How Long Does Goat Take To Ship?

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Popular online fashion marketplace, GOAT operates a bit differently than most other online retailers. This is because the merchandise company is uniquely wired.

For this reason, it is almost expected that customers may wonder about an aspect of their shipping process such as the time frame.

The common items purchased from GOAT include deadstock shoes, hoodies, tees, and other apparel produced by Gucci, Supreme, Yeezy, and many more.

But, after buying any of these items, you may wonder how long GOAT takes to ship the product(s).

After placing and confirming your order on the GOAT platform, you can expect the shipping of your item to take between 7 to 10 business days. This is because the company receives your orders and processes them within 3-4 days, then shipping of your items will take 3-4 business days.

While GOAT tries to ship items to buyers as quickly as possible to ensure customer satisfaction, other things go down when learning about GOAT’s shipping procedures which we shall look into in the rest of this article.

What Country Does GOAT Ship From?

There is no singular, definite country from where GOAT ships its product to customers. The online retailer has facilities planted worldwide that have all been built and managed to comply with GOAT’s standards.

In other words, you can see that an item shipped from GOAT will have the information of being transported from China or Hong Kong. GOAT has facilities in those locations so there is no cause for alarm.

Meanwhile, it is necessary to note that if you’re an international customer shopping from GOAT, you are most likely responsible for all duties and taxes during delivery because the company adopts the DDU (Delivered Duties Unpaid) shipping model.

Examples of international customers include buyers residing in the United States,  New Zealand, Norway, China, the United Kingdom, the US, Australia, and even European Union.

Why Do Some Items Deliver So Quickly Than Others For GOAT shipping?

It is impossible to know why some items deliver so quickly than others on GOAT shipping without fully understanding how the process works.

The major reason why some items take so long to ship while some arrive so quickly is that GOAT offers two times of items for shipping namely Instant and Non-instant items. Products that take time to ship are non-instant items and vice versa.

The Instant items are basically products that are already sitting in GOAT’s stock. And so, the products’ authenticity has been verified which means it has reduced processing before it is taken out for shipping. Hence, the shipping time frame is shorter.

On the other hand, non-instant items will have multiple steps in the shipping process because they are listed by individual sellers. So, when an order is made, it would take about 3 business days to ship this item to GOAT for verification.

Once the product is cleared to be fully authentic at GOAT, then it will now be shipped to you (this will take another time frame)

If you think about it, the wait is worth it since the company is only ensuring that you purchase the right and authentic merchandise.

What Shipping Couriers Does GOAT Use?

If you are within the United States, the only courier’s GOAT uses to deliver your products are FedEx, USPS, and UPS.

If you are an international customer, you can expect different couriers than the abovementioned and it all depends on the country and the center the order is shipping from.

Whatever the case is, once your order is verified, the exact courier used when your order goes to ship will be communicated to you.

You can even find out other information about your delivery and shipping by viding the tracking section on the official GOAT website.

How Do I Track My GOAT Orders?

Tracking your GOAT orders is seamless as long as you can access the tracking number to locate where exactly your current order is then.

You will need to use the GOAT app, and then confirm that the order has been shipped by navigating to the ORDER section of your profile on the mobile app. If the order has been shipped, then you can track the movement using the tracking number.

All these can be done on the GOAT website.

How Much Does GOAT Shipping Cost?

Expect to pay anywhere around $13.50 for shipping if your delivery location is within the confines of the United State. Meanwhile, this fee applies to other products than “instant” items ordered with next-day delivery.

However, to locations like Alaska, the shipping is $15 while shipping of “Instant” items ordered for next-day delivery will set buyers back around $25.

In Summary

The bottom line is that, considering the instant and non-instant items variant, it takes an average of 2-10 days for your product to be shipped on GOAT. Of course, other factors that play into this include distance, country, and some terms and conditions.

For instance, the holiday season can influence how soon your shipping would arrive. Say that you buy “Instant” goods with Standard delivery before 11 am on Monday, December 20, and you can expect the product to arrive on December 24.

It is essential to admit that the information in this article is based on some personal experiences and information gathered from GOAT customer support and reviewers.

I hope you found this helpful, then let me know in the comments.

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