out if the outlets’ shoes are of lower quality.

Nike outlet shoes are as high-quality as those from the retail stores as these shoes are most times old stocks or overstock from the retail stores.

However, some of the outlet shoes are lower quality shoes made with cheaper materials or shoes that have been slightly damaged. So, you may get lower-quality shoes from Nike outlets.

Why People Think Nike Shoes At The Outlet Stores Are Lower Quality

Since Outlet stores sell differently from retail stores, it’s natural for people to think the shoes are always of lower quality. Outlet shoes may be directly from manufacturers who wish to sell directly to customers at a lower price.

Truth be told, some shoes at Nike outlets are lower in quality and will not hold up as long as shoes from retail stores.

So, this makes people think outlet shoes are of lower quality. Below, are some of the reasons people think Nike outlets’ shoes are lower quality:

Old Stocks

Nike outlet shoes are usually out-of-season. When sales from a season are over, the leftover shoes are pushed to outlet and clearance stores for sale.

Most times, these shoes may be far back from three to four seasons. This may give people the impression that they’re of lower quality. Also, these shoes may look old as they’ve reached their aging period and this will make customers see them as lower quality.

However, note that Nike outlet stores don’t only sell shoes and products from previous seasons, they also have new products on sale.

Cheaper Price

Lower price is often seen as lower quality, and while this might be true to a very large degree it’s not always the case.

A lower price may mean many things; Old stocks, inability to sell, charity, and others. So, it’s natural for people to at first see lower prices for lower quality. Most shoes from Nike outlets are sold under retail prices.

If you visit a Nike outlet, the shoes and other products’ price tags usually have the retail prices and the sale price. And most times there’s a discount of about 40% or more. And because of this lower price, customers think the quality is lower.

Some Are Truly Lower Quality

Some people can easily identify a low-quality product from better ones. And some, experience do the telling. Some customers have complained of purchasing shoes from Nike outlets that don’t last up to a month.

It’s very possible to get shoes of lower quality from an outlet store as some of these shoes are nearly damaged or made from substandard materials.

Nike outlets often have an influx of customers and because of this, some manufacturers push slightly damaged products there and sell them at lower prices.

And when a customer purchases a low-quality shoe from an outlet, the conclusion that follows is that shoes from the outlets are of lower quality.

Fake Outlets

There are a lot of fake Nike outlets out there. Some individuals run their factory outlets with the Nike logo and manufacture substandard goods at very cheap prices.

Many customers fall into the hands of these stores and end up with poor-quality shoes and this will make them think that Nike outlets’ shoes are low quality.

To avoid this, ensure you check the Nike website to find an authentic outlet near you.

Are Nike Outlet Shoes Different?

Nike outlet shoes aren’t different from the original Nike shoes. They’re designed by Nike manufacturers and marketed and sold by authentic and authorized outlets.

Shoes from Nike outlets are usually pushed from Nike retail stores when they’re overstocked or out of season. They’re the same high-quality shoes that you will get from a retail store.

The difference you will get is in the price. Shoes at Nike retail stores sell at retail prices while at the outlets you can get them at a lower price. This doesn’t mean the shoes are different.

Also, since some of these shoes are old stocks and out of trend, they may not get the hype or likes you want on Instagram or Facebook.

And if you’re the type that worries about these things you may think the shoes are different. But, they’re the same Nike shoes only you got them late.

What Does Nike Outlet Mean?

Nike outlet is a physical store where original Nike products are sold. These outlets are slightly different from retail stores in that they usually have out-of-season goods as opposed to new launches.

Also, overstock products from retail stores and products made specifically for outlets are sold at Nike outlets. They can be found in outlet malls or as standalone.

Nike outlets are usually built far away from Nike retail stores, probably on the outskirts of a city. This is done to prevent competition with the retail stores.

Nike outlets are created to sell off larger quantities of goods. At a Nike outlet, you can get goods at lower prices than the retail stores and because goods are lower in price, customers often buy more.

At retail stores, you get exactly what you want while at an outlet you may not be lucky to find what you want as the products may be out of style or may not be on sale.

In addition, a Nike outlet provides opportunities to customers who can’t afford goods at retail stores to be able to buy quality at a lower price.

However, note that you may find goods sold at the same retail price at Nike outlets. Also, there are online Nike outlets available, however, you’ve to be careful as there are many fakes out there.

What Is A Nike Clearance Store?

A Nike clearance store is specifically meant to sell off goods at discounted prices. The clearance store is usually the last stop for off-season items. When there’s a need for restocking new products, old stocks are pushed to clearance stores for clearance sales.

A Nike Clearance store offers great deals for these items for they intend to sell them off to get in new products.

Is Nike Factory Outlets Cheaper?

Yes, Nike factory outlets are cheaper. Goods are sold cheaper at Nike outlets specifically to sell off in larger quantities.

Also, because some of these goods are out of season, they’re sold at a lower rate.

Again, some manufacturers sell their products at a reduced price directly through these outlets when they want to sell faster.

Nike outlets offer customers who can’t afford the original price of products the opportunity to buy them at a discounted price.

You may get as high as a 60% discount on goods. Some customers look out for these outlet stores because of the price points, but one has to be careful doing so.


Nike outlets’ shoes are not lower in quality. The outlets are meant to offer old and overstock shoes at lower prices. The shoes sold at Nike outlets are not different from original Nike products.

They’re the same authentic Nike shoes. However, you may get lower-quality shoes at Nike outlets as shoes with slight defects are also kept there for sales.

Also, there’re many fake outlets online and physical. So, when patronizing a Nike outlet, do so with your two eyes widely opened.

Always ensure you check the Nike websites to check for an authorized Nike outlet.

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