Can You Wear Vans to a Bar

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Whatever you wear to the bar or club, should always be in line with their dress codes, so that you don’t get noticed by the bouncer.

Bars generally don’t require you to be too dressy; informal and casual clothes can be worn. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t seek to be fashionable.

And that means you should style your outfit with the right footwear. The shoes you wear should be comfortable enough to let you have fun, grab a few drinks and dance the night away.

So, what shoes are good for a bar? Can you wear Vans to a bar? I will be getting into that next, so keep reading.

Can You Wear Vans to a Bar?

Yes, you can wear Vans to a bar. Vans are among the most comfortable footwear to wear to a bar. They’ve flat heels and soles with good grips.

They’re well closed-in and will keep your feet well protected. Also, they’re stylish enough to fit into any bar. 

In addition, Vans are versatile and can fit many of your attire.  Whether you want to dress up or down, Vans sneakers will serve you well.

6 Cool Vans to Wear to the Bar

VansUnique FeaturesReview
Vans old skoolThey’ve got a minimalist design4.6
Vans Slip-onThey’ve got a slip-on design4.3
Vans Sk8-HiThey’re high-top sneakers4.7
Vans AuthenticThey’re styled with laces for closure4.5
Vans EraThe collars, heels, and tongues are well-padded3.8
Vans Comfycush EraThey’re built with comfy cush insoles4.5

Vans Old Skool Shoes

Can you wear Vans to a club

The Vans old skool shoes are comfortable, and not only suitable for skating, but also suitable to wear casually. And with their minimalist design, they’re the choice for many activities.

These shoes have several design elements that take the plain canvas shoe to a more sophisticated and classy design, making them cool for the bar.

Whether you’re dressing for an upscale bar or a casual bar, these Vans shoes will improve your look and add more elegance.

In addition, these shoes are built to provide the best comfort for a long period. From the upper to the sole, the materials are skin friendly with good quality.

There are different models of the Vans old skool. However, their outsoles are sturdy and grippy, with good shock absorption. Also, the sock liners will provide good cushioning for the feet.

In addition, the different designs are easy to match with jeans, dress pants, chinos, shorts, dresses, and any of your casual outfits. The Vans old skool is a cool choice for the bar.

Vans Slip on 

Can You Wear Vans to a Bar

The Vans Slip-ons haave no laces for easy wearing and taking off. They’re built with endless features that make them comfortable and fashionable.

The Slip-on shoes have a sporty as well as a stylish appearance. You can style them with your casual clothes for a better appearance at the bar.

This Vans shoe has a combination of canvas and suede materials for its uppers and for a more sturdy build. Also, they provide a nice fitting for the feet so you don’t have to worry about long hours at the bar.

The slip-on shoes have extra paddings at the heel and ankle to make it easy to slip on without itching or bruising the skin.

In addition, the insoles provide good shock absorption and cushioning for the feet, so even while dancing you’re sure of comfort.

Furthermore, this shoe comes in different models that provide a good level of comfort; from the slip-on pro to the slip-on lite. Also, the different stylish designs are cool for the bar

The Vans Slip-ons are designed with the Vans waffle pattern outsole to ensure a good grip on any surface. These shoes are a nice choice to style with your bar outfit.

Vans Sk8-Hi

Can You Wear Vans to a Bar

The Vans Sk8-Hi are versatile shoes that are cool for skateboarding and also for a more stylish appearance at parties and bars.

This pair of shoes is a nice choice for the winter because of the high-top design. This ensures that your feet and ankle are well protected from the cold.

Also, the high-top design makes these shoes a nice match for skinny jeans and short gowns. However, you can also pair them with your chinos, shorts, joggers, or pants with slim-fit ankles.

The Vans Sk8-Hi has features that provide optimum comfort even for long hours. The collars have enough padding for added cushioning and support to the feet. Also, the outsole has superb traction with its waffle pattern.

The sock liners are soft and the insoles are firm for enough shock absorption. The laces for closure ensure that your feet are locked in with a snug feel. So you can dance with ease.

Also, the toe caps are well reinforced to ensure your toes are well protected. This shoe is a  cool choice for the bar as they combine comfort, style, and function.

Vans Authentic  

Can You Wear Vans to a Bar

The Vans Authentic is another of Vans’ cool models that can take you from skating to a night of partying and dancing.

The Authentics are obtainable in different colors and designs, easy to style, with features that ensure you get the best of comfort all through.

Their features vary but all provide a good level of comfort that is suitable to wear and relax in a bar.

To style this shoe to the bar comes as easy as it gets. The low-profile design can pair with any of your outfits; from pairing with shorts or throwing on a jacket, you’re sure of a dope look with these shoes.

The Vans Authentic shoes are designed with a canvas upper that’s skin-friendly. The laces allow for a convenient and secure closure for the feet.

Also, the gum rubber outsole with a waffle pattern provides good traction on any surface.  The Vans Authentics are nice shoes for the bar, as they’re fashionable and comfortable.

Vans Era 

Can You Wear Vans to a Bar

Vans Era is another beautiful design from Vans that has many sneakerheads falling in love with them. They are cool and beautiful to wear to the bar.

This Vans model comes in different editions with each offering a great level of comfort. The low-top design makes this sneaker good enough to wear with your bar outfit.

They’re good enough for a casual or smart casual outfit. You can easily pair them with jeans or shorts, skirts or gowns, and be stylish enough for the bar.

In addition, these shoes have enough comfort features built into them. The ankle, heel, and tongue are well-padded for extra comfort.

Also, the insoles are very supportive with enough shock-absorbing properties. The laces ensure the feet are locked in place so you can dance in confidence.

These shoes are a nice choice for the bar, with the signature waffle pattern outsole that provides quality traction on any surface. 

Vans Comfycush Era 

Can You Wear Vans to a Bar

The Vans Comfycush Era is a classic shoe that’s suitable to wear to the bar. This low-profile shoe offers a nice fitting that will keep you comfortable all day.

The Comfycush Era has a few modifications from the original Vans Era. These shoes have a more minimalist design that keeps customers in love with them. 

Also, the insoles are a new Comfycush technology that offers more cushioning and reduced weight. Thus making these shoes lighter in weight than the original version. 

This will bring more comfort, especially for long hours of dancing or relaxing. Also, there are enough paddings at the heel and tongue for extra comfort.

In addition, the laces offer an adjustable and convenient fitting for these shoes which ensures your feet are well locked in. Also, the waffle pattern on the gum rubber sole makes them more grippy.

The Vans Comfycush Era is a classic shoe that can be styled with any of your bar outfits; from jeans, chinos, dress pants, shorts, skirts, or dresses. They’ll surely keep you attractive.

7 Trendy and Casual Outfits to Style With Your Vans to the Bar

To look attractive with your outfit at the bar won’t be difficult with the Vans sneakers. These versatile shoes will fit perfectly with any outfit. Below are some outfit ideas to style with your Vans to the club.

Vans With a Dress

Can you wear vans to a bar

A dress is a cute way to show up in a bar. This choice of outfit offers you the option of either dressing up or dressing down depending on the type of bar.

The Vans shoes paired with a cute dress will keep your appearance smart and stylish. There are several ways to style this outfit to appear chic.

Your dress can come in any cut; a straight or flay cut. Also, depending on the weather, you can opt for a sleeveless gown or one with long sleeves.

A knee-length gown with a slit up to the thighs can also keep you looking attractive. In addition, you can up your appearance with accessories like wristwatches, dark shades, or any of your choice.

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Vans With Short Skirt and Crop Top

Can You Wear Vans to a Bar

Another cool way to dress for a bar is styling your Vans with a short skirt and crop top. For the ladies, this is a cool way to show the skin and still keep it simple and not appear overdressed.

A short skirt does a good job of showing the legs and adding to your confidence. And if you’re not afraid of showing more skin, a crop top is a cute way to pair with your skirt.

Completing this outfit with the Vans sneakers speaks more for your style, adding a more relaxed feel to it. This outfit offers a laid-back appearance with a classy feel

The Vans high-top or low-top sneakers will match whatever choice of skirt you choose; a flay or straight cut. This is definitely a cool way to look attractive in the bar.

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Vans With Cargo Pant and Jacket

Can You Wear Vans to a Bar

Cargo pants have become a casual and party staple. These pants have become more stylish with relaxed and slim cuts and can be styled for parties or a bar.

Pairing your cargo pants with a cute jacket is a cool choice of outfit for the winter. And completing your look with the Vans high-top or low-top sneakers does a good job of adding style to your look.

Also, this is an all-season outfit, as you can put on a jacket for a cool evening at the bar. You can style this outfit in many ways.

The color of your jacket can contrast that of your pants.  Then, choosing a pair of Vans that match either the jacket or the pants is a cool way to kill this look.

Your Cargo pants should have tapered or cuffed ankles for a more stylish appearance with your Vans high-top sneakers. Also, choose a nice plain shirt before completing the look with your jacket.

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Vans With Denim Shorts and Tee Shirt

Can You Wear Vans to a Bar

Bars are a nice place to style your cool shorts and Tee shirts. And the Vans shoes will add more beauty to your appearance.

This style of outfit is cool for all-season. You can choose to pair this outfit with the Vans high-top or low-top sneakers as they’ll fit adequately.

Also, you can style your Vans low-top sneakers with or without socks. You can complete your look with accessories like wristwatches or a pair of dark shades. 

Styling your Vans sneakers with denim shorts and a Tee shirt will fit you in a bar appropriately.

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Vans With Jeans and Tee Shirt

Can You Wear Vans to a Bar

Jeans are a natural choice of outfit for the bar and pairing this bottom with a cute shirt and the Vans sneakers is a cool way to look simple and attractive.

This choice of outfit is good for winter or summer. You can style this outfit in different ways to look attractive in the bar.

You can opt for relaxed, slim, or skinny-fit jeans to pair with your Vans sneakers. When styling with the Vans high-top sneaker, skinny-fit jeans will fit more appropriately.

Also, you can choose a relaxed fit but ensure to keep the ankles tapered to highlight your Vans high-top sneakers as they should be.

In addition, you can choose between a dark and lighter wash for your jeans. You can also choose between a relaxed or body hug shirt. 

Whatever way you choose to combine this outfit, the Vans sneakers will add more style to your appearance.

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Vans With Shorts and Patterned Tee Shirt

Can You Wear Vans to a Bar

Another cool way to dress for the bar is with shorts and a patterned Tee. This choice of outfit offers a laid-back and relaxed feel that will blend in appropriately with a bar environment.

Styling this combination with the Vans sneakers is a cool way to improve your appearance and keep you in touch with the bar vibes.

This is a cool way to dress in the summer; a patterned Tee will definitely add color to your look.

This outfit can match the Vans high-top or low-top sneakers for a classy appearance.

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Vans With Denim on Denim

Can You Wear Vans to a Bar

Another cool way to look stylish at a bar is pairing your Vans with denim on denim. This combination will draw looks of admiration from people.

You can style this outfit by either choosing a pair of jean pants or shorts and then throwing a nice pair of jean shirt on top.

Also, you have the option of choosing between a dark wash or lighter wash for your jeans or between black or blue jeans. However, it will be nice to choose the same wash for both the top and bottom.

Whatever style you choose, the Vans sneaker will pair well with it and help add more beauty to your look.

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You can wear Vans to the bar. They’re one of the most suitable and comfortable footwear you can style with your outfit to the bar.

These sneakers are versatile, having a sporty and casual look that will look good on any outfit. 

In addition, there are multiple models of these shoes with different designs and colors. This offers a large collection to choose from; from high-tops to low-tops.

Also, they’re very comfortable, having several features and technologies that offer a nice fitting and durable build. They’re one of the best bets for the bar.


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