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Baya Clogs is an improved version of Classic crocs. Hence, Baya Clogs appeals to many crocs fans because it has a different, more attractive design, additional breathability, and lightweight feel.

All these are enough to conclude that Crocs Baya clogs stand out between the two clogs. I’m on team Baya as well ;).

But someone with a stretch of experience wearing a pair of crocs would understand that the comparison goes beyond these prevalent factors.

To begin with, there are a lot of significant differences between Baya Clog and Classic Crocs that make them on different levels.

In this comparative review, we will look at the differences between these two footwear and how they measure up to determine which of them is better and is worth your money.

Let’s Dive In!!!

Baya Vs. Classic Crocs: The Comparison

For a more inclusive review, we will look at how these two great styles measure up in design, arc support, contour, weight, breathability, size, and hole arrangement.

There is a noticeable difference between both styles when it comes down to design. For example, the Classic crocs do not have the “CROCS” engraved on the sides of the toe cap, but Baya crocs have it with small holes for ventilation.

With closer observation, you’d also notice that the Classic Clog has larger holes for ventilation on the toe caps, but it may be a turn-off for some people that the engravement isn’t there.

Arch Support And Contour

From a distance, one may not notice the difference between Baya and Classic Crocs’ arch support system, but there is. Baya crocs have more reliable arch support than Classic Clogs.

For this reason, there are better choices than Classic Crocs for someone with flat feet. Baya Clogs will help flat feet avoid painful dents.

On the other hand, Classic Clogs do not have the contour present in the Baya Crocs, which means Baya has more support than the Classic style.


It is a no-brainer that Baya crocs beat the Classic Crocs in the area of exceptional lightweight for. One way to test proof this is by wearing each style on each foot and seeing which takes more weight.

It is important to note that the lightweight feature of Baya is not a sacrificial lamb for durability, as both styles share almost the same level of durability.


The breathability is determined by how well the footwear allows ventilation into and out of the foot compartment. Classic Crocs does it better in this area because it has holes on top and sides for extra breathability and ventilation.

On the contrary, Baya Crocs only have holes on top, not on the sides. Refrain from demeaning this feature because it makes Baya an essential Crocs style for the winter.


It is almost only possible to have a complete comparison of crocs styles by mentioning size and fit for roomy fit.

Classic Crocs are shorter than Baya Crocs, but both styles have a relaxed fit. They both feature an adjustable strap that helps change the fit to suit your foot size.

Holes Arrangements

The two styles shave thirteen holes in each of the shoes. What makes the difference is how the holes are positioned on the upper. For the classic crocs, the arrangement is random, but for the baya style, the holes are arranged in a straight line – in the sets of 4s and 3s.

Sometimes, I ask myself if this arrangement impacts the level of breathability. But, it would appeal to some more than others in terms of Jibbitz and charms placement.

Why It’s Hard To Choose Between Baya and Classic Crocs?

Because of their similarities, many people need help to decide between these two crocs models. These similarities are crocs features that are essential for an excellent wearing experience.

For example, both the Baya and Classic styles are made of Croslite material, which means they are both comfortable, lightweight, and odor-resistant (even though there are varying levels of these features) and easy to clean.

Also, for both styles, there is no limitation in options as to colors and patterns. The Baya and Classic crocs have varying designs that suit your style and personality, so choosing one over the other may take work.

The two styles have ventilation holes along the top of the shoe for improved airflow, and there is no sloppy fit for both styles because they are both equipped with heel straps.

Aside from all these, Baya and Classic clogs have a bolder and chunkier look than the rest of Crocs’ shoes. So, if this design is your favorite, you’d be torn between the Baya and Classic.

It can also be a tough choice between Baya and Classic crocs when you consider they are both two-piece designs for easy slip-on and off with arch support.

Who Should Buy Baya Crocs style?

No matter how convincing a comparative guide would be on this subject matter, it will keep the fact that what works for Mr. A may not work for Mr. B due to preference, foot shape, size, etc.

Baya Crocs style will be excellent footwear for someone who loves lightweight design. Baya makes walking easier and more comfortable than any conventional crocs. In addition, the best person to use Baya is someone who needs advanced ventilation and breathability (perhaps for health-related reasons)

This advanced ventilation system in Baya also helps the footwear drain water & keep feet warm even in wet conditions.

The Baya style is made with premium materials to upgrade the Classic style. It has 100% Croslite Foam build-up.

Who Should Buy The Classic Crocs?

The Classic crocs style will work well for someone who needs the support of high-quality soles in their crocs. This is because their feature high-quality Ethylene Vinyl Acetate soles, allowing the soles to become more flexible and naturally comfortable.

Aside from that, if you need to keep your feet sweat-free for hours, then the Classic crocs is a great buy too. It is made of up to 13 ventilation ports that add.

If you use your crocs roughly for day-to-day activities, you need the Classic crocs.

What is The Best Crocs (Video)

Final Remark

Looking at the result from our comparison, it is written all over that Baya Crocs is the best pick between these two great Crocs brands of clog. Still, one can only get some to see things from this angle of judgment because our preferences differ.

Aside from being an advanced edition of the Classic Crocs clog, Baya Crocs features advanced breathability and ventilation ports for improved comfort in your feet and toes. This is why I’d recommend you go for the Baya style.

I do not intend to throw the qualities of classic Crocs under the bus, as my judgment is based on my experience with both styles and the analysis made in the above article.

I’m sure you have your take on this comparison as to what works for you. So, I’d love to hear from you via the comments.

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