Do Jordan 4 Run Big?

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The Air Jordan 4 (AJ4) is certainly a chunky shoe. Due to this, many people quickly think that it would run big, and so would want to size down when buying. How true is this?

The short answer is No, the Air Jordan 4 does not run big, instead, it fits true to size. But going by the average reviews of buyers on popular footwear forums, the Jordan 4 sneaker fits more comfortable right out of the box when it is bought at a half size up.

This is not supposed to be so because the sneaker boasts of the fit on a sneaker right out of the box which is popularly known as “step-in comfort”.  But when I bought my Jordan 4, I realized the shoe does not live up to this expectation.

Upon wearing the shoe, I noticed that it is because of the panelling on the interior of the sneaker.

In other words, I won’t say the shoe is reputable for being comfortable shoe right out of the box. Of course, it runs true to size for most foot sizing, but it still features the older technology that does not provide much cushioning hence, requires some break-in time.

If you are about to buy a Jordan 4 sneakers, read on to know more about its fitting and sizing to finally get rid of guesswork.

So, what size should I get in Jordan 4?

Again, the Jordan 4 sneakers don’t run big. But if you have a very narrow foot, it is best you comfortably size down half a size from your normal Air Jordan size. But technically, for base sizes that are usually tried when first getting a sneaker, this sneaker is true to size.

So, it won’t be a regrettable decision if you go for your normal size when buying a new Jordan 4 sneakers. You can however expect to allow for a break period.

The pair was originally released back in 1989 and built with the idea of providing a level of comfort that is enough for casual wear and the need for a pair that will hold up during most wearing.

When I bought mine, I had to purchase an after-market insole that could add extra cushioning in the pair for improved comfort.

Is the Air Jordan 4 Good For Wide Feet?

The outside appearance of the Jordan 4 sneaker indicates that it is a big shoe. But if you wear it, you notice that the interior fits narrow. In other words, the AJ4 isn’t a wide-foot-friendly sneaker.

If you have particularly wide feet it is recommended you go up a half size to prevent fitting issues.

Unfortunately, the chunky shoe is a bit deceptive in its appearance

If you want to buy the Jordan 4 by all means, and you have wide feet you should go up a half size. But left to me, I won’t recommend the sneaker to someone with wide feet.

Is the Air Jordan 4 Good For Wide Feet?

For those with narrow feet, you are good to go ordering your Jordan 4 with your most common size for Nike or Jordan shoe sizes. These Sneakers are true to size in this regard.

Looking at the design of the shoe, it is fashioned to fit most foot types but leans more to the narrow feet size judging from the construction of its interior.

How is Jordan 4 fit compared to other Nike Models?

I have worn the Air Jordan 3 and 11 for an extended period and I would say that they share a similar fit profile with the Air Jordan 4.

But, I recently purchased the Air Jordan 5, and instead of following suit, they seem to run big. So, if you are looking to purchase aanAJ5, you want to take note of this possibility.

Do Jordan 4s crease easily?

Creasing is what every sneakerhead should frown at. When it comes to the Air Jordan 4 lineup, creasing is something you may have to deal with. I’d say it is inevitable because they crease a lot and it begins after you’ve worn them for a few hours.

Sadly, a crease on any shoe is perfectly normal if you wear your Nike sneakers enough. The most popular way many Nike owners get around this is by using an iron to maintain the shape from the heel to the toe box.

So… Is the Air Jordan 4 worth buying?

If you don’t want a sneaker that will require a break in time, a sneaker that would crease after extended use, and one that will be better if you go up a half size, then it is better to look away from the Jordan 4.

But on its right, the Air Jordan 4 is an ideal, icone Nike creation. It may not be the most comfortable option, but picking up a pair is worth the money.

Final thoughts

Any collector that has not copped the Jordan 4 is quickly assumed as one who is just starting in his footwear journey. It is a popular model that offers a reasonable level of comfort.

If you are about to buy one, be rest assured that the shoe is true to size. However, you’d want to go up a half size if you have wide feet

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