Can you wear bubble shoes to the club

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Bubble shoes are not allowed in the club, so, you cannot wear bubble shoes to the club. But, there are some clubs that do not really care about what you wear on your feet, in such clubs, you can wear bubble shoes there.

In standard clubs, the dress code policy does not allow bubble shoes. You are likely to be turned away from those clubs if you wear bubble shoes.

To be on the safe side, avoid wearing bubble shoes to the club. Before you think about what to wear to a club, find out about the dress code policy of that club so that you won’t face embarrassment due to the wrong dress code. 

Why Do Clubs Not Allow Bubble Shoes?

This is a good question to ask and I’m going to tell you why. While most clubs just make it a policy, they are suspicious of the shady behaviours of people. Here are some reasons. 

  • Management Purposes 
  • Policy of Decency 
  • Drug Dealing 

Management Purposes

In every organization, there is a structure that guides how that organization should run. And, everyone that is there is expected to act according to the structure and plan of that organization.

This is the same thing in a club. The management of the club have set standards on how everything should go on in the club and they will turn you back if your dressing does not align with the standard and structure of the place. 

People who started the club had certain people in mind, they decided how everyone should look in order to make the place look like what they want it to look like. And, if you want to be a part of that organization, you have to follow the structure already laid down.

The management in some clubs do not really have such structure in place and you can wear bubble shoes there without any issue.

The doormen do not act on their own volition, they act according to the order given them by the management. 

Policy of Decency

Most clubs will turn you away if you wear bubble shoes because you have violated their policy of dressing decently to the club.

Whilst some clubs do not specify the kinds of shoes that are counted indecent, they think bubble shoes are against their policy.

So, you are simply breaking a rule when you decide to wear bubble shoes to the club. You should endeavour to check the dress policy before you dress to that club.

In most clubs, there is a specified type of shoes and clothings that shouldn’t be worn there in their dress code. Bubble shoes may not be mentioned, but they fall into a category of the kind of shoes you shouldn’t wear to the club.

So, if you do not want to break a company’s policy, do not try to wear bubble shoes to the club.

Every establishment has policy to guide the affairs of how everything runs. If you must be there, you should be ready to obey the policy of that place. 

Drug Dealing

Now, here is the underlining reason behind the policy of no bubble shoes in the club. It is believed that people can hide drugs in the shoes and sneak it into the club.

So, clubs want to avoid the possibility of drug dealing by advising people not to wear bubble shoes to the club.

People are witty and can do anything just to get what they want. It is possible to have drugs hid in the free space of the shoes and have them taken into the club. 

Aside from the drug dealing possibility, most clubs management see people in such shoes as trouble makers. If you do not want to have such stigma on you, then you should try to stick to the club’s policy.

Wearing bubble shoes to the club is going against the rule, and if you can break one simple rule, you are likely to be a trouble maker.

That is how they view such people and they will keep sending you away unless it is a club that does not really care.

If you do not want the club management to see you as a drug dealer or a troublemaker, then you should avoid wearing bubble shoes to a club where it is prohibited. 

What Can You Wear In Replacement Of Bubble Shoes To Clubs?

Now that you can’t wear your favorite bubble shoe to the club, you might be wondering what else to wear instead. It is recommended that you wear smart shoes to the club.

You can wear dress shoes or shoes that look smart on you to the club and you won’t be turned away. Here are some suggestions:

Sketchers Charlin Sneakers

Can you wear bubble shoes to the club

Smart shoes like this very Sketchers are very suitable for the club. With this, your comfort in the club is guaranteed.

This shoe is made of rubber sole which is exactly the kind of sole you need in the club.

It is lightweight and that means that you can wear it all night clubbing without having your shoes wear you down.

The shoe also has cushioning which aids in providing comfort for the foot. The shoe is breathable as well. 

Another good feature about this shoe is the moisture-wicking feature. It dries out water or sweat quickly.

So, even if you are dancing with throngs of people and you are sweating, you will likely not notice the sweat when you settle down because it will dry up quickly because of this shoe. It is affordable as you can get it between $47 to $117. 

Buy this shoe here

Steve Madden Fashion Sneaker

Can you wear bubble shoes to the club

This is a typical kind of shoe they expect you to wear to the club. Dress shoes such as Steve Madden’s are really decent footwear to wear to the club. You really do have to thank me for choosing this great style for you.

This shoe is made to have rubber sole and it is made of textile materials. It is really classy and comfortable to wear. You can decide to buy this shoe just for clubbing.

Although, you can use this shoe to anywhere. It’s best for work and it is decent for club. 

Another reason you should get this shoe for clubbing is that it is very affordable. If you are going to buy this for club alone, you may not want to spend so much on it.

You can get it for between $26 to $65. That’s quite cheap for a classy pair of shoes. 

Buy this shoe here

Lugz Clipper Sneakers

Can you wear bubble shoes to the club

Here is another cool replacement for bubble shoes. You can wear this Lugz shoes and gain instant pass to the club. Bubble shoes are classy, that is why I have chosen classy shoes here for you as alternatives.

This shoe also has a rubber sole and it is made in a pull-on closure type where you can easily wear it and pull it off. The insole has a cushioned footbed for comfort.

The shoe also has a breathable lining where you will hardly feel heat on your foot. Talking of fashion, this shoe is fashionable and stylish. 

This is another kind of shoe you should buy and set aside for clubbing only. It is also very affordable as well. It is sold for just $26.

So, rather than wearing shoes that will have you likely turned away, get this sneaker and look fashionable to the club. 

Buy this shoe here

Vans Ward Canvas

Can you wear bubble shoes to the club

Here is another cool shoe you should wear to the club in place of bubble shoes. You will likely miss your bubble shoes, but it’s just for a few hours. Besides, this very canvas is very stylish and you may want to get it only for the club.

It is made to have a rubber sole, just what you need for the club. The outer part is made of canvas material. The toe style is a round toe and the collar is padded for extra comfort.

The insole is cushioned for more comfort. At the end of the day, you may likely not remember your bubble shoes again when you begin to wear this to the club. 

It is also affordable. You can get it for $70. You can style this with any clothes you were supposed to wear with your bubble shoes to the club. 

Buy this vans shoe here


All of these shoes can be styled with just the same clothing you should have styled with bubble shoes.

I advise that you buy any of these shoes just for clubbing and then use your bubble shoes for every other event.

When you wear any of these shoes, you will not be turned away from any club because they match the decency policy of the club’s dress code.

One good thing about these shoes is that they are all affordable to buy. You can afford to buy them immediately even without planning to. 


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