Best Shoes For Clubbing

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If you love to spend your weekends and nights having fun in the club, you would know that dressing rightly is important.

Clubs have their rules and many will not let you in if you don’t dress up to meet up with their standards. And that includes wearing the right shoes.

What shoes are allowed in clubs then? The answer to this question will depend on the club. While dress codes of some clubs, particularly upscale clubs don’t permit sneakers, others won’t mind.

Typically, formal shoes are allowed in all clubs. To make it easier, I will be discussing the 10 best shoes for clubbing.

However, if you’re not sure of the club dress code, and whether you’ll be allowed in your shoes, it’s best to call before showing up at the venue. 

10 Best Shoes For Clubbing

Best Shoes For Clubbing

Clubbing shoes should be comfortable, stylish, and trendy to help you get the best of the night. The following shoes are best to wear to clubs:

  • Most Popular: Converse
  • Most Comfortable: Sperry
  • Best minimalist design: Air Force 1
  • Most stylish: Air Max
  • Most lightweight: Stans Smith
  • Best grip: Timberland
  • Most Sturdy: Doc Martens
  • Most Trendy: Vans
  • Most True to Size: Yeezy
  • Most versatile: Cole Haan


The Converse is one of the most suitable shoes for clubbing. Although sneakers are frowned upon by some clubs, Converse takes an exception as many clubs are permitting this iconic shoe.

Converse shoes were first identified with athletes, but they’ve become everyday shoes for several occasions including clubbing.

Since its debut in 1917, these minimalist sneakers remain the favorite of many. They’ve taken over the streets and many celebrities are styling these shoes.

The versatility of the Converse shoes speaks for them and the unique way they continue to remain on trend makes them acceptable in many clubs.

In addition, different designs offer both a retro and classic style. You can style any of your club outfits with the low-top, mid-top, or high-top All-stars.

What’s more, they’re comfortable, with the breathable canvas upper and the insole that’s well-cushioning.

In addition, they offer a narrow silhouette and the minimalist design increases the aesthetics of these shoes.



Sperry is one brand with the name, style, and comfort. Known for its famous boat shoe that came to light in 1935, it continues to create footwear with great functionality and style.

The boat shoes are suitable for clubbing, featuring a closed-in design, moccasin construction, and secure closure that will ensure your feet stay in place even while dancing.

Other Sperry shoes offer nice designs that will fit into any club environment. They include loafers, oxfords, and sneakers. 

In addition, they’re comfortable for a long night in the club, built with quality materials and technologies. This makes them lightweight and fit for dancing.

Sperry shoes are easy to style with a business, business casual, or smart casual outfit. They will keep you smart with the right kind of attention on you.

However, not all clubs will accept Sperry sneakers or flats. You can stick to the boat shoes, loafers, and oxfords, or always check the club rules before dressing in sneakers or flats.

Air Force 1

The Nike Air Force 1 is one of the coolest sneakers that rocks the street of fashion. The sneakers first started as basketball shoes but have now become the choice for many fashion icons.

Since its debut in 1982, Air Force 1 has remained a force on the market. Though created as sports shoes, they’ve become more popular outside the court and will give you a pass into the club.

For clubs that will allow sneakers, styling your outfit with the Nike Air Force 1 is one of the best ways to appear trendy. These shoes have the name and style.

What’s more, the Air Force 1s are very comfortable shoes with a minimalist design. They support the feet adequately and will serve you well while clubbing. 

Though constructed with a very thick foam midsole, the cushioning technology keeps you comfortable that you wouldn’t think of the weight.

In addition, these minimalist sneakers are obtainable in different colors and designs, from low-tops to high-tops; so you can easily choose the style you want. 

Styling your Nike Air Force 1 with the right outfit to clubs with strict dressing rules may gain you entry. However, you can always call to be very sure.

Air Max

The Air Max is another popular sneaker from a popular brand. It was introduced in 1987 and the Nike brand has continued to introduce different and stylish models into the market.

The Nike Air Max also started as a sports shoe used for running but they’ve become more of a fashion sneaker seen on the street and the feet of many celebrities.

This fashion sneaker will get you a pass into many clubs as long as you style them well with your outfit. There are multiple colors and designs so styling these shoes wouldn’t be difficult.

In addition, they’re comfortable and great for dancing. Featuring an Air unit in the midsole, these shoes provide good support and shock absorption.

Also, they’re well-padded at strategic places. The Nike Air Max promises style, and comfort and will keep you in touch with the club trends.

Stans Smith

The Stans Smith is an invention from Adidas and a widely known sneaker. This shoe was introduced in 1967 and since then, they’ve remained a well-sought-after sneaker.

The Stans Smith was first known as tennis shoes but the style and versatility have made them be appreciated more outside the court as fashion sneakers.

This low-top sneaker is the go-to shoe for many fashion icons. The low profile makes them easy to style with several outfits including those for clubbing; you’ll easily blend in and feel the vibe.

The Stans Smith offers a vintage style with a trendy vibe that will take you through many club doors. Also, they’re easy to dance in.

In addition, they’re comfortable, although lacking arch support. They’re breathable, lightweight with rich paddings to keep the foot relaxed all through the day.

The Adidas Stans Smith are suitable for clubbing, as they’ll keep you smart and attractive.


Although work boots are known to be banned in clubs, Timberland boots are more than work boots. These shoes have a beautiful silhouette that creates a strong fashion statement much like many other fashion boots.

Since Timberlands were first introduced, these boots continued to remain one of the tops on the market; both as work boots and fashion shoes. 

Many clubs are beginning to relax their rules concerning Timberlands and are allowing people in these classic boots because of their stylish appearance.

In addition, Timberland makes other stylish footwear that are suitable for clubbing including chukka boots and boat shoes. 

So, if you don’t want to wear the work boots you have the option of styling your club outfit with the chukka boots or boat shoes. 

What’s more, Timberland boots and shoes are very comfortable, featuring quality leather, well-cushioned insoles, and non-slip outsoles with great grip.

However, when styling Timberland work boots, opt for the less rugged style and always check with the club rules.

Doc Martens

Doc Martens shoes are popular footwear with a unique design that features a chunky heel with large platforms. This style was inspired by the 40s.

This unique footwear since its inception has created a strong fashion statement and is being styled by all classes and ages of people.

The Doc Martens boots are accepted in many clubs. Although some clubs’ rules may restrict them because of their use for work. But they’re highly fashionable and will fit you in with the club trend.

Doc Martens offers different styles of footwear that are suitable for clubbing including loafers and oxfords. The signature chunky heel gives them a unique style.

Also, these shoes are comfortable, featuring their trademark AirWair outsoles. This technology offers enough support and cushioning for the feet. 

In addition, their large platforms offer enough balance and support and will not only add to your height but also your vibes.

The Doc Martens are easy to style with many of your smart casual attire; from jeans to dress pants and a cute gown. You’ll definitely look classy in these shoes. 


Vans are another great choice of sneakers that you can style for the club. Many clubs permit these classic sneakers if styled well with a smart outfit.

The Vans shoes came to light in 1966, and since then, the brand has created lots of shoes that have been used for sports and other casual activities. 

These classic sneakers are very popular with skateboarders but the majority of their models offer a very comfortable fitting that is cool for the club.

In addition, they’re stylish, easy to match any outfit, and are obtainable in many different designs and colors. This offers you a large collection to choose from; from high-tops to low-tops.

What’s more, these shoes are designed with different features and technologies that offer a very good level of comfort. 

From the rich canvas, leather, and suede uppers, the ultracush, comfycush, and other insoles technologies to the sturdy and flexible rubber outsoles; you’ll get more with these shoes inside the club.

The Vans shoes have the right blend of function and style and with their popularity, they’re one of the best for clubbing.


Yeezy sneakers have the name and style. And you can style them at clubs with relaxed rules regarding sneakers.

Yeezy footwear was created by the popular rapper, Kayne West, with collaborations that started with Nike in 2009 to Louis Vuitton and from then to Adidas.

These sneakers are versatile and can take you to many casual occasions; from a walk, to parties, and the club. These shoes have a unique style that will create a fashion statement in the club. 

The Yeezy shoes have different models and while some people may not be in love with some of the looks, there are different designs to choose from.

These sneakers can be styled with your jeans, dress pants, dresses, and skirts for a smart and attractive look in the club. Also, the majority of Yeezy models fit true to size.

In addition, they’re comfortable and lightweight, designed with a primeknit and suede uppers that offer breathability and flexibility. You’ll be able to dance all night in these shoes.

Cole Haan

Cole Haan is another popular brand with a large collection of shoes that are stylish and suitable for clubbing. Created in 1920, these shoes have continued to remain in style and trend.

This brand offers some of the most popular dress shoes that are cool for a formal to a smart casual appearance. They combine quality craftsmanship and style to produce shoes that are loved by many.

Cole Haan offers oxfords, loafers, and sneakers that can be styled to the club with any of your club outfits. They’ve got a nice and clean design that will add beauty to your appearance.

In addition, they’ll keep you comfortable with insoles that cushion the feet well and a non-slip outsole. The shoes are lightweight and great for dancing all day.


Clubbing shoes should offer the best of comfort as you’ll be dancing and moving about for long hours. Also, they should be stylish and resonate with fashion trends.

There are different brands of shoes that are cool and suitable for clubbing, but these 10 I just reviewed are a sure bet for a night of fun in the club.

They’re built with great features and technologies that promise, comfort and function. Also, they’re stylish and will keep you in line with fashion trends and not leave you feeling like you don’t fit in.

However, if you intend to club in your sneakers always check with the club dress codes and keep it smart and less flashy.



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