How Long Does Nike Snkrs Take To Ship?

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You can expect a Nike Snkrs to take as long as 12 business days to ship and get delivered to your location. However, there are exceptions where the product can arrive much more quickly than that. How soon your Nike Snkrs ships to your location depends on the Nike shipping options you are on.

Nike provides several shipping and delivering options that are available for those who would like to speed things up about their delivery. The condition for leveraging these shipping options is that they come with higher fees.

If you go for the Nike No Rush Shipping option, expect your Nike Snkrs to take between 3 to 8 business days for it to ship to your location, whereas the Standard Shipping option would take as long as between 3 to 7 business days.

Nike Snkrs will take just 2 business days to ship to your location if you purchase through the Expedited Shipping option, while Express Shipping will take 2 business days or less to get the Nike Snkrs shipped to your location.

This shipping duration takes effect and starts counting from the moment you submit your order. You should also keep in mind that, aside from the duration attached to each shipping option, the product can either be sped up or delayed due to your proximity to the closest warehouse.

Things That Determine How Soon Your Nike Snkrs Will Be Delivered To You

Nike takes pride in the millions of customers that pay for their products using their online platform. Given that the company receives orders every day, they try to ship products to buyers as soon as possible.

If you want to buy a Nike Snkrs or have already purchased one, you may be wondering how long does Nike take to ship? Looking at the aforementioned update, you can conclude that it will take anywhere from one day to six weeks for Nike to ship your shoes.

But some factors can still influence how soon you get the shoes shipped to you.

The shipping option that you choose is determined by the budget you have and your willingness to pay higher fees to fast-track the order process is also a factor. Also, if there are shortages in labour, irregular delays, and custom orders, it could directly influence how soon you will receive your ordered Nike sneakers.

Does Nike Deliver From the United States?

Yes, Nike delivers all its products from the United States. If you had ordered your Nike Snkrs from the company’s website, then the delivery is coming from the country distribution center.

So how does the footwear company deliver so quickly? Well, they also have Nike distribution centers planted in each country to achieve speedy delivery. This is why an order can take just 3-4 business days to arrive.

The company also has enough employees that work in the area of boxing and delivery.

What Shipping Company Does Nike Use?

Going by the information provided on Nike’s website, the footwear company partners with seven shipping companies to ensure fast delivery around the globe. These include

  • FedEx
  • UPS
  • USPS
  • LSO
  • LaserShip
  • CDL
  • OnTrac

If you ordered from Nike, expect any of the following couriers to ship your order, however, all of the snkrs I have ordered from Nike are always shipping with FedEx or UPS. And many of my friends say these are the two likely companies that handle their shipping.

But they also utilize other shipping companies and there are indications that you can request the specific shipping company you want especially while completing the checkout process on the website.

Can My Nike Snkrs Be Shipped at Weekends?

Unfortunately, Nike does not ship out Nike Snkrs on Weekends. This also applies to all of its products. All shipping and orders are processed during weekdays, that is Monday-Friday, except any of these business days that commemorate a public holiday.

So if you had placed an order over the weekend, no matter the shipping option, expect it to be shipped out on the following Monday, and then you can start counting/ tracking from then.

Those who say they receive their order on weekends need to understand that, in their case, the orders have been already processed, shipped out, and given off to the courier before the weekend. And so, while the order is in transit it can get to you on weekends.


Now that you know how long it takes for a Nike Snkrs to be shipped, I’d advise that you visit Nike’s order tracking page where you will be able to find full details about your order status.

Tracking your order is also important in knowing the courier that your goods are shipped with. Even if you don’t want to do that, the company will send you an email when your order ships, and the message will be accompanied by your tracking number.

If this is not your first time ordering from an online store, then you should be aware that multiple items ordered could be delivered at different times.

This is because the shipping company, FedEx for example, might have shipped your order using multiple carriers.

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