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The major difference between Ferragamo and Crockett and Jones dress shoes is in the insole and the material.

Crockett and Jones are made of a leather insole, while Ferragamo is made of both a leather and rubber sole. The materials used in producing Crockett and Jones are all leather, while Ferragamo is a combination of both rubber and leather.

Both shoes are constructed with high-quality craftsmanship and are made of quality and durable materials. They are both dressy and formal.

Let’s look at each of them.

When we see these shoes for the first time, there are certain features we can easily identify. I have had an experience with these shoes and I can tell you my first impressions of them.

First glance at Ferragamo shoes

Ferragamo vs Crockett and Jones

  • Switch buckle
  • Rubber and leather outsole
  • Leather insole

The first thing I noticed about the shoe is its logo of two interchangeable Gancini switch buckles. I noticed that the shoe is made of synthetic rubber and leather outsole.

It feels very comfortable and adds a sophisticated touch to my looks. If you take a closer look, you’ll see that the shoe is made of leather too.

This means that some parts of the sole are made of rubber while the other parts are made of leather. It has a soft and nice insole, which is also made of leather.

This shoe has high heels, which were perfect as they added a few inches to my height.

First glance at Crockett and Jones shoes

Ferragamo vs Crockett and Jones

  • Leather sole
  • Conceal channel
  • Leather insole
  • Calfskin
  • Goodyear welt

I’ve had a pair of Crockett and Jones for some time, and what I noticed first about this shoe is that it is made of leather. It is made of calfskin leather.

It has a closed or concealed channel such that you don’t see the stitching. It has a leather sole, which feels like Oak Bark to me because it feels smoother than regular. The shoe’s upper is made of leather.

Crockett and Jones is known for its quality and consistency. It has a good-year welt construction, which makes it a little bit waterproof. It is very durable and stylish for all occasions.

Ferragamo vs Crockett and Jones: Comparison

Let’s compare these shoes using the following technical features;

  • Material
  • Sole
  • Insole
  • Size and fit
  • Price
  • Durability
  • Product Quality
  • Construction
  • Building quality
Features FerragamoCrockett and Jones
MaterialPebble calfskin leather and rubberCalfskin leather
SoleRubber and leather soleLeather sole
InsoleLeather insoleLeather insole
Size and fitIt runs smallIt runs large or true to size
PriceIt cost $120It cost R899
DurabilityPebble calf leather, leather, and rubber for better durability and tractionVery durable due to the finest calf leather
Product QualityHigh quality and perfect craftsmanshipHigh quality with Good-year welt construction
ConstructionQuality craftsmanship and round stitchingHand-made using Good-year welt construction and concealed channel/stitching
Building qualityQuality and durable material and expert productionSkilled mechanists and quality materials


Ferragamo shoes are made of pebble calfskin leather and rubber. The texture of pebble leather is very unique.

This calfskin leather is used for the upper part of the shoe. The pebbled leather is naturally eye-catching and attractive.

In the same way, calfskin leather is quality, durable, and very pleasing to the eyes. The leather also helps in keeping the feet warm and dry.

Crockett and Jones are made of calfskin leather. The best calf that is about three to four months old is used. The sole of the shoe is made of leather as well.

Calfskin leather tends to be lighter and feels more supple than leather made from older cows. It is smoother and shiny.

It is the most luxurious and high-quality type of leather. The grain is finer and it is second to none when it comes to durability. It also has the logo of two interchangeable Gancini switch buckles.

Ferragamo vs Crockett and Jones Ferragamo vs Crockett and Jones


The sole of Ferragamo is made of a combination of leather and rubber. The sole has “Salvatore Ferragamo” inscribed on it.

Any Ferragamo shoe without the logo or name is a fake. Most parts of the sole are leather, while the remaining part around the heel is rubber.

Leather soles are hard-wearing, it takes a while before they can be replaced. Leather is a natural product as it is gotten from cowhide, and this makes it durable.

Crockett and Jones are made with a leather sole. The sole features close-stitched channels. The soles are stitched in concealed channels to offer extra finesse.

The close channel sole means when they’re stitching on the soles from the welt to the bottom, it basically opens the leather up.

This helps to make a fine insertion all the way round by pushing the leather up, making the stitch, and putting it back down. This is called clean stitching because you can’t see any opening unless you’re really looking for it.

The SUPERFLEX leather sole is quite flexible. The double leather sole is also hardwearing and offers a high level of grip and comfort. Leather soles are flexible, soft, and also dressy.

Ferragamo vs Crockett and Jones Ferragamo vs Crockett and Jones


Ferragamo vs Crockett and Jones Ferragamo vs Crockett and Jones

Ferragamo shoes have a leather insole and lining. It uses either gold or silver for the label imprint on the insole.

The walls around the insole are also made from leather. The color of the imprint usually depends on the color of the insole. For instance, if the insole is black, then the imprint would be silver.

Crockett and Jones has a leather insole. The insole used in the production of this shoe is gotten from leather bends.

This is achieved through the use of large heavy presses. The leather insoles are used during the “lasting process” by attaching them to the material rib where the welt will later be stitched.

Size and fit

Ferragamo shoes tend to run very small and narrow. When I got a pair at first, they did not fit well as they were too tight. I had to size up by half before I was able to get a perfect fit.

I suggest that before you order your Ferragamo shoes, always size up at least half a size or a full size larger than your normal size. This will give you a perfect fit and also help you walk comfortably in the shoe.

For Crockett and Jones, I would recommend going half a size down if you have a narrow foot. If you have a wider foot, you should go true to size. Crockett and Jones usually run large.


Ferragamo is expensive but worth it as it will last longer. It cost about $600 depending on the last.

Crockett and Jones are expensive too. I recommend getting them, but have it in mind that they are not cheap. The good thing is that you’re going to enjoy them for a pretty long time. It costs about $200 for a pair depending on the last.


The pebbled leather of the Ferragamo used in making this shoe is very durable. As said earlier, its sole is a combination of leather and rubber. This gives the perfect combination of traction, durability, and style.

The shoe will last you for years with proper care. Crockett and Jones are very durable due to the kind of process used in making

Product Quality

Ferragamo shoes are high-quality shoes. This is due to the material and the craftsmanship involved in producing it.  You would hardly find any stitches out of place. The look and feel of the fabric are always different.

Crockett and Jones shoes are also made of high quality. High-quality shoes are produced using high-quality materials. Its soles and heels used in the production of the maser piece are cut from the finest quality leather bends. Each pair is carefully and neatly made, which gives the shoes good quality.

Even the lowest grade of Crockett and Jones shoes is high quality. Every pair undergoes a Goodyear-welt process, which involves filling the shoe bottoms with cork and wooden shanks before stitching the sole to the welt.


Ferragamo has quality hand craftsmanship. It is constructed by hand, making it very high in quality. It features a round stitch that is professionally done by skilled men.

The stitches are tight and uniform. It features an exquisite feature of the Gancini ornament. This buckle is so smooth and reflective that it makes the shoe look sophisticated.

Crocket and Jones have unique handmade construction and finish. It is a well-built shoe. A pair of these shoes take up to 8 weeks to be manufactured.

It involves a labor-intensive process with several highly skilled operations. Its sole is constructed using concealed channels. After the shoe has fully lasted, the welt is skillfully stitched through the side of the upper to the rib of the insole.

The construction of this shoe is carried out by a skilled craftsman. The shoe is constructed using high-quality Good-year welt construction.

The Good-year welt construction is renowned for its strength and durability, and it allows worn-out soles to be removed and replaced with new ones without affecting the leather uppers.

Ferragamo vs Crockett and Jones Ferragamo vs Crockett and Jones

Building quality 

Ferragamo shoes undergo careful manufacturing processes. Loose threads and crooked stitching can not be found in Ferragamo shoes.

The sole features an 8-tap metal screw. It has nice rounded stitching for a nice look. This shoe is a “comfort meet design” shoe.

Expert craftsmen handcraft each pair of Crockett and Jones. It is carefully done with the hand-eye coordination of skilled mechanists.

They carry out operations like Royal punching, gimping, side stitching, and hand sewing, which are just some of the many operations involved in constructing this shoe. Its soles are built with close channels.

This close stitching makes the sole look clean as you can barely see any openings of stitching unless you look really close. The heels of the shoe are attached with leather lifts during the fourth stage of production.

The passion, care, and detail that go into every pair of Crockett and Jones shoes give them the hallmark of quality.

Why should you buy Ferragamo?

Ferragamo shoes are cool dress shoes. They are constructed with quality materials, making the shoes very quality and durable.

They are unbelievably comfortable to wear for a long business day. They go perfectly well with suits and khakis as well. The shoe stands out due to the buckle on top.

They are also handmade, which makes them quality as they tend to go through a careful process. While wearing this shoe, you’re sure to get compliments from people as it draws attention and gives off sophisticated energy due to its classy look.

It is a very versatile shoe and can be worn for all occasions. The stitching of the Ferragamo shoes is minimal and their bodies are streamlined.

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Why should you buy Crockett and Jones?

This shoe is very elegant and easy to wear. It is made of quality craftsmanship and quality calfskin leather. It has a standard dress shoe type shape. It feels luxurious on the feet and feels very soft.

The shoe doesn’t stick when you sweat in it. The craftsmanship of this shoe is incredible. Design-wise, I do think they nailed it. It has a kind of British style. They look great and follow an incredible aesthetic. It comes in a variety of styles.


After making a comparison between the two shoes, I would conclude by saying Crockett and Jones are the best among the two.

This is because Crockett and Jones are constructed using Goodyear welt construction, which not only gives the shoe better quality and comfort but also enables you to be able to resole your shoes when they are worn out.

They also have concealed or close stitching, so unless you look closely, you won’t notice the thread or stitching. Though they are not budget-friendly, they are quality and much more durable.


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