Do Dunks Run Big?

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When buying the Nike Dunks, it is advised to go for your regular Nike shoe size because the shoe’s fitting is true to size and does not run big. However, when I compare my Nike Dunks with my previously purchased Air Jordan 1, I realize the Nike Dunks has a slightly wider fit in the toe box. Still, the sizing difference is insignificant as far as comfort is concerned.

Meanwhile, if you have broad feet, I would recommend you go up 0.5 sizes for improved comfort, especially when you consider how small they can be at times. Still, they are true to size!

If you are a big fan of Nikes like me, you will agree that the Dunks aren’t Nike’s most comfy shoes, especially given that it is a retro shoe. True to size or not, one should not expect the same level of comfort as derived from wearing other Nike models.

Although, the good thing is that you can wear them for a few hours. But for a Nike shoe that you would wear to walk around the city all day, you better pass!

Do Nike Dunks Run Big?

What happens when I wear a sneaker that runs big?

It is a good thing that Nike Dunks are true to size. When you wear a sneaker that runs big (most people do this out of ignorance or intentionally because they are big on space and flexibility) you risk being exposed to unnatural and dysfunctional walking which can lead to serious foot problems.

Sneakers that don’t fit because they run big can result in friction as you walk. This friction, when sustained, can result in blisters and shredded skin.

Just as the way you’ve inquired about Nike Dunks, it is important you know if a particular shoe runs big or small before you shell out cash to cop one.

Several studies from giant footwear industries have shown that each year, half a million people in North America complain about picking the wrong shoe size.

It is a serious buying problem.

Nike seems to understand this challenge and that is why they make their models true to their size (although very few models are the opposite).

How do Dunks fit compared to Air Force 1?

If you are going to compare the Air force 1 with the Dunks as the yardstick of knowing the right fit for you, then I’d recommend that you go up similar to half a size from your usual size.

Models like the Air Force 1 and many other lineups in the Air Jordan seem to be bulkier than the Dunks. But if you fit into the Air Force 1 without problems, it is most likely the same for the Dunks. Despite their respective differences, they still share similarities in being quite slender and long but the toe box of Nike Dunks is broader and higher.

How comfortable is a pair of Nike Dunks?

As mentioned earlier, Nike Dunks are comfortable, but a big NO when you need a sneaker for all-day wear. It is best worn for out and about that won’t take more than a few hours.

If you are looking for sneakers that will grant you comfort as you spend time walking around the city, you should consider newer Nike models.

This perspective is not a disservice to its dope designs, impressive collaborations, the hidden profit margin for purchase, and wide range of color options.

Do women’s Dunks run big or small?

I am a guy, so I don’t have any personal experience with wearing Nike Dunks for women. But judging from the average reviews on popular footwear forums that I belong to and read every day, I’d say that Women’s Dunks are true to size.

This is following the estimation by a majority that the women’s Dunk is around a one-half size smaller than the Nike Air Force 1 if you are looking for something to compare it with.

In other words, if you want to size for your new Dunk shoe purchase, your fitting in the Air Force 1 sneaker could serve as a guide.

Are Nike Dunks worth buying?

The truth is that Nike Dunks are more overhyped than they should But they are certainly not overrated in the casual sneakers debate.

Although, the attention and popularity paraded around the shoe model has reduced but it bounces back at the mention of any causal-themed outfit.

The rarity and inflated price of the shoe model is another thing to consider to critically determine if it is worth buying at all. Dunks has gotten a lot of celebrity hype in the past. Even though the comfort is super basic (subjective)

If you are looking to just shell out cash to add another Nike to your wardrobe, then you can buy the Dunks.

But, when you look through the lens, you realize that the tech of the Dunks hasn’t changed since the mid-80s – still the basic midsole/strip of rubber under your feet.

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