Georgia Boots vs Blundstone:

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The biggest obvious difference between Blundstone and Georgia boots is the weight of both shoes. If you have tried either of these out, you must have noticed something already.

It’s much easier to note if you have tried both. Blundstone boots are exceptionally lightweight. Georgia Boots are heavy.

They are not too heavy to take out the comfort but the weight of the shoes is immediately noticed when you get them on.

The weight probably explains why Georgia boots are durable and expensive. If there is one certain thing, it’s that Blundstone boots are not mediocre in quality. Read on to know which of these boots is worth the price you pay.

Georgia Boots Review

The Georgia Boots brand was founded in 1937 in Atlanta. The brand is now widely recognized for its comfortable and durable shoes; mostly work boots.

Georgia boots have a nice and sturdy construction which makes them last a long while. That also explains the weight of most of their boots.

The Georgia boots brand however has a few styles that are lightweight and comfortable, with their durability still fully retained.

 Georgia boots are made of full-grain leather with abrasion resistance. The insoles are made of AMP memory foam which allows maximum comfort and enough cushioning.

Pros of Georgia Boots

Full-grain Leather Outsoles

Georgia boots are known to be durable. The full-grain leather material utilized in the construction of the outsoles slows down the rate at which they break down.

Leather is naturally durable, even when they are corrected. Leather makes the boots water-resistant, long-lasting, and heavy-duty.

Vibram Rubber

Not all Georgia boots have leather outsoles. Some of them have outsoles made of Vibram. While rubber is a lot more durable than leather, Vibram is better than rubber in virtually everything.

With Vibram outsoles, the level of durability of the shoes is multiplied. In addition to that, Vibram gives extra traction to the outsoles.

Georgia work boots tend to have Vibram outsoles which do not only last long and withstand heavy use but also offer maximum support and grip.

AMP memory foam Insoles

Memory foam insoles are usually very comfortable and soft, due to the high level of cushioning. However, they don’t offer much support.

The memory foam Insoles in Georgia boots are modified to perform better than regular memory foam insoles.

They mold to your feet and retain their level of comfort, just like memory foam Insoles do, With a layer of polyurethane under the foam, the insole produces maximum comfort, cushioning, and support.

Cons of Georgia Boots


Weighty boots are considered by many to be the best tough and durable footwear for work. This is true, though not always, but lightweight shoes can be just as durable.

Weighty shoes may be built to handle rough use but they may slow down your movement. Wearing heavy shoes can get you tired earlier than you should be.


While many Georgia boots fit perfectly, some of them run small while others run large. This makes it quite difficult to order a perfect size confidently, especially when you are new to the style you are going for. 

Blundstone Boots Review

Blundstone Footwear is an Australian brand founded in 1892. The headquarter is based in Tasmania, Australia.

The brand’s special boots are so comfortable that a great deal of their popularity was influenced by “word of mouth”. 

Asides from the stylishness and the renowned faces that have been seen with these boots, Blundstone boots offer an unrivaled level of comfort.

They are not only softly cushioned but also very breathable so there is enough airflow to keep your feet from sweating.

There are also lightweight. That makes them perfect as work boots. Most Blundstone boots come in the slip-on style.

Pros of Blundstone Boots

Greasy Kip Leather

While leather has a level of resistance to water, it is not waterproof and it doesn’t resist water for long. Rather, the material will slowly deteriorate.

Blundstone boots are made of leather but not just any leather. Greasy Kip Leather, in the process of tanning, gets infused with oil. This increases the resistance of leather to water.

This doesn’t only prevent water from getting into your Blundstone boots. While water will make leather crack and break down with time, Blundstone boots will last a lot longer.

XRD Technology Insoles

While the outsoles in Blundstone boots are made of polyurethane materials, the Insoles go through a special modification process, XRD technology, which maximizes comfort, cushioning, and shock absorption.

Blundstone insoles are called Xtreme Comfort Insoles. They also have other insoles that are sold separately.

Easy Slip-on

Most, if not all, Blundstone boots come in the slip-on style. This is another major difference between these boots and Georgia boots.

Georgia boots also have some slip-on styles. Blundstone shoes can be easily pulled on and off, and you don’t have to tie laces.


Blundstone boots are as comfortable and supportive as Georgia boots. However, they seem to perform better as work boots than Georgia boots do.

While the weight of Georgia boots can tire you out, Blundstone boots are extremely light.

Cons of Blundstone Boots 

Low Ankle Support

Not everyone needs ankle support and it is not exactly necessary. However, it is a desired feature and might be useful in work boots.

Although these can be managed, ankle support is low due to the absence of laces to tighten the fit of the ankles.


While these shoes are less as confusing as George boots in terms of sizing, not all of their styles are true to size. Most Blundstone boots are true to size but some styles run large.

Also, they provide wide sizes but the options are not as clear as those of Georgia boots.

You may have to refer to the size chart. The half-sizes have slightly-increased width so they can accommodate wide feet.

Head-to-Head Comparison

  • Construction Modes
  • Prices
  • Build Quality
  • Insoles
  • Outsoles
  • Fit and Sizing

Construction Modes

Georgia Boots vs Blundstone

Georgia boots have a sturdy construction which makes them durable and heavy. The upper sole is made of full-grain leather which has longer durability than corrected leather materials.

The boots also feature Vibram Rubber outsoles which are not only equally durable but also provide enough traction to keep you on your feet.

Blundstone boots are also sturdy in construction but very light. However, they are just as durable as Georgia boots.

The upper sole is made of Greasy Kip Leather which potentially has an edge over full-grain leather, due to the innovative modification.

Blundstone shoes make use of cemented construction. Although the boots are durable, cemented shoes are considered to be less durable than stitched shoes.

Georgia boots, on the other hand, are stitched. They even make use of the Goodyear Welt construction which makes them more durable.

Most Blundstone boots come in the slip-on style and that makes them have less ankle support.

Georgia Boots vs Blundstone:

Georgia boots have both slip-on and laced styles, and the laced boots are more common while it is otherwise for Blundstone boot

Bottom Line: Based on the construction modes of both shoes, Georgia boots are ahead. This is because Georgia boots are constructed in a way that convinces you of their durability.

Georgia Boots vs Blundstone:

Blundstone boots are durable but cement construction can discourage buyers. Also, cemented shoes make it hard to fix their soles while stitched shoes can be easily repaired.


Georgia Boots vs Blundstone:

Boots tend to be more expensive than normal shoes. Sometimes, the prices are just so high that you wonder what is special about the product you’re staring at.

However, one or more people are ordering the product without question and leaving positive reviews.

Georgia boots are expensive. They are also weighty and durable. You might have had the thought that Georgia boots are expensive because of the weight.

Even if this were true with Georgia boots, it is the opposite for Blundstone boots which are equally expensive but lightweight.

Georgia boots have prices that range from $100 to $200 and maybe a few boots that are slightly higher in price. The price of Blundstone boots is almost equal.

The price range starts from $100 and ends at $220. There are probably some Blundstone boots with higher prices too. This makes it very easy to make a choice.

Bottom Line: Based on the price range of both shoes, this is a tie. It makes it easier to pick one of these at the end of the day.

After we reach a conclusion on which is better, you know price can’t affect the choice you are making.

Build Quality

While Georgia boots are made of full-grain leather, Blundstone boots are made of Greasy Kip Leather which is more durable.

Although Georgia boots are heavier, Blundstone boots make use of the best leather and are just as sturdy as Georgia boots are.

Blundstone boots have a cemented construction. This has an edge over the stitch job in Blundstone boots since they are difficult to pull apart.

However, if a fault develops with the sole of Blundstone boots, it’s almost as hard as impossible to get it fixed.

Georgia boots make use of Goodyear welt construction. This makes them twice as durable as they should be.

Bottom Line: In terms of build quality, Georgia boots come ahead. Both boots use good leather.

Even though the leather in Blundstone boots will be a bit more durable, Georgia boots are reinforced with Goodyear welt construction.

This doesn’t only reinforce the boots and keep them in place but also makes them easy to be fixed.


Georgia Boots vs Blundstone:

Georgia boots make use of AMP Memory foam insoles while Blundstone boots use Xtreme Comfort Insoles.

Georgia boot Insoles have their comfort and cushioning maximized, with added support from a polyurethane layer under the footbed. There is an increased shock absorption feature too.

Blundstone insoles are made with XRD technology and tend to serve as orthotics, due to the level of support they provide. There is also enough cushioning and comfort.

Bottom Line: Blundstone boots have better insoles. They provide an equal level of comfort and cushioning.

They also offer more support than Georgia boots which makes some of their insoles sold as orthotics.


Georgia Boots vs Blundstone:

Georgia boots use outsoles made of leather or Vibram Rubber. With this, Georgia boots have maximum durability with a high level of traction.

They are also waterproof, although this feature is limited to the outsole. However, the upper soles are made of full-grain leather which makes them extremely resistant to water.

Blundstone boots are made of a polyurethane material that is both durable and comfortable. The polyurethane outsole increases the shoes’ shock absorption.

Bottom Line: Both boots have a special construction of outsoles. Georgia boots have a lot of reinforcement mainly for performance and extreme durability.

Blundstone boots are built to be very comfortable, with extra cushioning and shock absorption, but durability is not left out.

Fit and Sizing

Both shoes require breaking into before maximum comfort is achieved. Blundstone boots have more support so they tend to feel comfortable for a longer time.

Georgia boots provide wide sizes. Blundstone boots don’t have as many wide options but half-sizes are wide.

Georgia boots require visiting the size chart more often than Blundstone boots, especially if you are changing styles.

Bottom Line: Blundstone boots do not only feel more comfortable but also fit much better. Both shoes are perfectly okay after break-in but the arch support in Blundstone boots makes them better.

Georgia Boots vs Blundstone: Which is Better?

Georgia Boots vs Blundstone:

If you will be shopping for the perfect boots for you, you probably already have an answer in mind. There is already a clear difference between these two boots.

The best pair of boots to go for is Blundstone. You might have a different opinion but it is quite clear that Blundstone boots are more comfortable.

 In terms of durability, Georgia boots win this duel. They don’t just last. They can be easily fixed, unlike Blundstone boots that are cemented.

 However, most boots are only cemented out of confidence in the durability of the boots. This is the case in Blundstone boots that are capable of lasting a few years.

Blundstone boots don’t only last as long as Georgia boots but also provide orthotic insoles. With orthotic insoles, Blundstone boots are perfect for fixing plantar fasciitis.

They also provide superior cushioning and shock absorption. This doesn’t stop them from performing well as work boots.


Just so you know, Blundstone boots may require a few more dollars but it’s too little to be a problem.

Also, Georgia boots are built better for the work environment so whichever one you go for, know what it’s best for.


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