Are Steve Madden shoes expensive

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Can Steve Madden shoes be considered expensive? Considering how far the brand has gone, Steve Madden’s shoes are not expensive.

Most Steve Madden shoes have their prices within the range of $35 and $200 with only a few styles spilling over.

Steve Madden is a luxury brand of the present day. Asides from its wide establishment, the brand upholds high quality that warrants the price tag. Equally rated high brands have their prices reaching up to $400 and some even go higher than that.

Steve Madden shoes don’t tend to be very cheap but, as long as each product is worth the price paid, they are not expensive.

Why Steve Madden Is A Luxury Brand

Are Steve Madden shoes expensive

Steve Madden can be considered a luxury brand. The brand started a lot later than many top brands but its level of Fame cannot be argued.

Though established in 1990, the Steve Madden brand has found its way beyond low and mid-tier brands, perpetuating its presence at the top. There are more than a few reasons to consider Steve Madden a luxury brand. They include;

  • Brand Recognition
  • Contemporary styles
  • High Prices
  • Great Quality

Brand Recognition

This is one of the main definitions of luxury. The Steve Madden brand has been able to win so many hearts getting more customers to demand its products continuously.

Not only has the brand and its products reached virtually every part of the world but it has succeeded in keeping the interests of people.

Some brands are known for being just brands of a particular product. Steve Madden, on the other hand, is known for the high quality offered in its products.

The Steve Madden brand is rated 4.6 stars on the Knoji website. Its brand recognition is rated 5 out of 5 stars. The recognition of a brand is its first step in earning the validation of the people.

Contemporary Styles

Steve Madden became one of the top brands in the footwear industry by offering valued services. The brand can be compared to the Levi brand. Levi started before the 1900s and remains the top brand in the fashion industry.

Unlike the Levi brand, Steve Madden started very late but has been able to offer varieties of nice styles like Levi’s. 

Steve Madden has a wide range of styles which allows anyone to find a favorite in the collection. The brand doesn’t just produce different styles.

Steve Madden has been able to catch up with current trends, updating its collection with contemporary styles and even unique designs.

Its unique styles, good quality, and affordability make the brand stand out among others.

High Prices

There is one thing that is common among top brands in virtually every industry and that is the price of products and services. This is more evident in the fashion industry. Top brands are usually considered to be of high quality.

Sometimes, a brand name is even assumed to be accessed by the higher classes alone. This is because the price of the products is inflated beyond what they are worth.

The idea behind purchasing expensive products is that they turn out to be of greater quality and produced with the best resources. This is true for Steve Madden but not for most brands.

Steve Madden has some of its products priced high but every one of them is worth its price tag.

This is because Steve Madden makes use of expensive and high-quality resources which leads to high costs of production and high prices. Despite the quality, the prices manage to stay within a reasonable range.

Great Quality

Another qualification often attributed to luxury brands is the high-quality products they offer. Steve Madden is not lagging in this.

Steve Madden’s shoes don’t only look good but the quality of its products is good and durable. Steve Madden’s prices may be slightly high but there are very low chances of you regretting your purchase.

Steve Madden Shoes To Have In Your Closet

Men’s Taysom Sneakers

Are Steve Madden shoes expensive

This is a pair of sneakers for the men. Top Brands don’t always guarantee a great look. Steve Madden is exceptional in that sense. This is one of the nicest pairs of sneakers you can get as a man.

The soles of these sneakers are made of leather. You can ignore the white color on the outsole. You can easily wipe off stains from leather. Also, durability is guaranteed as long as you take care of them well.

Women’s Starling Sneakers

Are Steve Madden shoes expensive

A stylish pair of sneakers for women that can fit perfectly on virtually any dress. You should click on the product link and check out the nice reviews online.

The price is perfect for the product and you can’t afford to miss this. The sole is made of suede which makes it even easier to clean. The shoe fits snugly but is very comfortable to wear. Check the product link below.

Women’s Amulet Ankle Boot

Are Steve Madden shoes expensive

Don’t ignore the name of this pair. The boots have amulets on the ankles. Boots tend to look very plain and smooth, but Steve Madden adds its style to every one of its products. These boots have thick and slightly raised heels.

It’s easier to walk in these than regular heels. Asides from the attractive picture you can see, you can order these boots in different colors. Click the link below and make your choice.

In addition to the beautiful looks and colors, Steve Madden’s Amulet Ankle Boots are comfortable and durable. When winter comes knocking, you have your boots ready to get you through.

You can get them at a cheap price. Even with that, there is a 26% discount on these boots on Amazon. You have limited time to grab the offer and put these shoes in your closet.

Men’s Yorkk Loafer

Are Steve Madden shoes expensive

This is a special Steve Madden style for the men. Yorkk Loafer shoes have a simple slip-on design. They are not only comfortable to pull on and off. They are more comfortable than most dress shoes are.

The outsoles are made of strong synthetic rubber which guarantees durability. The shoes are reviewed to be true to size so you don’t have to worry about ordering the wrong size.

The Yorkk Loafer shoes are selling at a 50% discount at the moment. Click on the link below to grab the offer while it’s still available.

Men’s High-line Chelsea Boots

Are Steve Madden shoes expensive

This is a nice pair of boots for the men. They are so beautiful and fashionable. They can be styled in so many ways to fit on so many occasions.

This is the kind of footwear that never ceases to attract compliments from people. The outsole is made of rubber while the upper part is suede.

In case you don’t like the color, you can click the link below to check out other colors. Steve Madden’s High-line Chelsea Boots are available in four different manly colors for you to order them in.

Considering how cheap these boots are, you can order all four colors to see which fits you best. They fit snugly and are very comfortable. You don’t want to miss out on this while the price is still below a hundred dollars.

Women’s Maxima Sneakers

Are Steve Madden shoes expensive

Steve Madden has its way of catching people’s attention. This is one of the most beautiful pairs of sneakers you can ever put your feet in as a lady. The Maxima Sneakers offer maximum comfort and compliments fly around you like oxygen.

The first compliment you receive is from you. If you think the picture above is not beautiful enough to worth the praise, click on the link below and check out the many colors that these shoes come in.

You can order Maxima Sneakers in over 8 colors. The sole is made of rubber so durability is assured. The only downside to expect is it runs small.

The product description advises choosing a half size higher than your usual size. The reviews advise you to choose one full size higher instead of a half. Either way, these sneakers are worth it.

Men’s Nevelle Derby Shoes

Are Steve Madden shoes expensive

This is a nice dress shoe for men that can be styled for casual occasions too. The appearance gives a beautiful charismatic look.

You can wear the Nevelle Derby Shoes to work. You can also wear this to a party and all you’ll hear will be positive comments about the shoe.

If you don’t like the color in the picture above, you have four manly colors to choose from online.

You can check them out through the product link below. Steve Madden’s Neville Derby Shoes are not only great with their appearance, but they are comfortable and durable too.

The shoe is made of synthetic rubber and canvas. The price is worth the quality of the shoes. So that you know, there is a discount on it at the moment. 

Women’s Howler Fashion Boots

Are Steve Madden shoes expensive

This is a super nice pair of shoes from Steve Madden’s collection of Women’s shoes. It has a similar appearance to the men’s High-line Chelsea Boots and is probably a female version.

The two boots are made of the same materials but, as expected, the female boots always look better. This is because Women have more fashionable styles.

The heel area in the Howler Fashion Boots is higher than the ones in the High-line Chelsea Boots but they are thick and easy to walk in.

The boots are not just pleasing to the eyes. They are comfortable and equally durable. You will find them more valuable than the price you pay.

Like the High-line Chelsea boots, these are available in other colors. They are even better having as many as 10 colors for you to choose from.

Men’s Caviarr Slip-on Shoes

Are Steve Madden shoes expensive

There is a level of praising an object that begins to seem like an exaggeration. However, exaggerations only set in when one is overly impressed.

The Caviarr Slip-on Shoes have a five-star rating with 279 contributions. This is different from a five-star rating given by one or two people. This can be considered a joint approval.

Steve Madden’s Caviarr Slip-on Shoes are great with the look but you have to praise what you see.

They can be styled for so many occasions. The shoes are very comfortable and snug. They fit true to size, so you don’t have to worry about the shoe’s sizing.

It is only available in two manly colors. The price of this shoe is less than you should expect from other shoes that offer the same quality. 

Women’s Wedgie Sneakers

Are Steve Madden Shoes expensive

This is a cute pair of shoes for the ladies. It looked very nice and was also comfortable. The wedged heels and soft insoles make it quite perfect. It may not be perfect if you wear the wrong size, though.

The sneakers are quite narrow and may not work perfectly for you with wide feet. That doesn’t stop you from trying. They are true to size, and they fit snugly. If you have wide feet, you are advised to size up.

 Zippers on both sides make it easy to pull off the sneakers. Also, you can buy Steve Madden’s Wedgie Sneakers in various colors.

There is a link below to check them out. There is a huge discount on this shoe at the moment.


Steve Madden is a big brand at the moment. It is an honor to have at least one pair of shoes with “Steve Madden” on it. Regarding prices, Steve Madden has some products with high price tags.

However, Steve Madden’s shoes are cheaper than many other brands that offer the same products with even less quality.

Asides from the products with reasonably high prices, Steve Madden also has shoes with very low prices and good quality. Some of them are mentioned above. You might want to check them out.


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