Gripfast Vs Dr. Martens

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People always try to compare Gripfast and Dr. Martens, because battles of the boots have always been a thing, and it always will.

However, I would like to carefully compare each boot type to see each one for what it really is, and how it can suffice for use in the area that I would want it to.

This is a better way to go than riding along with the bandwagon effect that is based on a particularly popular choice as most of the time, this ends in footwear casualty.

The common thing between these boots is that they have lots of options and models, so this gives every boot lover the luxury of choice. 

The Main Difference Between Gripfast And Dr. Martens Boots 

Gripfast Vs Dr. Martens

The main difference between Dr. Martens boots and Gripfast is that Dr martens have yellow stitching, they are air-soled that are dubbed bouncing, mostly 8-eyelets, they are welted, and are not very weighty.

Dr. Martens’s boots are made in Thailand, China, and the United Kingdom. 

Whereas, Gripfast boots have soft suspension soles, have steel toe caps, designed with the last of the UK army, they are mostly 10-eyelets. Gripfast boots are majorly made in England.

About Gripfast And Dr. Martens Boots

Gripfast Boots

Gripfast boots are manufactured by The Northamptonshire Productive Society. This is an expert company in the shoe designing and manufacturing industry that was established in 1890.

The same company was contracted by the British government to manufacture British army boots in the 1940s.

Thereafter, Gripfast boots came into the picture in 1990. Currently, Gripfast boots have found their way into the Solovair online store and have continued to gain so much popularity across Europe and America.

Dr. Martens Boots

Dr. Martens Martens started in 1901 when the company made boots in a small Wollaston town. The company has earned a reputation for over six decades for durable and sturdy boots.

Dr. Martens’s boots have been through vicissitudes and tides of different phases to morph into their current state. Originally, Solovair was the manufacturer of Dr. Martens boots before they were sold off to a different company. 

So you can see how these boots are intertwined in themselves. This explains why people can’t talk about one without mentioning the other. 

Comparison Between Gripfast And Dr. Martens boots

About Gripfast BootsDr. Martens Boots
First GlanceYellow stitching. 2mm sole height. Professional appearance. Sleek. Exudes brilliance. White sole stitching. 
ConstructionGoodyear welt construction.Goodyear welt construction.
DurabilityDurable.More durable.
MaterialFull-grain leather. Faux leather. Hydro, vegan, patent, and full-grain leather. Natural rubber.
Size And FitTrue to size. True to size. 
Comfort LevelMore comfortable.Comfortable.
Fashion QualityGlossy appearance. High fashion quality.Professional looks. Good fashion quality.
Overall QualityQuality Boots.High-quality boots.


Being a sucker for boots, I have observed that these two boots brands, although started differently, have currently interwoven into themselves that one may not exactly tell them apart if keen attention is not paid to their respective details.

It is on that note that a detailed comparison is made to serve as a guide by stripping them naked so they can be seen for what they exactly are.

For example, Dr. Martens’s boots started great, they improved on their existing qualities in the long run. They made changes.

There has been some sort of decline and compromise on quality recently. But this doesn’t strip them of their reputation as they still make durable boots. 

Gripfast boots on the other hand were initially made for people that need edgier and rugged boots.

They improved and began making Goodyear welted designs with steel toe caps boots which had their signature 10-eyelets design. 

Gripfast Vs Dr. Martens: First Glance

A potential customer, if not referred, is first drawn to a boot by the outer appearance before knowing other aspects of the said boot. This tells of the importance of a good first glance. 

Dr. Martens Boots

Gripfast Vs Dr. Martens

You can tell a Dr. Martens boots from afar by their yellow stitching especially. The soles are usually 2mm in height with a deep professional look and can be used as such. Some of them are 20-eyelet boots that reach up to 34cm in height. 

A first glance at Dr. Martens tells you of a fine blend of style and class because of the hues with which they’re designed.

A few are made shiny with corrected grain leather, others aren’t very sanded and polished. Regardless, you could still tell apart a Dr. Martens boot from other types. 

Gripfast Boots

Gripfast Vs Dr. Martens


Gripfast is characterized by a rich dose of aesthetic appeal. They have this brilliance and shininess regardless of their different color type or material used.

Their sole stitching isn’t as bold as Dr. Martens but they are white and quite catchy. The soles are mostly toothed and seam running almost across the upper 2-3 inches away from the toe part. 

Gripfast Vs Dr. Martens: Construction

The Construction pattern used for a shoe goes a long way in determining the extent to which the shoe can last. This is because it is the aspect that deals with how each of the shoe components is merged into becoming a single unit piece.  

Dr. Martens and Gripfast boots use the Goodyear welt construction. This is a type of construction where there is an existing welt between the sole of the boots and the upper.

The welt is first stitched to the upper before it gets connected to the sole. So this creates an additional layer that reduces impact and allows for easy replacement of outsoles when a situation calls for it. 

But there’s a difference between their toe parts. Gripfast toe caps are a bit more pointing upward while Dr. Martens’ are almost laid straight.

Dr. Martens have curved heels while Gripfast boot heels are rounder. Hence, the difference in the comfort level of their respective heel areas. 

Gripfast Vs Dr. Martens: Durability

Dr. Martens

Dr. Martens’s boots are quite durable. I have one that dated way back and another that is a recent production.

And it is a fact that as much as the brand still has a good name among brands that make quality boots, there is a quality difference between their old and recent production where the old ones wins.

Plus, it’s advisable to choose one with an oily surface rather than one with a smooth appearance. The former has proven to last longer. 

The part that sits atop the shoe tongue, where its eyelets are, is made of two-piece material just so it has the toughness to hold the eyelets when laced tightly.

Gripfast Boots

Gripfast boots are durable because they are mostly handcrafted, this way, attention is paid to details and there is optimized workmanship. The materials used are quality ones too.

But the models made with corrected grain leather aren’t as sturdy and durable as the iterations made with full-grain. So one has to confirm the details of each type before purchase. 

The soles are made of natural rubber that doesn’t easily get worn out, they have good traction control, good ground balance, and improved gait. 

Gripfast Vs Dr. Martens: Material

The materials used for boots design and the construction pattern adopted are the two core factors that determine every boot’s durability. And of course, maintenance. 

Dr. Martens Boots

Dr. Martens use hydro, vegan, patent, and full-grain leather for their boots’ design. Their primary boot material is full-grain leather.

Their soles are made of natural rubber material.

Other times the materials are synthesized to become composite for added strength, reduced weight, and better durability.

The eyelets are made of light metals, and the tongue remains leather, albeit it is a tad more flexible than the rest of the shoe.

Gripfast Boots

Gripfast uses hi-shine leathers, full-grain greasy leathers, corrected grain leathers, and faux leather. All of which have a glossy appearance. They’re shiny and sleek.

Their full-grain leather boots models go through a tanning procedure that increases the boots’ strength and overall durability. The faux leather is not as breathable and does not absorb moisture as well as the other types. 

Gripfast Vs Dr. Martens: Size And Fit

Gripfast Boots

Gripfast boots are true to size. Although you may need to size down by half if you have a narrow foot type. They are adjustable and comfortable. This means they can only get as tight as you loop them.

They fit comfortably because they do not hold snugly on the forefoot. And they’re a tad roomy at the heel side and the toe box.

The space left when a correct size foot fits in isn’t more than a quarter of an inch, this way, you can comfortably wiggle your toes without having a loose fit. 

Dr. Martens Boots

Dr. Martens boots are the type that takes a while before they break in, but when they do, they have lasting comfort, but never an initial one. Gripfast takes a relatively shorter period to break in than Dr. Martens.

But then, Dr. Martens have better ground balance while Gripfast has a better inner feel. But when it comes to traction control, Dr. Martens are at the peak of the game. 


Both boots mostly offer a whole size. So it is recommended that you size down to the nearest size of you are a half size. Also know that sizing up will only affect the boots’ length, never the width. 

Foot measurement must be made while wearing socks and in a standing position. Note that women’s boots come a tad narrower than their corresponding male counterparts of the same sizes. 

Also, keep in mind that every foot, regardless of type, is three-dimensional, so this means all existing two-dimensional measuring tools can only approximate your foot size. 

Gripfast Vs Dr. Martens: Comfort Level

Dr. Martens Boots

Dr . Martens’s boots take 3-6 weeks before they completely break in. When first worn, they are not exactly uncomfortable, they just have a tight fit that eventually gets relaxed.

Dr. Martens’s boots have an insole type that is lightweight and molded for breathability, fit, and comfort. They’re pretty big on cushioning and arch support too. 

Gripfast Boots

Gripfast boots, compared to Dr. Martens, have a better comfort level. This is because they have better softer inner walls, and their midsoles are cushier, so they hold the feet in so much tenderness.

And while you may want to mention that Dr. Martens have better ground balance, the margin isn’t very significant.  

Gripfast Vs Dr. Martens: Fashion Quality

Gripfast Boots

Fashion quality means aesthetically pleasing. And there are no boots that are more attention-calling than the glossy and nicely shaped ones.

And this is one of the obvious characteristics of Gripfast boots. They make use of corrected grain leather that has been sanded and polished, so it makes sense that they appear that way. Other models are not very sleek, albeit, they are in their minority. 

Dr. Martens

Dr. Martens’s boots are good-looking but not very much fashion-inclined. They only have this deep sense of maturity and sophistication that comes with class in their darker hues.

Their boots mostly have this formal design as though they are meant for professionals. 

Gripfast Vs Dr. Martens: Price

Even though this isn’t always the case, it is still worthy to mention that high quality precedes high price.

So, it is only logical that Dr martens boots are pricier than most Gripfast boots. Dr. Martens’s boots majorly sell for $250-$265 while Gripfast boots sell from $200-$240.

Gripfast Vs Dr. Martens: Overall Quality

The factors that determine the overall quality of every boot are the materials and the construction mechanism. These also decide every boot’s durability. And in the aforementioned areas, Dr. Martens boots win. 

Final Verdict

Getting it right with boots means aligning your preferred shoe features with an existing boot. It is advisable to opt for Gripfast boots if you’re keen on the inner boot feel, high fashion preference, and economical.

Whereas Dr. Martens is the ideal choice for durable boots, professional looks, and a good ground balance.


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