Can you wear Yeezys without socks

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You can wear Yeezys without socks if that is how you want to style it. There are people who wear just Yeezys without socks and it’s cool that way. So, if you are wondering if you can wear them that way, you can. 

Do You Have To Wear Socks With Yeezys? 

There is no regulation nor rules for everyone to wear Yeezys with socks. So, you do not have to wear Yeezys with socks but, it’s really cool to style it that way. If you do not feel comfortable wearing Yeezys with socks, you don’t have to bother yourself about it. You will still look good in your Yeezys without socks. 

Why You Should Wear Your Yeezys With Socks.

Here are reasons you should wear your Yeezys with socks: 

  •  Fashion
  • Comfort 
  • Style

It’s Fashionable 

Blending with the new trend is really the norm nowadays. Fashion evolves everyday and you need to be engaged in the new fashion. Kanye West designed the Yeezys style and he wears them with socks most times.

It’s really stylish and fashionable that way. It almost feel naked wearing Yeezys without socks, especially the slippers. So, if you must join the trending fashion of wearing Yeezys, then you should wear them with socks.

The way Yeezys are designed, they are made to properly accommodate socks, any kind of socks. If style is what you are about, then you shouldn’t fail to wear Yeezys without socks.

You should wear Yeezys with socks, unless you want to create your own fashion, and that’s cool. But, I think wearing Yeezys with socks is more fashionable and stylish than wearing them without socks.

The slippers style of Yeezys can be worn without socks if you choose to, but wearing them with socks is really stylish and I highly recommend. Check out this photo and see how cool this Yeezy slippers look. You can style it this way for the fashion. 

It’s Comfortable 

Another very important reason you might want to wear Yeezys with socks is that you will be comfortable wearing it, especially in the winter period. You will stay warm in it. Comfort is one reason most people wear socks with shoes.

With Yeezys, you are doing that for the same reason. I always tell everyone that cares to listen that comfort is what they should go after when it comes to what they wear. And, I’m sure that you love to be comfortable. So, if there is no other reason you should wear Yeezys with socks, you should consider being comfortable. 

You might not be one who is prone to jump on fashion trends, but you sure must want comfort in your life. Your feet don’t have to suffer the cold weather, not when you can do something about it.

Wearing socks with Yeezys serves as an added cushioning to the insole of the shoes and you can’t complain of discomfort. You might want to consider wearing breathable socks during the summer season so that you can stay comfortable without heat. 

It’s Better Worn That Way

It’s actually better to wear Yeezys with socks than not wearing socks with it. The same way it is better for you to wear socks with your regular dress shoes.

Sometimes, socks are worn with Yeezys to achieve a better fitting on the foot. If the shoes feel loose on your feet, you should wear socks in them to make them fit better.

Rather than go bare with no socks in your Yeezys shoes, you should do better by going in that fashion. You will receive more compliments when you do. These should be enough reasons for you to start wearing your Yeezys with socks. 

How To Wear Your Yeezys With Socks

1. Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2 + Long Socks + Shorts

Can you wear Yeezys without socks

You can style your Adidas Yeezy with socks and shorts. There are brands that loved Kanye West’s idea of Yeezys and they have produced different Yeezy styles. Style it with socks that is at the middle of your leg and you will see how cool it looks. This is the 350 model and you can get it in any color of your choice. This particular color can be styled with white socks or black socks and any color of shorts in your collection.

The Adidas Yeezy has a rubber insole and it is made of leather upper: wearing socks in your Adidas Yeezy because of the rubber insole it has, is also a great way to go. Wearing your Yeezys with long socks is aimed at making a statement, a fashion statement. And, you can confidently go in this style if you love this fashion.

If not, there are other styles to choose from. Meanwhile, you can get this Yeezy between $320 to $1,157. You can as well achieve this style with any 350 model of Yeezys you find in any brand.

Get this particular Adidas Yeezy here

2. Yeezys With Short Socks + Jeans

Can you wear Yeezys with socks

You can wear very short socks. This is a very good style for people who do not want to make it look like they are wearing socks in the Yeezys. Wear Yeezys with short socks that will not be visible on your ankle and you will still look cool in your Yeezys.

The goal here is to stay comfortable and warm. So, I strongly recommend this style to those of you who asked the first question in this article. You can still wear socks with Yeezys and make it look like you are not wearing socks. In case you do not want to look weird and you do not want to breach your personal fashion rule, this style is for you. 

You can style this with your regular skinny jeans  Just as shown in the photo above. If your socks is longer than your ankle, you can fold them in to achieve this style. Style this and go to your work place, and no one will think that you are going with the regular trend of wearing Yeezys with socks. You can get the Adidas Yeezy to achieve this style or use any Yeezy shoes of your choice. 

3. Yeezy with Socks + Tapered Pants + Shirt

Can you wear Yeezys without socks

You can style your Yeezys with long socks, shirts and tapered pants. Let’s check out one of the styles by the inventor of Yeezys. We all know how Kanye loves pants that are tapered at the down side with his Yeezys.

And, here is a typical example. wear your Yeezys with shirts and tapered pants to cover most parts of the socks revealing only the ankle part. White Yeezys and white socks will be great. Black yeezys and black socks will be cool too, depending on the colour of pants and shirts you want to style them with. 

Let me share a secret with you. If you want to know more styles of Yeezys with socks, you should check out some of Kanye West styles. That is, if you are a novice to Yeezys. You will most likely find several styles to go with. But, that’s like the expensive and celebrity styles.

That is why I have chosen these simple styles for you to go with. You can use any color combination for your pants and shirt. But, what is in the photo is really cool and you should try it. 

4. Yeezys with Mid Length Socks + Leggings + Shorts + Sweatshirt under Tshirt.

Can you wear Yeezys without socks

You can style your Yeezys with mid length socks and leggings. Now, before you go thinking that this style is only for men, this style can beautifully be recreated by women. The hem of the leggings should be made to go under the socks just to reveal the pattern of the socks.

You should wear shorts over the leggings and wear a t-shirt over sweatshirt for the top. The green color here is really unique and you might want to recreate exactly this. 

Style your Yeezys with the same color of sweatpants, the same color of the leggings with the t-shirt, and then, a close color to the leggings for the shorts. The color of the socks is the same with the leggings. This is so dope and I strongly recommend this style if you want to look really dope in your Yeezys.

You can choose to use different colors for each dress item. With this style, you will have everyone turn to stare at you when you walk on the street. This style is not expensive to recreate as you can use the clothings you already have. You only need to get a dope Yeezy pair of shoes.

5. Yeezy with Ankle Length Socks + Jeans

Can you wear Yeezys without socks

You can get your ankle length socks that’s the colour of your Yeezys. I personally think that this is the coolest style to try on. With this style, you are not going to catch so much attention and then you are still going to stand out in the crowd.

This is what I call “balance style” among all the Yeezys styles with socks.All you have to do is get ankle length socks that suits your fashion to style with your Yeezys. 

Wear Yeezys with Socks and Jeans. The jeans you are styling with should be above the ankle. You do not need to wear full length jean for this style. This style demands that you wear jeans that will expose some part of your legs so that the socks can be more visible.

And, you can see that it is really cool this way. If you are that quiet kind of person who wants to look fashionable without making it look shouty, then this style is for you. I strongly recommend that you go in this style and look cool in your Yeezys. 

6. Yeezy Slippers with Socks + Folded Jeans

Can you wear Yeezys without socks

White socks can be styled with almost any Yeezy shoes and they’ll still look stylish. This is the kind of style that you can wear anywhere and at anytime. You can as well decide to wear this style around the house and you are sure to make a great fashion statement.

This orange slippers with white socks is just so cool. The sock is a long one that goes above the ankle. With this style, you are not planning to expose your skin on the leg, which is cool. 

Wear Yeezys with Socks and Jeans. The jean you are to use shouldnot be skinny jeans. It is a baggy style, so that there will be enough room to fold it up and achieve this style. You can wear a t-shirt on this just to go anywhere.

This is for those who pay attention to how they look even at home or when visiting the grocery store. This style is the most affordable to recreate. It won’t cost you thousands of dollars to recreate this. You will be most comfortable in this style at winter. So, you might want to start with this style before venturing into other ones. 

7. Yeezy with Socks + Shorts and Sweatshirt

Can you wear Yeezys without socks

Style your Yeezy slippers with long socks. This is the coolest street style for Yeezys and socks. This is more appropriate to wear for evening walks or outing with friends. The colour of the socks should be the same with the slippers. You might decide to wear socks with cool designs. That’s an addition to the style.

Also ensure that the sweatshirt you wear is the same color as the Yeezy and socks. just as it appears in the photo above. Then use black shorts or a different color of shorts. You can style this to anywhere you want and it’s so cool that way. Both men and women can recreate this style. 


It is evident that Yeezys are really cool shoes and there are several ways of styling them. In each of these styles, you can wear t-shirts, sweatshirts, shirts on them depending on the style you choose to recreate.

What matters is to get the down side right. The upper part will most likely be in line with the lower side. Yeezys are expensive and you just have to buy them because they are really classy. So, which style are you gonna recreate among these?


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