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While they are both silhouettes, the major differences between the Nike AirForce 1 and 07 revolve around the price, comfort level, sizing, variety, and availability.

The Nike AirForce 07 is the newer version and made with different materials than the AirForce 1. While they are pretty much the same shoe on many grounds, the AirForce 1 has a lower midsole and has less modified construction compared to the 07.

Beyond these, other factors serve as points of significant differences between these two separated silhouettes.

For example, by mere looking, one can notice the major difference between the AF-1 and 07 in the use of the deubré. There is the ’82 imprint below the AF-1 while more recent models such as the 07 perhaps have square deubrés.

In the rest of this article, we will extensively discuss the sharp differences between Nike AF1 and 07 across factors including Sizing, comfort, cost, variety, and even availability in today’s market.

Five differences between Nike AirForce 1 and 07

As you read through the differences, keep in mind that there is no absolute deciding yardstick to which of the two models you should cop first.

Comfort level

Generally, both shoes should not be considered best in the area of comfort because several complaints have been expressed by users of both shoes that it is heavy. So this is a general con.

However, a little probing will show that the Air Force 1s only offer the air cushioning design to shoes targeted toward men which makes it less versatile when compared to the ‘07s.

The Air Force 1 pair for women features a slight heel Air unit that can be comfy. This comfort is not up to the level of a shoe with air cushioning.

Variety for buyers

Another difference between the Air Force 1s and ‘07s is that the former has more varieties for customers to choose from. This is even double the variety that is available for the 07s lineup.

The white Nike Air Force 1 low pair is the most popular and purchased of the ancient design. It has proven to stand the test of time and has survived being a top trend for several decades. However, there are other varieties of the lineup.

The Air Force 1 also beats the 07 in variety when you consider the fact that there are custom Nike shoes available. So, if you are looking to customise shoes to your heart’s desire, Air Force 1 wins the belt.


 The least you’d possibly get is the Air Force 1 is $110 and it can go up to as high as $180 for the men’s version. One of the reasons that contribute to its relatively high price is the sustainable materials that it is made of. Meanwhile, the women’s version of the same sneakers seems to be less expensive with a maximum cost of $140.

On the other hand, expect to pay anywhere between $100 and max at $145 for the Air Force 1 ’07 line of shoes for men. This is a cheaper option compared to Air Force 1.

If you are on a budget, you would want to go for the’07 shoes, especially for the men’s version. But for women’s pairs, the Air Force 1 has more price options.


When choosing a Nike shoe to buy, you must consider the fitting. For Nike Air Force 1, the style typically runs bug, and so buying this pair will require you to size half a size down for best fit, no matter the feet type or size.

This narrative is similar to the ’07 shoes. But the only difference is that some styles of this version are true to size while some reviews indicate that they run big so the need to go down half or full size is palpable.

Availability in the market

There is no difference between both shoes when it comes to market availability. Just as we see enough collections of the Air Force 1 in the market for both men, women, and children, it is the same for the ’07.

Although a specific availability for Air Force 1 is that they give the option to customize their shoes, allowing customers to personalize their shoes to their liking however they want them to be.

Judging from these, one can conclude that the 07s are simply updated versions of many years old designs made by Nike made in the 80s.

In other words, the Nike AirForce 1 ’07 is primarily made to appeal to customers who want something modern without sacrificing an ancient design touch in the design.

In Summary

Both the Nike AirForce 1 and 1 ’07 are easily in the market today, but the former has lots of variety in the market compared to the 07s. Meanwhile, the 07 is more economically friendly than the AirForce 1 and would appeal to both males and females in terms of comfort.

When we talk about some of the most compared shoes in Nike footwear history, the Nike Air Force 1s and 70s scratch the top of the list. It is even fascinating that both models, despite being from the same brand, contend with each other.

Nike keeps releasing different versions of one shoe collection each season, thereby spiking the urge for collectors and enthusiasts to compare.

If you have been looking for what sets the Air Force 1 apart from other models such as the 07s, then I hope you found this article helpful.

Thanks for reading.

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