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The answer is that you can but you shouldn’t. Yes, you can wear Vans or any other sneakers to ride a motorcycle, but it is not the best option of footwear to use on a motorcycle. 

The required footwear for a motorcycle is the motorcycle boots. There are a variety of motorcycle boots that are available for you to use when riding your motorcycle.

In addition to the motorcycle boots, you are to ensure that you wear your full riding gear in order to avoid major injuries in the case of accidents. 

If you still insist on wearing Vans for riding on a motorcycle, then that’s on you. I am going to share why you should use Vans and why you shouldn’t use Vans on a motorcycle. 

What Makes Vans Suitable For Motorcycle Riding?


If this is the reason why you want to use Vans for riding on a motorcycle, then you are cool on that.

Vans are fashionable skateboarding sneakers and they can be used as regular shoes

A lot of people may not want to trade their flashy and fashionable look for anything. Not even a motorcycle riding experience. If you love fashion, Vans is here for you.

The main reason why sneakers are not recommended for motorcycle riding is because of safety. But, there are people who are willing to forfeit safety for fashion. 

Vans are suitable in this case for motorcycle riding if you are in a riding fashion contest and you want to look your best. Vans can serve you better. 

Besides, if you are familiar with using Vans for other sports, then you may have no reason to fear using Vans in this case. The fashion reason overruled every other. 

If you are a lover of Vans sneakers and you can’t stand stepping out or doing any other thing without wearing your Vans, this is when you can go ahead to use Vans for riding. 

If You’re Using The Sk8-Hi 

The major thing you need in motorcycle shoes or boots is ankle protection. If you get the Sk8 hi type of Vans sneakers for your motorcycle riding, that will serve you well. 

The Sk8 Hi Vans are fashionable and the shaft level is high enough to cover the ankle. So you are guaranteed ankle protection while riding your motorcycle with Vans. 

This is the only model of Vans that I can advise that you use for riding on a motorcycle. Apart from this, you are on your own when it comes to safety. 

Also ensure that you get the Sk8 hi Vans that have a better traction and grip so that you can enjoy riding your motorcycle comfortably without slipping off. 

With the Sk8-Hi model of Vans, you are not only being safe, you are taking care to be fashionable. Ensure that you get the fashionable and cute ones. 

This is practically the most acceptable reason you should even consider wearing Vans for motorcycle riding, every other reason can easily be debunked. 


If your goal is to have fun while riding, then Vans sneakers are suitable for that. It is basically young people that will want to use Vans for riding on a motorcycle and that’s okay.

Most young people are after having fun in whatever they do. And so, even when sneakers are not the most appropriate for bike riding, it is fun for them to do exactly that. 

You can stay safe while trying to have fun riding by using Vans. Ensure that you refer back to number 2 to ascertain the right kind of Vans to use. 

Nobody is stopping you from having fun which is why I recommend Vans for that. With Vans, you can afford to have the fun you desire while riding on your motorcycle. 

But, I will warn that you know when to get a motorcycle boot and use it for your riding. You should know when to forfeit fun and go for safety. 

You might want to ride a short distance or just around your house. If that’s what you want to do, then Vans is very suitable for that. 

If fun to you is riding with friends around the neighborhood, you can use Vans for that. Anything that will take you farther is no more fun. 

Why You Should Not Wear Vans For Motorcycle Riding

Can You Wear Vans On A Motorcycle

Talking of appropriateness, you shouldn’t be using Vans in the first place to ride on motorcycles. Here are the reasons why you shouldn’t ride on your motorcycle with Vans. 

There Is No Ankle Protection

Apart from the Sk8-Hi model of Vans that I have recommended, Vans generally cannot provide ankle protection and your legs are at a higher risk of damage. 

Even the Sk8-Hi Vans does not provide full ankle protection and that’s not a chance you would want to take. So, for your safety, don’t use Vans. 

Those who are involved in an accident have a higher chance of not walking again if they use Vans or any other sneakers, compared to those who wear motorcycle boots. 

Vans Are Too Soft

If you are already a user of Vans, you will agree with me that Vans are way too soft to be associated with motorcycles. You shouldn’t try using it. 

When you use motorcycle boots, the sturdiness of the boots helps in the firm grip of the motorcycle. But with Vans, your feet are literally what is riding the bike. 

As a result of that, your feet may sustain injuries or blisters just by riding, even when there’s no accident. This is why you shouldn’t use Vans on motorcycles. 

The laces of the Vans

Most Vans sneakers are made with laces and that can prove very dangerous when you decide to use them and ride on a motorcycle. 

The lace of the Vans can accidentally tangle with the parts of your bike and that can cause an accident.

This is a possibility and you can avoid it by avoiding the use of Vans on your bike. 

So, if you go ahead to use Vans for riding on your motorcycle, you are deliberately going against safety rules. Choose safety by choosing not to use Vans and ride on a motorcycle. 

No Good Traction And Grip

Good grip and traction are part of the major features required for motorcycle boots. Vans cannot boast of providing that for motorcycle riding. 

Without good grip on the motorcycle, there is every tendency to not ride comfortably, especially if you are just starting out as a motorcycle rider. This is why you shouldn’t try using Vans. 

Let me not forget to mention that this alone causes an accident, because you are not comfortable riding and your Vans sneakers are serving as a distraction to you.  

Vans Are Not Waterproof

This is another reason why motorcycle boots are highly recommended for riding. When you use Vans, you are not guaranteed dry feet when rain meets you on the way. 

When water eventually gets through your feet, you are gonna begin to slip on the bike and that’s not something you would want to experience because you can lose focus at that spot. 

Slipping on your motorcycle because of slippery shoes can cause accidents and serious injuries. You should be wary of this and desist from using Vans on your motorcycle.

No Stability

Vans cannot offer stability on bikes. Vans are primarily made for skateboarding and that is where they can efficiently function. They are not made for a motorcycle. 

And so, when you begin to use Vans for riding on a motorcycle, you might easily fly off the back at any hitch or clash. You stand at a risk of flying off when you hit an obstacle on the road. 

I am sure that you won’t want to face that, especially if you’re riding alone. This is why you shouldn’t even think of using Vans to ride on a motorcycle. Stay safe please. 

What Does Wearing Vans Say About You?

People like to assume things about people by what they wear. So, what do people really think about those who wear Vans? You are about to find out. 

One, wearing Vans pass you off as a skateboarder or one who has interest in skateboarding.

This is the first thing that people will think about you when they see you in Vans. 

It also shows that you have interest in sports, whatever sports it is. You might not be an athlete, but you love sports and that’s enough to think of when you’re spotted with Vans. 

You might have family and friends who are athletes or skateboarders and you’re consciously or subconsciously interested in Vans as a result of that. 

Also, wearing Vans shows that you just want to appear casual at that moment. It might say how casual you feel at that particular moment and how you just want to appear so. 


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