Are Xero Shoes Worth It

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The Xero brand is a famous brand for making running, walking, trailing, and hiking shoes. You might be familiar with the Xero shoes as there are a whole lot of them out there.

These minimalist shoes get a lot of hype from online reviewers and you may want to know if they’re worth the hype and high price. 

Xero shoes are great, but… Yes, there’s a but, because not all of them are. And you will be getting a review on the pair I own in this article.

You might think there’s bad blood somewhere, but I tell you it’s just a string of constructive criticism. I own a good number of the Xero shoes and I can tell you there’s more behind the good looks and minimalist design. 

Xero Shoes That Are Worth Spending Your Dollars On

Xero ShoesUnique FeaturesRatingReview
1. Xero 360 ShoesBreathable mesh upper9.9/104.5
2. Xero HF ShoesHighly flexible shoes9/104.4
3. Xero Speed Force Shoes Very flexible with zero drop construction9/104.4
4. Xero Toronto Canvas ShoesHigh-top canvas sneakers9/104.7
5. Xero Prio ShoesRoomy toe box8/104.4
6.  Xero Phoenix Ballet FlatLeather upper1/104.2
7. Xero Aptos ShoesCanvas upper2/104
8. Xero Hana ShoesRubber outsole4/104

Xero 360 Shoes 

Are Xero Shoes Worth It

The Xero 360 is Xero’s iconic shoe. These shoes scream quality and durability and are definitely worth spending on.

The 360 is an upgraded version of Xero Prio with more durability and better grip and a whopping extra dollars on top. So, is it worth the extra dollars on top? Let’s find out.

One thing I first noticed upon getting the Xero 360 was the perfect fit I got on my feet. I had read they run narrow and so I got a size 10.5 and they fit perfectly.

The toe box isn’t too tight and too loose, it fits just perfectly and allows me to wiggle my toes.

I wear these shoes to the gym and they give me great comfort. The barefoot feel is just top-notch.

In addition, the outsole is excellent and the Omni-directional tread the Xero brand advertises offers excellent traction while I do my exercise. 

I also wear these shoes for walking and slight running and the zero drop design is the best. The mesh upper is breathable and great for my feet. There’s not much sweating and it feels cool all the time.

What about the inside? The lining and footbed are just what my feet need. They’re soft on the feet. Also, the tongue and heel have a plushy feel and don’t scratch my skin.

The Xero 360 is the best of Xero’s shoes. They’re suitable for daily and cross-training use.  I give them a 9.9/10 rating. You should get these shoes, they’re worth the extra dollars.

Xero HF Shoes

Are Xero Shoes Worth It

The HF shoes are another premium minimalist shoe from Xero I love so much. I use the Xero HF for my long runs as they give me the comfort I desire.

I have owned this shoe for eight months now and I bet you, it’s still great for long-distance runs.

The Xero HF shoes live up to their name. The HF stands for highly flexible and this is just what these shoes are.

They’re super lightweight and so flexible that you will hardly feel a thing. Even with the flexibility, there is still enough support with these shoes.

In addition, they fit so perfectly with the upper hugging my forefoot without being too tight. I still have room to move my toes.

The breathable mesh upper is super cool and follows my midfoot and forefoot when I flex them.

I love the heel of these shoes as they’re close to the ground and provide great support and balance. The tread pattern on the rubber outsole offers quality traction that gives me confidence on slippery surfaces.

The HF Xero shoes are the right shoes for you if you love lightweight support and flexibility. The footbed is soft for the foot. I give these shoes a 9/10. They’re worth it.

Xero Speed Force Shoes 

Are Xero Shoes Worth It

The Speed Force shoes are another iconic pair from Xero that I use for long-distance runs.

They give me great comfort like the HF and I even use them for daily walks also because of their lightweight. 

The toe box of the Speed Force feels a little wider but they’re still comfortable. Also, these shoes are lightweight, and the flexibility allows my feet to bend so well without pain.

The mesh upper with the lining feels so good on my feet and offers the barefoot feeling.

There’s less sweating and no smell. The heel of the  Speed Force is also like the HF, non-elevated and well-balanced.

I prefer the tongue and collars of these shoes. The material offers more plushy and sock-like comfort. The straps on the outside hold on pretty well to the soles, at least they’re still intact for the nine months I have owned them.

The Speed Force are quality shoes and very reliable for many activities from running, and cycling to walking.

I haven’t used them for any hard activities though, but they’re worth the price. Also, the insoles can be removed if you wish for a lighter weight. They’re getting a 9/10.

Xero Toronto Canvas Shoes

Are Xero Shoes Worth It

The Xero Toronto is my favorite casual pair. The all-black design and white laces and straps are what caught my attention before I bought them and they fit so well.

The Xero Toronto looks bulky, but I was surprised at the lightweight. The lightweight canvas upper gives them a barefoot feel.

Also, it’s breathable and stays close to my feet. I use these shoes for daily walks and they’re my go-to sneakers for my outings.

The style helps me match them with almost any casual item in my wardrobe. The rubber outsole is quite sturdy and grippy and the heels are just the right size.

In addition, the lace closure and straps, just like other Xero shoes offer a more secure fit. My feet don’t slide in these shoes. They’re one of my most comfortable shoes. The tongue and collar are perfect for my skin. 

The Xero Toronto shoes are well worth it, you should get them for casual walks. Be warned that they’re not athletic shoes. I give them a 9/10.

Xero Prio Shoes 

Are Xero Shoes Worth It

The Xero Prio shoes are great. This is another excellent pair from Xero I own for the gym and my daily jogs. These shoes prove to be excellent as I have owned two pairs for close to a year. 

The Prio fits me perfectly. I got a size 10 for both and I love the space my toes had in the toe box. The toe box is indeed roomy so if you don’t like that, then go half-size down. I like the feeling I get with the soles of the shoes.

The zero-drop construction allows me to put on these shoes for long hours without my feet feeling tired. The outsole is quite grippy.

The 5.5mm rubber does it well and the straps on the outside hold it in place. However, the soles may separate slightly with much hard wear. They’re better suited for light runs and training.

I love the insoles of these shoes. They’re removable so you can choose to wear them or not. I wear mine and even with it, the shoes are still lightweight and super comfy.

It doesn’t feel hot inside, the upper and the roomy toe box are good choices. The Prio is a good pair of shoes. This one is worth it. I give it an 8/10.

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Xero Shoes That Aren’t Worth It 

Xero Phoenix Ballet Flat

Are Xero Shoes Worth It

The Phoenix flats are one of my worst shoes from Xero. These shoes aren’t worth the $105 I spent on them.

I got a 9.5 for these shoes and the toe box isn’t cool at all. The height is quite low and very tight for my big toes. And the stiff leather isn’t cool.

I have only worn this shoe six times in the seven months I have owned them and I couldn’t wear them for long. They’re quite painful at the toes. Also, the leather isn’t durable, they’re beginning to peel at the sides.

The heel of these shoes is a little wide, so my feet don’t stay in place. I had to add a heel pad to keep them in place.

I don’t know the kind of leather the Xero brand used for these flats, but they need to improve on durability and flexibility.

They need to make the leather less stuff. Also, the toe and heel need adjustment. Many reviewers complain about the sizing issue.

The outsole isn’t too bad, but they can be more flexible too. Also, these shoes aren’t breathable.

The Xero Phoenix is also available in a knit upper. I might check them out, maybe they’ll be a lot more flexible and breathable. I give these shoes 1/10.

Xero Aptos Shoes 

Are Xero Shoes Worth It

The Xero Aptos is another pair of shoes on my list of bad shoes. They don’t give the fit and secure feeling of a casual slip-on. At the lips, there’s extra padding that doesn’t relax well on the forefoot.

It’s very noticeable on the upper, the canvas material doesn’t look smart on the foot. Also, they’re not breathable. They actually seem to absorb odor.

After every wear, they smell like hell. In addition, the collar keeps rubbing on my ankles. The overall fitting of these shoes isn’t great. 

The Xero brand needs to work on the construction of these shoes. They should make them fit closely to the shape of the foot.

Also, vents on the upper of these shoes will do well to bring in air to chase away odor. I give these shoes a 2/10.

Xero Hana Shoes

Are Xero Shoes Worth It

The Xero Hana shoes are another pair of shoes from Xero that are not too great. The upper canvas material is too thick and not breathable.

My feet get sweaty whenever I wear them. Also, the toe box is a little tight, there’s not enough room to move my toes.

It’s surprising to notice some fadings on the upper of these shoes. I don’t wash them much, I most times spot clean, yet after about four months of having them, the colors became slightly lighter.

These shoes would be better if the Xero brand can work on the upper. They could make it a little thinner or add vents for better breathability.

Also, they need to improve on the overall quality. A material that won’t fade too quickly will do. Also, the toe box would be much better if it isn’t too snug. Overall I give these shoes a 4/10.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Xero is a good brand with good marketing skills. However, not all the Xero shoes are worth the high price. It would be better if they improved the qualities of some of the shoes.

Should you buy the Xero shoes? It’s left for you to decide. Moreover, some are great and are worth your time and money. But, it would help to read reviews before making any purchase. 


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