Blundstone renovating cream Vs Mink oil

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The major difference between Blundstone renovating cream and Mint oil is that while mint oil is made to preserve and waterproof the leather, Blundstone renovating cream is made to nourish and condition the leather.

Both of them are used on leather material only. If you’re reading this, it means that you are thinking of using any of them on your leather shoe, bag or belt. 

In this article, the aim is to compare these two products and find out which is better and more preferable. Before we do that, let’s take a quick glance at the features of both Blundstone renovating cream and Mint oil.

First Glance At Blundstone Renovating Cream

At first glance, you will notice that Blundstone renovating cream is packaged in a round shaped small container. The cream itself is solid just like a regular cream.

You will most likely notice the label of Blundstone on the container and that will be the first pointer that you are with the right product. 

By the time you open the container, you will notice the milky color of the cream in the container. You will also notice the price tag in the store. Let’s check this example for further details. 

Blundstone Renovating Cream 

This is the original Blundstone renovating cream that you can find. The cream contained inside is about 50cl and that is just enough for a number of applications. 

This cream is made to nourish the leather of your shoes, bag, or belt. It also makes the surface of your shoes look new. If you’re using it on Blundstone shoes, this is just what you’ll get. 

You can also use it on other leather brands to condition the leather of shoes, belts or bags. This cream also functions to prevent your leather shoe from drying out. 

If you’re using this on Blundstone shoes, you may want to apply it at the early stage to help in the maintenance of the boots. 

Before applying the cream, ensure you test it on a tiny hidden spot on your shoe to know if it’s gonna change the color of the shoe. Most times, the color of your shoe will change. 

Applying a little goes a long way in giving you the result you want on your shoes. This cream is sold for $24. You can buy it now for your leather boots.

First Glance At Mink Oil

Mink oil can be in the form of liquid or solid depending on the brand you’re buying. At first glance, you will notice that it is either liquid or solid. Get the one you like. 

You will also notice at first glance the color of the mink to be milky or white, depending on the brand. The container is another thing that you will notice. 

It can either be in a bottle container or round shape container. When you first open it, you will notice the smell of the mink oil and this is also dependent on what the brand makes of it. 

Let’s check this example from Jopsite brand for further details. 

Jopsite Mink Oil 

I took care to mention one of the best mink oil here in case you want to purchase it. This mink oil from Jopsite is designed for three things. 

It is made to soften, preserve and provide waterproofing to the boot. A major function of mink oil is to protect and in this case, it protects from water penetration. 

This mink oil helps to repel water and salt stains from the boot after application. You can apply this on your boot and wear it all day while sweating and not have any stain on your boots. 

Most mink oil may not change the color of your boots. But, this oil changes brown boots to go darker brown. You might want to change the color of your brown boot with this. 

The good thing about this Jopsite Mink oil is that it is very affordable. It comes with a tight seal to keep the oil from leaking. It is sold for just $11. You can afford to get it immediately. 

Get this mink oil here

Comparison Between Blundstone Renovating Cream And Mink Oil

Blundstone renovating cream Vs Mink oil

In order to discover which is better between these two, I am going to compare the design, quality, function, price, silhouette, and effect on shoes side by side. 


This is where we understand the making of these Blundstone renovating cream and mink oil. Blundstone renovating cream is a man made cream. 

It is made synthetically and it is made by the popular boot brand, Blundstone brand. It was originally made for Blundstone boots, but it is widely used on other shoe brands. 

This cream is made in a creamy and solid form encased in a container for easy application on shoes. 

Mink oil on the other hand is made to be either solid or liquid. The solid one is made in a creamy form to be applied on boots. 

The oily one is also made to be easily applied on boots. Mink oil is made from mink abdominal fat which serves as a natural protector when applied on leather. 

According to the different brands, you either have mink oil in a bottle or in a round case. You can also either have it in solid or in liquid. When it comes to design, both are made according to the brand you buy from. 


The quality of either mink oil or Blundstone cream determines how long either of them will last. When you get Blundstone renovating cream in the 50cl container, you can use it for a few times. 

When you apply a little Blundstone renovating cream on your boot, it will be enough for what you want. So, that will make it last longer. 

Blundstone cream is good quality and it works well for what it is made for. You can get it for the quality. 

Mink oil is also good quality depending on the brand you choose to buy it from. But, if you’re getting the one I’ve recommended above, it’s certainly good quality. 

The oil can last for long and the bottle is well sealed. This is to ensure that the oil stays in for as long as you use it. Mink oil can be used weekly, monthly, or quarterly. 

You may get disappointed when you buy from a brand that you can’t trust. In all, check the brand first before you buy mink oil from that brand. 

When it comes to quality, both Blundstone renovating cream and mink oil are good quality. 


How does Blundstone renovating cream and mink oil function? Do they perform well in what they were made to do? We are about to find out. 

Blundstone renovating cream is made to provide nourishment and conditioning to the leather of boots. It is also made to make your boots shiny and looking new. 

So far, it has been good at performing those functions. If you’re looking for a waterproof cream, Blundstone does not provide that on shoes. That is not part of the product description. 

Mink oil is naturally made to add extra detailing and to protect the shoe. These are the major functions. Most brands choose the detailing they want it to provide. 

Mink oil works well for waterproofing boots and for softening boots. You might want to use it on softer leather for better effects. Most brands of mink oil are good in providing all these functions and some are not. 

When it comes to function, both products function according to what they were made for. It is only when you buy from a bad brand that you may find a non functioning mink oil. 


Blundstone is affordable, but compared to other renovating cream, it is expensive. Also, when compared to mink oil, Blundstone renovating cream is expensive. 

You can find Blundstone at about $24 and that’s more than double of most mink oil brands. You can buy two mink oil containers with the amount of one Blundstone cream. 

Considering the fact that it does not provide waterproofing on leather, it is actually considered expensive. 

Mink oil is really affordable for most brands. Majority of the brands you can get mink oil from will sell below $15 and that’s an affordable price. 

You can also find mink oil between $9 to $17. This price affects both the solid and the liquid form of mink oil. You should check for a good quality mink oil and get it regardless of the price. 

When it comes to price, Blundstone renovating cream is more expensive than Mink oil. You can choose to buy both for the different functions. 

I will advise that when you want to get either mink oil or Blundstone renovating cream, you should not consider the price as you can make do with the different functions. 


There is no much to say about the silhouette of both Blundstone renovating cream and mink oil. Both have different look and state. 

Blundstone renovating cream is in solid and creamy form but when exposed to heat, it can melt into a liquid form. This is why you must take note to store in a suitable condition just to preserve it. 

If it gets heated, it might be mistakenly brushed down and you stand a chance of losing your cream. You apply the Blundstone cream by using a rag or shoe polish to apply on your boot. 

Mink oil is liquid but some brands have made it in the solid state just to preserve it and keep it longer. I prefer the liquid mink oil because it is easy to apply on the boot. 

The color is as the brand makes it but that shouldn’t be your major concern. You should be concerned about how it will make your boot look. 

When it comes to silhouette, it matters that the containers are protective enough to keep either Blundstone cream or mink oil intact. Both of them have a good silhouette when well packaged. 


What is now the end result after the application of either Blundstone renovating cream or mink oil on your boot? This is what you should be concerned about. 

When you apply Blundstone renovating cream on your boot, it makes your boot shiny and most times, it changes the color of your boot. 

The effect can only be colorless if your boot is black, it can only make it shiny. But, if you’re using Blundstone renovating cream on other colors of boots, you should consider if you’re ready for a change in color. 

Mink oil originally does not change the colors of leather boots. But, you will find some brands of mink oil that will change the color of your boots. Sometimes, it is specified which color it will change to. 

That is why you must check the product description before you buy mink oil from any brand. The effect of mink oil on leather boots is to enhance the silhouette of the boot. 

That is the major outer effect mink oil will have on your boot aside from other effects like waterproofing. 

When it comes to effect, most mink oil will not change the color of your boots, but Blundstone renovating cream may. 

Final Verdict (Which Is Better?)

Here comes the final verdict. Which do you prefer to get? Before we decide, let’s go over the comparison briefly. 

When it comes to design, Blundstone renovating cream is made in solid while mink oil is made in either solid or liquid. Both are good quality and mink oil is good according to the brand you buy from.

Each of them functions according to what they are made for. Blundstone renovating cream is more expensive than Mink oil. Blundstone is in a round container while mink oil can either be in a bottle or container. 

Blundstone provides a shiny effect on boots while mink oil provides an enhanced silhouette on boots. 

It is obvious that mink oil provides more function than Blundstone renovating cream. This is why you can choose to buy any of them according to the function you want them for or buy both at once. 

Both are good for certain functions but mink oil is better for more functions. 


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