Beckett Simon vs Meermin

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There are many factors to consider when choosing a good brogue. Two of the most popular brands are Beckett Simonon and Meermin.

So, which is the better option? Beckett Simonon and Meermin have proven to be some of the best brogues ever made.

The major similarity between Beckett Simonon and Meermin is that both companies use premium materials in their shoes.

For example, Beckett Simonon uses Italian leather while Meermin uses Spanish suede. This attention to detail results in a product that looks and feels great on your feet.

The significant difference between the two companies is the way they construct their shoes. Beckett Simonon’s shoes are all hand-sewn, whereas Meermin’s are machine-sewn.

In this article, I’ll be clearing the air on this topic by comparing both shoes with all the parameters to aid in your buying decision.

Why this comparison?

There are several reasons Beckett Simonon shoes and Meermin shoes are worth comparing. Both brands offer high-quality, handcrafted shoes made from premium materials.

However, there are some distinct differences between the two brands that make them worth comparing.

For starters, Beckett Simonon shoes cost much less than the price of the Meermin shoes. This is because Beckett Simonon sources its materials and labor more efficiently than Meermin does.

Beckett Simonon offers a wider range of styles than Meermin does, making it easier to find a pair of shoes that perfectly suits your needs and preferences.

All things considered, both Beckett Simonon Shoes and Meermin shoes are great choices for anyone looking for a high-quality pair of dress or casual shoes at an affordable price point, which makes a comparison between these two brogue manufacturers inevitable.

First Glance

I’ve had a look at both Beckett Simonon and Meermin brogues, and I have a first impression of each.

When you look at shoes for the first time, it gives you an insight into the general make, value, and quality of the shoe. Let’s look at the first impressions of Beckett Simonon and Meermin

Beckett Simonon Shoes Review

Beckett Simonon vs Meermin

  • Soft uppers
  • Perfect heel height
  • Flat sole
  • Blake stitch construction

I was so excited to receive my Beckett Simonon brogues in the mail. I had heard great things about the quality and craftsmanship of their shoes, so I couldn’t wait to try them on.

The moment I slipped them on, I knew they were a perfect fit. They are extremely comfortable and stylish and have quickly become my favorite pair of shoes. The construction is impeccable, and the materials are top-notch.

I got Beckett Simonon Dean Oxfords shoes in black suede uppers. The uppers are really flexible (although they have little give), so they’re comfortable right away.

They feel like they’ll stretch out over time, which is something I like about them because it makes them more comfortable as time goes on.

The heel height is perfect – not too high or too low – so when you walk down the stairs it doesn’t feel like your legs are going nowhere at all!

The sole is also very flat and feels like it will be easy to walk on for many years of use – although the steel toe cap may become annoying after some wearing.

The first feature which struck me was the construction. Beckett Simonon uses high-quality calfskin leather to make their shoes, which makes them durable and long-lasting.

The second feature is the style. Beckett Simonon has many styles of brogues to choose from, so you can find the perfect one for your outfit. They also have a sophisticated style that is perfect for any formal or professional setting.

Overall, I am extremely impressed with Beckett Simonon’s brogues and would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a high-quality pair of shoes.

Meermin Shoes Review

Beckett Simonon vs Meermin

  • Beautiful calfskin leather
  • Soft inside, durable outside
  • Not too wide not too narrow

I have been a fan of Meermin for quite some time now, and it’s easy to see why. The Meermin Brogue is a beautiful and classic shoe.

It has a nice, simple design that does not have any unnecessary details or embellishments which makes it perfect for formal wear.

The brand is based in Spain, which means its shoes have a unique aesthetic to them. They’re classic, but, they can be worn with suits, jeans, and more.

The leather is beautiful, as you’d expect from any shoe made by a company like this one. It’s soft on the inside of the shoe while being more durable on the outside – especially when you consider how much foot traffic these things will get!

Once broken in though, they were extremely comfortable and fit like a glove! They are also quite hardy which makes them stand up well against sweat and water, but don’t expect them to last forever if you’re wearing them all day long in hot weather.

The leather is so soft that it feels like walking on clouds! The only thing that would make these even better would be if there was some kind of lining or padding inside for comfort’s sake.

I’ve never been one for wearing brogues all that often, but I do like having them around just in case I want something simple (and classic) to wear during the week. This pair is perfect because they’re not too wide or too narrow; they’re just right!

Beckett Simonon vs Meermin: Let’s Compare  

Features Beckett Simonon Meermin
LeatherFull grain calfskin leatherCalfskin leather; thin and lightweight with less durability
SoleHand-sanded leatherSingle leather and rubber
DurabilityThicker leather material and better construction quality give it an edge over Meermin in durabilityNot as durable as Beckett Simonon
Price$209195$ – $230
InsolesDense foam rubberVegetable tanned leather
SIzing /fitRuns larger in size with a wide toe boxFits snugly with less wiggle room in the brogues
ConstructionBlake stitch constructionGoodyear welted

Beckett Simonon vs Meermin: Which has better leather material?

Beckett Simonon vs Meermin

The Beckett Simonon brogues are made from full-grain calfskin leather. This type of leather is very durable, making it perfect for shoes.

It is also breathable, which helps to keep your feet cool and comfortable all day long. It also has a nice natural sheen that gives the shoes an elegant look.

The Meermin brogues are also made from calfskin leather, but it is thinner than the leather used in the Beckett Simonon.

This makes the Meermins less durable but also more flexible and lightweight. It’s often used for high-end dress shoes because of its beautiful color and unique texture.

Both pairs of shoes feature Goodyear welted construction, which ensures that they will last for many years to come.

Full-grain calfskin used in Beckett Simonon is more durable but the type used in Meermin lasts longer since it doesn’t scratch or scuff as easily.

Meermin calfskin leather also requires less maintenance than other types of leather but the coloration on Mermin fades faster

In conclusion, both companies use high-quality materials in their products; however, I believe that Beckett Simonon uses better quality materials overall because of their full-grain calfskin construction which results in increased durability.

Beckett Simonon vs Meermin: Which has better soles?

The two shoes share a lot of similarities, but they also differ in some ways. Both of them use a classic toe cap and a single-layer sole.

They are crafted using the same design concept, but each has its own style.

In Beckett Simonon’s brogues, the sole has been made from hand-sanded leather. The soles are flexible and durable, providing comfort and support for your feet as you walk.

The Meermin brogues use two different soles- leather and rubber. One of their which use leather sole is The Burgundy Calf which has a single leather sole. The Dark Brown Grain uses a city lug rubber sole.

Beckett Simonon vs Meermin

Overall, the Beckett Simonon soles are more durable and more comfortable in walking than the single leather and city lug rubber soles of the Meermin brogues.

Beckett Simonon vs Meermin: Which is more durable

There are many factors to consider for the durability of a pair of shoes. The materials used, the construction, and the care of all play a role in how long they will last.

Both pairs of shoes are made with high-quality calfskin leather materials. Both types of leather are durable and should last for several years with proper care.

However, I believe that the Beckett Simonon brogues are more durable because they use thicker leather than the Meermin brogues do.

Beckett Simonon vs Meermin

The construction quality is also very important in durability. The Beckett Simonon brogues have hand-sanded soles, so they can be resoled multiple times if needed.

This is not as common on cheaper brands or those that use glued soles (like most Meermin models).

So overall, I would say that the Beckett Simonon brogues last longer than Meermin brogues due to better construction quality and thicker leather materials used.

Beckett Simonon vs Meermin: Price

There are several apparent differences between the prices of Beckett Simonon brogues and Meermin brogues.

For one, Meermin shoes are more expensive than Beckett Simonon (Meermin shoes cost $230 while Beckett Simonon cost $209).

Second, the quality of materials used in Beckett Simonon shoes is typically higher than those used in Meermin shoes which makes their prices unjustified against Beckett Simonon.

Finally, Beckett Simonon also offers a wider variety of shoe styles than Meermin does. This makes Beckett Simonon a clear winner in terms of price comparison.

If you are looking for a well-made pair of dressy or casual brogues at an affordable price, then I would recommend checking out Beckett Simonon shoes before making a purchase from Meermin.

Beckett Simonon vs Meermin: Insoles

The insoles used in Beckett Simonon brogues are made of dense foam rubber, while the Meermin brogues use a vegetable tanned leather insole.

Vegetable tanned leather in the Meermin shoes is very thick and makes them less comfortable to wear for long periods of time.

The dense foam rubber insole in the Meermin shoes is much thinner and more flexible, making them more comfortable to wear for long periods of time.

Another difference is that the Beckett Simonon insoles have a rubber heel insert, which provides extra cushioning and comfort.

The Meermin insoles do not have this insert, so they may not be as comfortable for some people to wear for long periods of time.

The final difference is that the stitching on the sides of the Beckett Simonon insole is much neater and cleaner than on the Meermin insole.

This is because Beckett Simonon uses higher quality material, or it could just be due to better craftsmanship overall.

Overall, I think that both brands make great-looking shoes with very different but equally appealing sole designs.

However, I would give a slight edge to Becket Simonon with, comfort–their thinner soles combined with the rubber heel insert really makes them stand out from Meermin in this category.

Beckett Simonon vs Meermin: Sizing/Fit

There are many differences between the sizing and fit of Beckett Simonon brogues and Meermin brogues. For one, Beckett Simonon shoes run larger than Meermin shoes.

The fit of Beckett Simonon shoes is a bit more generous than that of Meermin shoes; meaning they have a bit more wiggle room for your feet. The toe box on Beckett Simonon brogues is wider than that on Meermin brogues.

If you are looking for a shoe with an excellent fit and a good amount of space for your toes, then go with a pair of Beckett Simonon.

However, if you would prefer something that fits more snugly around your feet, then opt for a pair of Meermins instead.

Beckett Simonon vs Meermin: Construction

There are several key differences between the construction of Beckett Simonon brogues and Meermin brogues.

The most noticeable difference is that Beckett Simonon shoes are made with a Blake stitch, while Meermin shoes are made with a Goodyear welt.

This means that the Beckett Simonon shoes will be more flexible and comfortable, but less durable than the Meermin shoes.

The leather used on Beckett Simonon shoes is of a higher quality than the leather used on Meermin shoes.

Finally, while both brands offer multiple styles of brogue shoes, Beckett Simonon has a sleeker and more modern look, while Meermins has a traditional look that harkens back to older styles of footwear.

Beckett Simonon vs Meermin: Final Verdict

I’ve finally come to the end of this long-ending debate and I’ve decided the best among these two brogues. Beckett Simonon is better than Meermin brogues and here are my reasons:

The quality of the leather is much higher on Beckett Simonon shoes. They also use a more traditional construction method, which results in a much more durable and comfortable shoe.

Beckett Simonon offers a much wider range of styles and colors than Meermin does.

Finally, their prices are much more affordable, making them a better value for your money.

The bottom line: if quality, craftsmanship, durability, beautiful design, and amazing customer service are important factors when purchasing brogues, then look no further–go for a pair (or two) of Beckett Simonon.


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