Can you wear flats to a club

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Many clubs have very strict rules concerning the outfit you wear to their clubs.

And while some clubs may not pay much attention to what you show up in except you show up in your nighties, many high-end clubs are very strict with their dress codes.

Flats are among the choice of footwear that is banned from many clubs. However, flats are of different types and if you’re wondering if yours will be allowed in clubs, we will get to that in this article.

Yes, you can wear flats to the club, but it’ll depend on the type of flats and the type of clubs you’ll be attending.

Generally, clubs are against open-toe footwear, so many will not allow you in in your flat sandals or slides.

Also, many clubs prefer heels or boots on ladies and may frown upon flat shoes. However, there’re many options for flats that may be allowed as long as they’re closed-toe designs.

What Flats Can You Wear to a Club?

Can you wear flats to a club

Flats are types of footwear with very low and flat heels. They’re characterized by being very comfortable and cool for long hours of fun.

Unfortunately, not all flats are allowed in clubs and I will be discussing the type of flats that you can wear to the clubs to avoid being flagged by the bouncer.

They range from loafers, oxfords, moccasins, ballet flats, D’Orsay flats e.t.c. They’re super cool and a safe bet for many of your club outfits.

Ballet Flat

Can you wear flats to a club

Ballet flats, also called ballerina flats, are among the most popular kinds of flats for ladies. They feature very flat heels and closed toes which expose the forefoot.

They were Inspired by the ballet flat shoes which originated in the 18th century. This design is a practical choice for many ladies to style with any of their outfits, from formal to casual.

Originally, ballet flats were made with satin to allow for complete flexibility for dancers, but now these shoes are designed with different materials for ease of everyday use.

The materials include leather, fabric, mesh, and knit materials for the upper and a rubber outsole. They’re super comfortable with cool insoles for cushioning if you get the right size.

Also, these shoes are stylish, designed with round, square or pointed toes. They can easily match many of your chic clothes for clubbing including short gowns, trousers, and short skirts.

For clubs that will allow flats, ballet flats are a cool choice. However, you may avoid tight dancing areas to prevent your feet from being squashed as some parts of your foot are exposed.

D’Orsay  Flat

Can I Wear flats to a club

D’Orsay flats are another cool and popular kind of shoe ladies style for parties, clubs, and the office. These flats have no vamp as the sides are cut off to expose the arch of the foot.

In addition, these flattering shoes are made with leather, fabric, and knit uppers. They can match many kinds of outfits including trousers, dresses, and skirts. 

Also, they’re super comfortable, exposing the sides of the foot appealingly. They’re a nice bet for clubs that permit flats.

However, you should be careful because the exposed part of your foot is at risk of getting squashed while dancing.


Can I Wear flats to a club

Loafer shoes are a very popular style for men and women. They’re low-cut designs, having no laces. They share a similar structure with moccasins but have broad and flat low heels.

These shoes are constructed in many ways. Some have side elastic panels for a snug fit and some cover the forefoot completely. Generally, they’re made with leather and suede.

Loafers are versatile shoes. They’re suitable for formal or casual occasions and are very stylish for men to wear to the club. They can be styled with or without socks. 

To style without socks, pants with fitted ankles are the best choice. Fitted Jeans, chinos, and dress pants with tapered ankles will match well. 

No club will deny you entrance with these flats as long as you pair them with the right outfit. They’re one of the most suitable shoes to wear to the clubs for men. 


Can I Wear flats to a club

Moccasins are another type of flats that are suitable footwear for men for clubbing. They’re also stylish moccasins for women too. 

They’re similar to loafers but have soles without heels and are designed with leather, suede, or deer skin uppers that are stitched together at the toe.

Also, they may be designed with laces, beads, and other embroideries. These shoes are super comfortable and often provide a snug fit. They’re versatile shoes for formal or casual events.

Moccasins are easy to style with any suitable bottoms and tops for clubbing. They offer a laid-back and stylish appearance. Men can also style them, with or without socks.


Can I Wear flats to the club

Oxfords are another type of flats that are very suitable for clubbing. They’re traditional British dress shoes and are a very popular choice for men for the office or parties.

Oxfords have a closed lacing system and are made with different materials including leather, suede, oxford, and canvas and are available in mostly black and brown colors.

However, many manufacturers are designing these shoes to be more stylish including offering more colors and designs to improve the plain appearance.

They’re comfortable shoes for any occasion, easy to pair with many outfits, and one of the best bets for men to wear to the clubs


Can I Wear flats to a club

Although sneakers are not allowed in some clubs, some clubs may permit those that are stylish and comfortable.

Sneakers are very comfortable and made with different materials including canvas, mesh, leather, and suede.

Also, they’re available in different colors and designs for men and women of all ages and classes. Therefore, they’re easy to style with jeans, dresses, skirts, dress pants, chinos, and many smart casual attire.

Athletic sneakers are frowned upon by many clubs. However, many are chic and comfortable for partying including Converse, Vans, Nike, and some other sports shoes. 

However, when styling athletic sneakers for the clubs, they shouldn’t be those meant exclusively for sports and they shouldn’t be flashy. Keep it low.

Other stylish flats can be accepted in clubs, especially for men. These include brogues, monks, and boat shoes. You can style them with your smart club outfit for a night of fun.

What to Consider Before Wearing Flats to a Club

As earlier stated, not all flats should be worn to the club and not all clubs will allow you in with flats. So, there are some factors to consider before styling your clubbing outfit with flats. 

Therefore, you have to check out the club, your wardrobe and the kind of flats you’ll be wearing. Let’s explore this further below.

What Are the Club rules?

Before you dress in your flats for the clubs, you’ve to check for the club’s rules to know their dress codes. Many high-end clubs will not allow ladies to dress in flats to the club.

Many clubs will want the ladies to dress in heels and boots with a very cute outfit and, so as a lady you should check out these rules before dressing up in flats.

For men, flat shoes are technically their style. So while a club won’t let a lady wearing ballerina flat in, men on loafers or oxfords will be let in because that’s the ideal shoe for men.

The Style of Flats

Another thing to consider is the style of flats you wish to wear. For clubs that will allow flats, some styles of flats are a big NO.

No club will permit anyone in slides or backless footwear. Sandals or any flats with open toes should be avoided not only because of the club rules but because of your safety too.

While dancing or moving up and down in the club, people with stiletto heels or shoes with hard soles can step on your feet and when your feet are not well covered, it can lead to great harm.

So, many clubs don’t permit such types of flats for safety reasons. Therefore, choosing the right type of flats is important to gain you entrance, and also to protect your feet.

Your Wardrobe

You should also consider what you’ll be styling your flats with to the clubs. Even though you find a club that allows flats, you can still be sent back for the kind of outfit you’re putting on.

Clothes that are too casual are not cool for the club. You may be able to gain entrance, but you wouldn’t want to stand out as underdressed.

So, style your flats with the right smart casual and party outfits. Streetwear is also not allowed by some clubs.


You can wear flats to the clubs. But it all depends on the club’s dress code, the style of flats and your outfit generally. 

Flats are very comfortable shoes and are stylish enough for the club. However, for your safety wear flats with a closed-in design or closed toes to avoid hurting your feet.

In addition, always pair your flats with the right outfit to appear smart, and beautiful and be able to fit into a club setting.


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