Converse Vs Adidas Stan Smith

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If you ever find yourself jolting between deciding on Converse Vs Adidas Stan Smith, then it’s pretty much because you’ve not come to know both shoes for exactly what they are. I have been in this position at some point too before I was able to figure it out.

Both shoes have their respective distinct kind of uniqueness from the pool of existing shoes, hence their comparison. But here is an article that is tailored to satisfy your curiosity.

Major Difference Between Converse And Adidas Stan Smith 

The major difference between Converse and Adidas Stan Smith is the fact that Adidas Stan Smith is just one of the many iterations of Adidas, while Converse covers a tad larger landscape of shoe models of the same brand.

Albeit, many converse models are quite similar. So it makes sense to make the comparison that way. Other differences include:

  • Converse is made of rubber and fabric while Adidas Stan Smith is made of zero virgin plastics and recycled polyester materials.
  • Converse has narrower toe caps while Adidas Stan Smith has rounder toe caps
  • Adidas Stan Smith has a simple and detailed construction and uses adhesive for binding the upper and sole while Converse has vulcanized construction where heat is used for the binding together of the upper and the sole.

Here’s a brief history of the two shoes

About Adidas Stan Smith

Take this as a fun fact. The Adidas shoe was named after a famous American tennis player, Stan Smith, in 1978.

That was after firstly being named after Robert Heilet, a prominent French player in 1965. Since then, the shoes have gained popularity across many borders.

Adidas Stan Smith is pretty unique from all models of Adidas.

About Converse

Another fun fact is that Converse dominated the American shoe market right from 1908 when it was discovered to the 1950s. It gained more fame when it made shoes for the American military in WWII.

It dropped down from its throne of glory in the mid-1970s when it faced many competitors. Nonetheless, the boot still finds relevance in today’s world.

Comparison Between Adidas Stan Smith And Converse

AboutAdidas Stan SmithConverse
ConstructionThe construction is a minimalist type. The upper and the sole are merged with adhesive and sewn. Vulcanized construction. Strong and secure. Heat is applied in this process. 
MaterialRecycled polyester materials. Virgin rubber/plastics. Rubber. Fabric. 
DurabilityDurable shoes.Very durable shoes. This is because of the material used and construction pattern. 
Comfort LevelVery comfortable. Made of more cushy materials. Better arch support.Averagely comfortable. Good arch support.
Fashion QualityExcellent fashion quality.Good fashion quality.
First GlanceMinimalist and classic. Although it has a tad sleeker look. Just simple and nice. Albeit, nothing very much out of the ordinary.
SoleSoft landing sole. Antiskid.Slip resistant. Good ground balance.

The reason for this comparison is to help you have a clearer picture of which of the shoes will suit your best.

This, you’d know from the functionality, comfort level, aesthetic appeal, weight, and their overall respective designs. 

Converse Vs Adidas Stan Smith: First Glance

The first glance has always been important. Each shoe model should have a captivating look, be it simple, classic, or a nice design that has the propensity of converting a looker to a buyer. 

Adidas Stan Smith

Converse Vs Adidas Stan Smith

If you’re familiar with the orthodox shoe designs of Adidas, the first glance at Adidas Stan Smith tells you of a kind of uniqueness that sets it apart from other Adidas models.

For example, it doesn’t have the normal three stripes at the sides of most Adidas shoes. Instead, it has three straight lines of piercing.

It has a fine rubber toe area, a thick collar, and a versatile outlook. It’s a simplistic design, yet captivating because “versatility” is written all over it. 


Converse Vs Adidas Stan Smith

Whether or not you’d be attracted to a Converse at a first glance depends on the specific model and your level of affinity to that model.

For example, there are models like Classic chuck, Chuck 70, Skateboarding, CX, Jack Purcell, and a few others.

However, a converse, regardless of the model, always has the simple look, yet classic. They have simple lacing eyelets, and average sole height, without too many decorations.

From a distance, I can spot a converse in a pool of other shoes when I see one.

Converse Vs Adidas Stan Smith: Construction

A shoe construction remains one of the key aspects that determine its ability to last longer. Because this is where the joining together of all of the single components that makes up the shoe as a single unit is made. 

Adidas Stan Smith

The Adidas Stan Smith has a simple and detailed construction, offering you value for your money. Firstly, the upper isn’t littered with ornamentation.

The lace is made to pass through 14 metal eyelets, over the tongue, while the sides have faux stripes (here it is dotted holes) that masquerades as vents.

Flipping it to the other sides, you’ll discover the sole isn’t just stitched to the upper, it is glued with strong adhesive. 

I always opt for Stan Smith when I’m looking for something that can give me the smart casual look. And this is because of the construction. 


Converse has a versatile construction that makes it cool for almost everything. I like it because the upper is not very high.

Although it’s a bit narrow, that’s one of the downsides, especially for people with larger foot types. The construction of converse involves a vulcanized process. 

The heat required for this process is 170°C, this is over 300°F. In this process, the upper is attached to the sole before heat is applied in an oven, precisely vulcanizing oven. This temperature can as well melt polyester and nylon fabrics. 

Converse Vs Adidas Stan Smith: Material


For efficiency, comfort, and longevity, like many other shoes, different parts are made of different materials. For example, the toe area of the upper side is made of rubber, usually white, and is sturdier than the rest of the upper. 

The other parts are largely made of fabric material, although converse still has metal eyelets. This is majorly for the All stars model. The Taylor model, as opposed to All Stars, replaces the fabric part with leather.

The sole is made of thick rubber as if compressed to amount to a high density. They usually come with Eva midsoles that are soft and cushy. Albeit not with very much arch support.  

Adidas Stan Smith

Converse Vs Adidas Stan Smith

Converse Vs Adidas Stan Smith

The materials used for Adidas Stan Smith are zero virgin plastic and recycled polyester materials.

They are quite different from the rest of Adidas’ conventional designs. Besides, this model is the brand’s 2020 innovation, so it makes sense that it is an improved design. 

The soles are made of recycled rubber, as well as the laces and sock-liners. Adidas aims to use only recycled polyester materials by 2024 to reach carbon neutrality by 2050.

All of these are an effort to make as good eco-friendly shoes as possible. 

Converse Vs Adidas Stan Smith: Durability

The durability of every shoe comes from two core factors: the construction pattern and the material used.

Although this doesn’t rule out the fact that maintenance extent affects durability too, however, in the grand scheme of judgment, these first two factors matter more. 


Converse are durable because the part of a shoe that is always made to face the worst of situations when used is the sole and the toe areas.

Their soles are not exactly excessively sturdier, but they exude a unique kind of strength even in their flexibility. 

Plus, the toe areas of their upper are made a tad sturdier than the rest of the shoes. These are the reasons converse sneakers are not easily prone to damage.

Besides, the heat used in the vulcanizing construction process that firmly binds together the upper and the sole, makes it difficult for these components to go apart and result in rupture. 

Adidas Stan Smith

Stan Smith shoes are quite durable too. Their recycled polyester materials are very flexible, the way the shoe doesn’t easily result in rupture or tear.

The bonding pattern between the sole and the upper is done with not just adhesive but also sewn together on the outside for safer and secure construction. These are the reasons why Adidas Stan Smith is durable. 

Another thing to note is that the recycled polyester used in the manufacturing of Adidas Stan Smith drops down the quality a bit. 

The reason for this is that materials usually get downcycled when recycled. This means their durability and quality are slashed down.

This is because the long atom chains that make them up are shortened and broken down. Virgin plastic Adidas Stan Smith is more durable. I always check for this specific information before making any purchase.

Verdict: Converse is more durable than Adidas Stan Smith because it surpasses it in not just material quality, but also in the construction type.

Converse Vs Adidas Stan Smith: Comfort Level

The comfort level of shoes is mostly determined by their weights, cushioning and arch support level, breathability, and overall balance. 


One of the main comfort spots of converse stems from the upper made of a thick converse layer, plus an added converse layer at the forefoot to prevent the discomfort of fraying toes.

The sides walls have a 5mm thickness, which brings extra support and cushiness around the leg.

Also, note that Converse is quite big on breathability too. This eliminates the possibility of moisture buildup and sweaty feet that would serve as a depot to bacteria.

Adidas Stan Smith

I’ll start by saying, Adidas Stan Smith, out of the numerous Adidas productions, is one of the best. It is an effortlessly cool minimalist design.

Get this, while the recycled materials used could affect its durability, the positive part of this is that it makes it less dense, hence it has reduced rigidity, is lightweight, and is pretty comforting.

Besides, it comes with cushy EVA soles too. When it comes to the comfort level between the two shoes, Adidas Stan Smith takes the lead. 

Verdict: Adidas Stan Smith wins.

But then again, comfort is relative. A feature that one defines as comfortable might be the feature that irks another person.

However, there are generally largely acceptable features regardless of different individual preferences. It is in this regard that Adidas Stan Smith wins.  

Converse Vs Adidas Stan Smith: Fashion Quality

When it comes to the fashion qualities of these shoes, you know that Adidas Stan Smith is just a single Adidas model while Converse comprises a whole lot of other shoes.

Do you get it? So this comparison may not exactly be rational.

But if an analysis has to be made, Adidas Stan Smith has a better fashion quality than most Converse iterations.

This is because it has a more coordinated design. It doesn’t look very casual, yet not a sophisticated design. 

There’s a fine gold plate at the front end of the lacing and “Stan Smith” inscribed on the side, near the dotted line. The sole is fashionably thick, the tongue is decorated with the Stan Smith photo and inscription. 

The back carries the Adidas logo while the toe area is just fine and round with so much attention paid to the seams as they neatly run across the shoe beautifully. 

However, there are converse models with unbelievable aesthetic appeal. Especially the All-Stars. That model is one of the iconic Adidas Creations.

It comes with a finer lacing system, it has two non-functional, albeit fashionable eyelets at the side, just right about the sole. 

Converse Vs Adidas Stan Smith

Converse Vs Adidas Stan Smith

It also carries a round fashionable round all-star logo close to the ankle bone. Although other Converse models have pretty high and toothed soles like the Hiking models, you should know.

Final Verdict

Understand that when it comes to shoes, not a single one has ever had the same aesthetic appeal, level of comfort, durability, or overall betterment to everyone.

Most of these features are subjective and are defined by personal preferences drawn from foot type or intended area of use.

This means you should align these qualities, as explained in this article, to serve you better. 


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