Can Heelys Get Wet

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Yes. Someone is probably asking this question while considering heading out in the rain. Heelys are technically shoes with wheels, added arguably for thrill and ease of movement.

Of course, Heelys can get wet like many other shoes. You should never keep your Heelys out in the rain.

You should not get your Heelys drenched and you should not go out in the rain with your Heelys on.

Doing that will cause the soles on your Heelys to collapse slowly, just like other shoes. The deterioration process is called Hydrolysis.

In case you already got your Heelys wet, you can hope it’s still early enough to get fixed.

Can Heelys Get Wet

What To Do When Heelys Get Wet?

If you have gotten your Heelys wet, you can take a deep breath. You don’t have to say goodbye to your shoes yet.

Hydrolysis doesn’t happen so quickly but you have to be careful with how often you get your Heelys wet. If possible, never allow water near your shoes. When your Heelys get wet, these are the steps to take first;

  • Take Care of Wheels
  • Take Care of Wheel Cavities
  • Take Care of The Sole

Take Care Of Heely Wheels

The first step to take when you find your Heelys drenched is to check the wheels and put them back in a dry condition. You can’t do this effectively without removing them from the cavity.

  • Remove the wheels from the cavities
  • Get a dry cloth and clean the surface of the wheels
  • Dust well and make sure there are no stones or sand inside the wheels
  • Ensure the wheels are dry by air-drying
  • Do not take the wheels near heat so they won’t get damaged.

Take Care Of Wheel Cavities

Virtually every part of you Heelys needs extra care. The same applies to your regular shoes. After taking care of the wheels, the cavities should not be overlooked.

The wheel cavities and the wheels are the important features that make the Heelys what they are. If the wheels or the cavities get rusty, you might only have normal shoes at the end of the day.

  • Remove the wheels from the cavities
  • Get a dry cloth and clean the cavities.
  • Dry shoes
  • Keep the shoes and the cavity from heat.

Take Care Of The Sole

 The sole makes the shoe. You can easily pull out the wheels from your Heelys and you would have a regular pair of shoes to wear.

In other words, the sole is the most important and also the part that suffers the higher damage from water.

  • Remove the wheels from the cavities
  • Dab the cavities and the soles with a dry cloth
  • Remove the footbed and air in the sun
  • Keep shoes away from a hot temperature
  • If the shoe needs to be washed, dab the already wet surface gently. Do not use a machine
  • Air the shoes in the sun
  • Turn the shoes and make sure every part is dry before wearing them again

How To Wash Wet Heelys

Can Heelys Get Wet

Have you gotten your Heelys wet and dirty? Don’t be in a rush to wash them. It is not a good idea to waste time on it but taking the wrong steps might result in worse repercussions.

Things you shouldn’t do when washing your Heelys;

  • Do not use a washing machine
  • Do not use a dryer
  • Do not soak soles and wheels in hot water

It is important to avoid everything in the above list if you don’t plan to inflict significant damage on your Heelys.

The only materials that are recommended to get your Heelys clean are mild soap, a dry brush, and warm water

You can choose to clean stained spots only if a full wash is not necessary. However, if you have to wash the entire body of the Heelys, below are the required steps;

  • Mix the mild laundry soap in warm water
  • Make sure to use warm water for effectiveness. Excessively hot water may damage shoe soles.
  • Remove the wheels and dip them in soapy water. Wash out all sand and stones, if there are any.
  • Wash wheels with cold water and air-dry
  • Soak soles in water for a while (A few hours, if the soles are not made of leather)
  • If soles are made of leather, get a brush and scrub gently. Do not soak leather soles in water.
  • You can scrub soles that are not leather too but be gentle
  • Rinse the shoes with cold water
  • Dry the shoes in the open air. (Using a dryer may cause the shoes to shrink)

How To Take Heelys Wheels Out Without Tools

It is not advisable to always leave the wheels in your Heelys so you should remove them often. When you don’t need the wheels, get them out.

When you want to wheel around you can easily install them back and start gliding. In case you are wondering how to do that without the right tools, it is very much easy.

There is a plot twist here. The “tools” that are apparently designed to remove your Heely wheels are not even good for the wheels.

According to the Heely website, the Heely wheel removal tools can damage your wheels so you are advised to simply use your thumb. It is just as easy and even safer.

Turn the shoes sideways

Can Heelys Get Wet

When you turn the shoes sideways, you can see the wheel and a black layer (axle arms) over the axles on both sides.

Put your thumb on a side of the wheels and press down

Can Heelys Get Wet

Doing this might be pretty tough, especially for the first time, since the axles were installed with pressure.

When you put enough pressure on the side of the wheels, you will hear a click as the first axle gets free.

Turn the Heelys on its other side

Can Heelys Get Wet

After pushing the first axle out of the axle arms, you can focus on the second side.

Put your thumb on the second side and press down

Can Heelys Get Wet

The same way you have pushed out the first axle, press down on the second side of the wheel till it clicks out of the axle arm.

Turn the shoe on its side and press down on the wheel again

If the steps fail to push out the wheel, one of the axles has clicked back in. Turn the shoe on its side and press down on the wheel again.

Can Heelys Get Wet

The first axle can be trapped again while you are getting the second axle out. You just have to repeat the steps till the wheel is free.

Note: Don’t hold the wheel and force it out. This may damage the axle arms.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Heelys Come With Plugs?

Yes. Every new pair of Heelys should have a pair of wheels, plugs, and tools for removing the plug. Many may wonder what the plugs are for since the wheels take up space most of the time.

You are advised not to keep the wheels in the Heelys for too long. When you remove the wheels, the plugs should close the wheel cavity.

While you can go without covering the compartment, leaving it open will cause dirt to settle in the cavity. This may cause your Heely wheels to stop working properly. Heelys come with Plugs and they are useful so use them.

Do Heely Wheels Retract?

No. When you buy your Heelys, do not expect them to retract. The Heely company, for no stated reason, does not make retractable wheels.

If you want to wear your Heelys like normal sneakers, you can easily pull out the wheels with the removal tool or with your hands. Although, retractable wheels would be easier and faster.

Why Are My Heelys Clicking?

The clicking sound on your Heelys comes from the wheels. It is not natural so it should be taken care of, as soon as it is noticed.

Heelys can develop a clicking sound for a few reasons. Some are easily fixed while some require you to change the wheels completely.

  • The clicking sound of your Heelys can be caused by air bubbles in the core of the wheel. If you are able to find a swollen part on the wheel, you may have to change the wheel.
  • The clicking sound of your Heelys can be caused by loose axles. If you are able to move the axles within the wheels, all you have to do is tighten them with a screw.
  • The Wheels may need some lubrication. You can add some grease to the sides of the axles to get rid of the noise.


Heelys are a lot nicer when they are not drenched so keep them away from water. Take care of them like you take care of your regular sneakers and add some extra care, as long as you enjoy the thrill of gliding on those wheels.

Water has its effects on the soles and equally on the wheels. The wheels could stop rolling with time or develop an uncomfortably loud clicking sound. Below are some frequently asked questions on Heelys.

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