How To Not Crease Air Forces

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Are you looking for a way to avoid creasing your Nike Air Force sneakers? Let’s begin with a spoiler: No matter your shoes, you’ll crease them.

The natural movement of your foot that bends your shoes causes it to crease over time. This happens as a result of the compression in the material, which leads to an unsightly crease or wrinkle.

Sadly, Nike shoes with canvas, suede, and leather design are not immune to this eventuality.

The good news, however, is that there are ways to make creasing not happen any sooner in your new Air force that I have learned through years of experience wearing Air Force, a little bit of luck, and my knowledge of footwear care.

8 Tips On Avoiding Crease on Nike Air Forces

Before putting this post together, I was in a chatty conversation with a group of friends about getting a new Air Force 1.

I asked about avoiding creases, and the popular response was, “if you don’t want to crease your Air Forces, don’t wear them.”

Of course, that is a joke.

Seriously, here are things you should do to prevent your air forces from creasing too soon:

1. Wear the proper sneaker size

Creasing is more likely to occur when there is too much room from your longest toe to the tip of your Nike Air Force or when your heel slips and slides while you walk around in those shoes.

If you go for a too-roomy sneaker, there’d be space between the front of the shoe and your most significant, allowing the shoe to bend when you walk quickly. Over time, this would create lines at the front of your leather or synthetic sneaker.

In other words, buying Air Force sneakers that are the correct fit for you is one of the ways you can avoid the creasing of your shoes.

2. Only wear them sometimes.

Another sure tip to avoid creases in any Air Force Nike shoes is to avoid wearing them daily. It would make sense to have a substitute for these pairs to limit the number of times you use the shoe, thereby reducing the possibility of creasing showing soon.

You can buy less than 100 models of the Nike Air Force. You can avoid creasing with just two pairs and occasionally swapping one for the other.

3. Consider the material of the Air Force sneakers.

If you have experience shopping the Nike Air Force lineup, you’d know that some models are made of different materials.

Shoes made with super durable leather may not be crease-resistant and flexible either. A good example is the Full-grain leather Jordan 1s.

Indeed, you can’t get a hundred percent in a shoe, but consider mixing your materials up while shopping for more than one Nike Air Force.

Hint: Synthetics, knits, and canvas crease less easily than other materials.

4. Store your Nike Air forces correctly to avoid creases

One mistake many Air Force sneakers owners make is throwing the shoe in their closet to worry about later at the end of a long day at work.

Sadly, doing this will render the shoe susceptible to damage. One of the ways you can actively prevent creasing on your Nike is to store and protect them inside and out.

You can do this by stuffing tissue paper, newspaper, or some shoe form inside the shoe as you store it so that the sneakers will maintain their shape.

5. Don’t expose them to elements that deter the uppers

Another thing to keep in mind when preventing creasing on your Nike Air Forces is to keep the sneakers away from direct sunlight, heat, and moisture.

These elements can potentially damage the integrity of your shoes’ leather uppers and other components.

They will now become more flexible and creasable. You want something else.

6. Don’t use the iron on your Nikes

Maybe you can, but the truth is that many people have had scorch marks on their sneakers after using iron on them, as some believe one can use iron to take the crease out of the sneakers.

Of course, you can treat crease on Nike uppers using iron, but it has to be that you are sure of every process and extra careful enough.

7. Consider using socks

Wearing thick socks in your Air Forces would help occupy any space that could cause creasing while you walk in those shoes.

Apart from this, socks can be stuffed into each foot of the sneakers when you are not wearing them to maintain the shape of the footwear.

8. Apply pressure on your heels while walking, instead

You may not have noticed, but people whose first step while walking is to apply pressure on the toes usually experience creasing more quickly.

It would be best to consider walking flat-footed, as it is one way to avoid shoe creases. How?

Walking with pressure on the heel instead of the toes prevents the creation of lines caused by bending the upper as you move in those kicks.

In Summary

If I’m to recommend only the three best tips among all the tips shared on how not to crease air forces, I’d say:

  • Buy new Nike air force shoes. Wearing one pair of sneakers for many daily activities can increase the crease risk.
  • Make sure the Air Force fits you correctly. If the shoe is too big, it means extra space for your feet to move, and the shoe creases more.
  • Lastly, do not go for Cheap Air Forces sneakers with counterfeit materials. The latter is susceptible to creasing quickly.

With these eight tips, I hope you’ll never see creases in your Air Forces again. I’m sure you have other information I missed; feel free to comment below.

Thanks for reading.

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