Can You wear vans to Miller and Carter

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No, you can’t. Vans shoes are worn for both fashion and sport. It is originally designed for skateboarders.

Though Vans can be suitable for casual meetings, when it comes to Miller and Carter it might not be suitable as it can be a breach of their dress code. 

Why is Vans Inappropriate for Mills and Carter?

Can You wear vans to Miller and Carter

Miller and Carter is a place where people celebrate a special occasion. It is an amazing steakhouse where the best steak is served and the dress code is taken seriously. 

To this effect, people are expected to dress smartly and casually when going there. Though Vans is a casual shoe used for both skating and fashion, it is not allowed at Miller and Carter.

This is because Miller and Carter requested that no sportwear should be worn when visiting the place.

According to Bristolive news, Miller and Carter had once turned away two men because of their outfits.

The men came to celebrate with their friend who bought a new car but were not allowed in because their dress did not meet Miller and Carter’s dress code.

No tracksuits, hoodies, or any kind of sportswear is permitted and Vans being a sportswear may not be allowed too. 

What then Can You Wear to Miller and Carter?

Since you are not allowed to put on sportswear and any other outfit that isn’t smart-casual, below are outfits that you can wear to Miller and Carter.

A buttoned-down shirt paired with a matching jacket and trousers and a nice dress shoe. 

Can you wear vans to Miller and Carter

This outfit would be perfect to wear to a fancy dinner at Miller and Carter. It is also a business outfit and it gives you a sophisticated look. 

You can choose to button the jacket or leave it open, either way still looks decent.

You must always tuck in your shirt, especially when wearing a jacket, this will not only give you a decent look but also shows how classy you are.

This outfit would give you the elegant look that is expected when going to Miller and Cater. For a more cool look, you can finish it off with a tie. 

A short sleeve T-shirt with black trousers and shoes

Can You Wear Vans to Miller And Carter

This outfit is simple and also casual. It is a typical smart-casual outfit.

You may not even need to tuck the shirt into your trouser. For a casual look, leave your shirt out, and for a smart look pair it with a nice shoe. 

This outfit is not too dressy nor too casual, it is simple and smart. What if you don’t feel like putting on something too formal like the first outfit, and you need something nice and comfortable. 

Then, you should own a short sleeve shirt so you can put on this outfit as it would make you feel very comfortable while keeping to the dress code of Miller and Carter. You can finish it up by wearing a nice-looking wristwatch.

A buttoned-down tucked shirt with black shoes

Can You Wear Vans to Miller And Carter

This outfit is also simple and smart.

 It is just a simple long sleeve shirt which you would need to tuck into your trouser. You can as well roll up the sleeve a little to make it look more casual. 

Never wear this outfit without a belt, even if you don’t need it to keep your pants up. The buckle of the belt should sit at the center of your waist and pull out your shirt a bit just in case you’ll need to bend or turn. 

For a more casual look, you can pair it with nice shoes and finish it off with sunglasses (optional).

Turtle neck with blazer, black trousers + pointed heels

Can You Wear Vans to Miller And Carter

This outfit doesn’t look too casual or too dressy. It is elegant and also very comfortable.

It’s simple but at the same time shows that you’re a high-class lady. You can roll it up a little if you like. This outfit is classy and chic, it adds a sophisticated flair to your wardrobe.

It is smart-casual wear as it can serve to be worn in both a formal and informal setting. This makes it a suitable outfit to be worn to Miller and Carter. You can finish this outfit with a nice handbag. 

A buttoned-down shirt with a blazer and heels

Can You Wear Vans to Miller And Carter

This outfit will make you look classy and sophisticated. 

This was the outfit I wore on my first day at Miller and Carter. The weather was a bit hot, so I didn’t really put on my blazer. 

It is the perfect smart-casual outfit for a lady. It can serve as formal wear and can still be worn casual.

A blazer and a skirt are an amazing combination, all you just need to do is pick the right colors. For a smart and classy look, it is expected that you always tuck in your shirt. You can finish this outfit with a nice handbag.

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Limsea men’s oxford dress shoe


Schutz women’s pointed heels

Can you wear vans to Miller and carter

Steve Madden heeled sandal

Can you wear vans to Miller and Carter

Buttoned down Pinpoint dress shirt

Can you wear vans to Miller and Carter

Floerns long sleeve turtleneck

Can You wear vans to Miller and Carter

Roskiki loose blazer jacket

Can You wear vans to Miller and Carter

Hagger vent suit jacket

Can You wear vans to Miller and carter

Wdirara mini workwear skirt

Can You wear vans to Miller and Carter

Is Miller and Carter Posh?

Absolutely! Miller and Carter are posh in so many ways. Miller and Carter is an elegant place to be, especially if you love a classy place. 

This steakhouse is both classy and fashionable, it is a place that shows a luxurious and grand lifestyle. Miller and Carter is a place for high-class people as it depicts elegance and a fashionable lifestyle.

Every single thing about Miller and Carter is posh. From the food to the service to the dress code and even the atmosphere.

The atmosphere at Miller and Carter is so lovely; it is calm and relaxing. The food served there is delicious; trust me when I say you’ll come back for more.

The waiters and waitresses pay good attention to customers and their needs. Customers are treated nicely with respect and care.

At Miller and Carter, customers are usually served lettuce a few minutes before the arrival of the steak. As for the steak, it is amazing I’m sure you’ll love it.

Miller and Carter are posh, and it is a place I would love to be again. You’ll be glad and confident that you’re in the right place. It is a nice place to celebrate with friends and family. 

Important Things to Note Before Heading Out to Miller and Carter

Can You wear vans to Miller and Carter

As you know already Miller and Carter is not just any place you can go to. You must be conscious of some things to avoid having an embarrassing scenario. 

Here are a few things you should note before you head out to Miller and Carter.

Booking a table

Before going to Miller and Carter, you have to book a table. You can make a reservation online or you can simply give them a call.

You can book some months in advance of when you want to dine. If it’s a same-day booking, you can reserve a table for yourself before 10:30 am and by 4 pm. 

All you need to do is to go to the “Book a table” page, search for any of Miller and Carter’s restaurants, and book. You would receive a confirmation email afterward.

For bigger reservations, you might need to call the steakhouse, the phone number is on the home and find us page.

Dress code

At Miller and Carter, people dress up to celebrate different special occasions and as such, the dress code of Miller and Carter is smart-casual.

As soon as you’ve decided that you want to come to the restaurant, after booking your table the next thing you should consider is what to wear. 

Your outfit to Miller and Carter is as important as booking a table. Records have shown that people who don’t dress according to Miller and Carter’s dress code are usually asked to leave the restaurant. 

When coming to Miller and Carter you’re expected to dress in a smart-casual way. Also, any form of sportswear or sleeveless T-shirt is not allowed too as it is against their dress code.

No cigarettes

Cigarettes are not allowed within the premises of Miller and Carter. Though the fumes may not be harmful everyone can understand this and it may lead to confusion. 

To prevent confusion and unnecessary assumptions, it is requested that guests shouldn’t use cigarettes when they’re at Miller and Carter.

Opening and closing hours

Before going to Miller and Carter, you must know their opening and closing hour so as not to go at the wrong time. The official opening time for Miller and Carter is 12 pm while the closing hour is 11 pm.


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