Cheaney Vs Church’s

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The major difference between the shoes is that some of Cheaney’s shoes are made of rubber soles while others are made of a leather sole.

On the other hand, Church’s shoes are made of leather sole. The Cheaney shoe has a shorter period of break-in.

Cheaney Vs Church’s

Meanwhile, the Church’s shoe has a longer break-in period for it to get fully comfortable. 

One similar feature of both shoes is that they are produced using the Goodyear welt construction and are handmade shoes.

Let’s take a closer look at them.

The First Glance At Each 

Here, we are going to take a look at the features of these shoes and what they are all about.

Looking at these shoes which I’ve had for some time, I can share some details of each of them. 

In this article, we would take a look at Cheaney’s shoes first.

Cheaney Shoes Review

  • Goodyear welt
  • Fuller leather lining
  • Leather and rubber sole
  • Leather insole

I’m pretty excited to own this shoe and I would get another pair once I find a style that I like. Cheaney shoes are properly welted shoes. It has a high arch and a leather heel.

The Cheaney shoe features a leather sole. Though some are made of a rubber Dainite sole which is heavy. It is constructed using a Goodyear welt construction.

Looking at this shoe, you would notice the full leather lining and its leather insole.

The shoe was built to last, thanks to the Storm welt construction which makes it possible for it to be resoled again and again.

The more I put on this shoe, the comfier it gets. Its leather insole helps the shoe mold the shape of my foot.

The sole provides superior comfort and grip. It is made using premium calf leather. The shoe also has a leather upper as well as a leather footbed.

One visible feature of the shoe is that it has big eyelets and big chunky laces.

Church’s Shoes Review

  • Leather sole 
  • Goodyear welt construction
  • Leather lining 
  • Round toe
  • British style
  • Front lacing

Church’s shoes have amazing quality and style. It features a front lacing system and is well made of the Goodyear welt construction.

This Goodyear welt construction takes a lot of time.

It is a process where a strip of leather is sewn between the upper of the shoe and the insole and then fixed in the shoe.

This construction method involves all the parts of the shoes being sewn together for superior durability and protection and also to stop the penetration of water.

The shoe is also made of calf leather that is naturally finished and has a durable leather sole.

The calf leather has helped to mold my feet and keep them in shape.

Another factor that makes the shoe outstanding is the fact that it is worn by rich and influential men.

It is constructed in a British style. This British style gives it a very formal look.

The Comparison of Cheaney And Church’s Shoes

Features Cheaney Church’s 
Outsole Rubber and leather soleLeather sole
Insole Leather insoleLeather sheepskin insole
Break inShort break-in period to get fully comfortableLong break-in period to get fully comfortable
Construction Goodyear welt constructionGoodyear welt construction
Size and FitIt fits true to sizeIt runs big
Price Not so expensive Very expensive



Cheaney Vs Church’s

Most Cheaney shoes are made of rubber soles while others are made of leather soles.

For some shoes, they have a double-leather sole that is attached to a hi-shine leather upper.

This process is carried out using the Goodyear welt construction.

The Goodyear welt gives you the luxury of having a new sole and also for a quick break-in.

The leather sole is very flexible and resistant to water than other normal leather soles.

It is an Extra Flex Leather that comes in a dark brown color. It has been treated intensely with oil and waxes.

This sole is both flexible and hard-wearing. Cheaney leather soles are gotten out of strong tan quality hides.

The soles are usually doubled so they can be hard-wearing and have a chunkier look.

Cheaney also makes use of heavy-duty rubber soles. This sole is durable and anti-slip. It is usually a Dainite rubber sole. 

The leather sole is used in making Church’s shoes. This sole is eco-friendly and very easy to replace than the rubber sole.

It gives a natural fitting by reshaping and molding your feet because it is mostly skin.

Leather soles are usually durable and elegant. Shoes with a leather sole are breathable such that it allows the foot to breathe while still keeping it cool and dry.

The sole can be renewed by using the Goodyear welt construction method.      


Cheaney Vs Church’s

Cheaney Vs Church’s

Church’s shoes are made of leather insole. Leather insoles are known to be very durable, they last longer than other regular insoles.

They retain the foot shape for a longer period. It helps the feet breathe better and as well helps in avoiding most foot diseases.

This insole keeps the inside of the shoe cool and dry. The shoe features an interior leather lining. 

Cheaney shoes feature a leather insole. The insole helps to adapt to the shape of your feet.

Its breathability helps to avoid foot diseases by letting the foot breathe and keeping the inner part dry.

It also regulates temperature. Thick, vegetable-tanned calf leather is mostly used for the insole of shoes.

Cheaney leather insole will keep you comfortable all day long.

Break In

Cheaney shoes might feel a little comfortable when you first try them on but would need to wear them for few times before it becomes fully comfortable.

This is because the leather of the shoe needs to be soft to the shape of your foot.

For Cheaney shoes that are made of leather soles, I advise that you wear them outside on a dry day for the sole to scuff as this would make it less slippery on a smooth surface.

I recommend this process because leather is an organic material and tends to stretch as it starts to adapt to your feet.

To this effect, you need to break in every pair for it to be fully comfortable.

It can take about one week to four weeks or sometimes even lesser if you wear it for a longer period.

Church’s shoes have a longer break-in period for the shoe to get fully comfortable.

You would need to start by wearing your shoes every day.

In reality, every pair of shoes is slightly different, so you would need to break in the shoes eventually.

Shoes that are made of rubber soles usually take a minimal break-in period.

Whereas, shoes made of leather soles and leather uppers take a longer time as they are among the stiffest type of shoes.

The leather would need to settle and mold the shape of your feet before it becomes very comfortable.


Cheaney Vs Church’s

All Cheaney shoes are constructed using the Goodyear welt construction.

This process involves the stitching of the sole and welt together, the stitching usually passes through the flattened welt top through the sole.

Due to the application of the Goodyear welt construction, the heel and the sole of this shoe can be replaced by Cheaney Refurbishment Team.

You can always get a brand new sole whenever you wish.

Cheaney shoes are made using the finest British craftsmanship, from the cutting of the leather to its stitching and then final polishing.

The shoe combines practicality with comfort. It is made of a flexible construction with classic designs.

Church’s shoes are constructed too using the Goodyear welt construction.

It takes about 8 weeks and more than 250 manual steps to fully construct the shoe.

This makes the shoe amazingly durable because it is made of superior quality and high craftsmanship.

The strip of leather called the welt is sewn around the bottom of the upper, the insole, and also the sole.

This method makes the shoe last long, makes it resoleable, and strongly prevents the penetration of water into the shoe.

Size and Fit

Cheaney shoes do fit true to size. However, if the shoe is constrictive, you should go half a size up or try a wider fit.

This is because some Cheaney styles usually come in a wider width fitting. 

Church’s shoes run big. Church’s shoes are mostly wide, they come in wider fits.

I recommend that you size down when you want to order your shoe.


Cheaney shoes are very affordable. The price of the shoe ranges from £267 to 395.

The prices vary based on the style of the shoe and also the store where you’re buying from. Its prices are reasonable and quite affordable.

Church’s shoes are more expensive than Cheaney’s shoes.

The pair cost about €830. All Church’s shoes have been increased by 40% to 50% in general. It is now a luxury fashion brand producing different new styles of shoes.

Its price is not much higher than before which may or may not affect the brand.

Why You Should Buy Cheaney Shoes

This shoe is exceptionally unique and durable. It is also made in a British style and it would offer a timeless sophistication to your look and outfit.

It is constructed in such a way that it would give you the best comfort and style.

It has a soft lining and beautiful leather. This shoe is not a wear and tear shoe, it is built to last while providing maximum comfort and durability.

It is one of the best for the everyday man and perfect formal wear.

It fits well from the heel to the joint. The shoe comes in various styles and it is very easy to maintain. It is also affordable with good quality.

Cheaney lime oxford

Cheaney Vs Church’s

Cheaney Berkeley shoes

Cheaney Vs Church’s

Cheaney cambridge semi-brogue shoe

Cheaney Vs Church’s

Why Should You Buy Church’s Shoes

Getting a pair of these shoes is a good and profitable thing because it was made to be durable.

Also, due to the method of construction, they can be resoled by skilled craftsmen in Australia when it is worn out.

It also prevents the entering of water into the shoes. Its leather is shiny and also easy to clean.

You can maintain the shoe by using a wet cloth to wipe off the dirt ad also using Cordovan cream.

It can be dressed up with a suit or a smart-casual outfit. It is the best for salesmen and businessmen.

The shoe is a perfect combination of sturdiness and flexibility.

Church’s diplomat semi-brogue shoe

Cheaney Vs Church’s

Church’s Athens oxford shoe

Cheaney Vs Church’s

Church’s consul oxford shoe

Cheaney Vs Church’s  


To conclude this article, I would pick Cheaney shoes as the better brand.

This is because the Cheaney shoe is less expensive and very affordable, unlike the Church’s very expensive shoes.

The Cheaney shoes are also better because it does not need a very long break-in process.

Its break-in is short and easy. It is made by highly skilled men and with quality material.


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