Is Aldo Expensive

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Aldo Bensadoun, son of a shoe dealer, established Aldo, a Canadian retail brand in 1972. With a small shoe business at hand, the founder grew and expanded the brand, and today, it’s one of the largest corporations in the world.

Today, it’s into the production and sales of shoes, bags, and other fashion accessories. Aldo is famous for its dashing footwear, bags, and fashion items that are in line with current fashion trends. In addition, they’ve vast arrays of collections that cater to both men’s and women’s needs.

Is Aldo expensive? This question has been making rounds on the internet and you may want to find out if it’s and why.

Yes, Aldo is expensive. They manufacture their products with good quality leather and other strong materials. Their products are very popular for their rich designs.

Aldo is a well-known brand that has a solid foundation in the fashion industry which also contributes to the high price of their goods. However, they also offer products that are at mid-range prices.

Why Is Aldo Expensive?

There are many reasons brands keep their products at high prices. First, to be able to pull that off in this present economy requires confidence, confidence in the goods they produce.

And this will only happen if they manufacture quality products customers can trust. Aldo is one brand that has confidence in the products it manufactures because of the quality it puts in them.

They’ve garnered customers over the years who are in love with their products. Below are some of the reasons Aldo is expensive:


One reason the Aldo brand has remained relevant in the fashion industry and grew beyond the shores of Canada is because of its standard quality. This brand is notable for the quality designs of its footwear and accessories.

They get design inspiration from popular luxury brands like Gucci, Prada, and others and offer products at a lesser price although still expensive. In addition, Aldo products have a durable build. The majority of customers’ reviews claim that the shoes are long-lasting.

Furthermore, Aldo makes use of quality materials to design its products. In the beginning, Aldo made use of faux leathers for its shoes, but in 2010 it began using real leathers.

The leathers are well-sourced and have been treated well over time. However, you will still find shoes made with faux leather. Faux leather also has good quality but is not as standard as real leather.

That explains some of the mixed reactions of some reviewers towards the shoes. So, the price of certain products will vary.


Another reason for the high price point of Aldo products is the construction. Also manufactures its products with good features and designs that meet the taste of its customers.

The construction of their products with standard materials and craftsmanship enhances the build and makes them reliable for a good time. In addition, Aldo shoes are designers.

They’re not your regular casual shoes for running to the mall or strolling, they are what you wear to a party or office. Also, Aldo constructs their products to provide not only style and function but also comfort.


Comfort is one of the many reasons people buy footwear and other fashion accessories. No one would want to use a product that doesn’t keep them comfortable.

Aldo’s shoes are comfortable. Many reviewers attest to this. The heels are great as they’re not too bulky for the feet. Although, the level of comfort you will get depends on the style of shoes.

Aldo moccasins offer better comfort than heels and boots. Also, Aldo uses quality materials that enhance the comfort of its products. The many lines of Aldo’s footwear are great and suitable for their intended occasions.

Aldo uses standard size for their shoes and many reviewers attest that they come true to size. So, when it comes to comfort, Aldo delivers excellently.


Aldo manufactures its products in varieties of colors, styles, and sizes to offer customers reasonable options to choose from. Its footwear is available in different designs for both men and women: from flats, slip-on, sandals, heels, and oxfords to boots.

These variations offer products for different occasions. You can always find what you need from this brand. Also, Aldo creates stylish and designer bags in different colors to satisfy its customers.

This also contributes to the high price of their goods, for you will always find what you will need on every occasion.


Name is one of the reasons brands sell at high prices. Aldo has carved a niche in the fashion industry and this alone is enough to sell at a price they choose. The high price doesn’t stop customers from patronizing them.

They have about 3000 stores in different countries and so the popularity also influences its price. However, it offers quality for its price rates.

Are Aldo Shoes Supposed To Be Expensive?

Every brand has the right to fix the price of its products since they know what they’re offering to customers. However, this may not always satisfy everybody. Of course, brands have their specified targets.

The Aldo brand targets customers who cannot afford the prices of Gucci, Prada, and other luxury brands but want good quality. However, its shoes are still more expensive than other fast-fashion brands.

Aldo shoes sell from $70 and go very high depending on the designs and market. Also, these shoes have outstanding quality.

Many reviewers commend their excellence, designs, and comfort. However, some customers are not pleased with the quality of the shoes and claim it isn’t worth the price.

Although Aldo has a wide range of designer shoes similar to many luxury brands, it’s noteworthy to point out that their shoes don’t match the qualities of some of these luxury brands.

Generally, Aldo shoes are great, quality designs and all, but their prices shouldn’t be that high, but it’s still their choice.

So, if you’re one of those who are not satisfied with Aldo shoes’ prices but can’t seem to do without them, you can wait to purchase them at a discount. Yes, Aldo offers discount prices.

What Is The Aldo Brand Known For?

The Aldo brand is known for fast fashion. It knows how to stay in line with trendy styles and designs.

Also, this brand is not only into footwear but also produces, markets, and sells bags and other accessories. In addition, the Aldo brand is popular for charity programs.

Fast Fashion

Many fashion brands are leaning heavily towards fast fashion because trendy styles sell faster. Aldo is known for fast fashion. This strategy does it very fast for Aldo.

The brand creates new and trendy styles regularly to keep up with the market demand. Monthly, there’s a release of new products and designs across its stores.


Aldo is known to produce styles and designs that are similar to popular luxury brands. Its shoes and bags are very stylish and add a great appeal to your look. Aldo creates this design for both males and females.


Aldo is the first retail brand to fight against HIV/AIDS and over the years the brand has shown support in the fight against the disease.

This includes the “Aldo Fights AIDS” campaign and also including informational pamphlets in bags and raising money for the cause.

Also, this brand supports other charity programs including War Child, and Cure Foundation.

Climate Conscious

Aldo is also known for introducing climate-neutral initiatives to reduce toxicity in the climate. In 2018, the brand focused on reducing its carbon footprint and since then continuously worked through all its E-commerce stores.

Is Aldo A Gucci Brand?

No, Aldo is not a Gucci brand. Aldo brand was founded in 1972 by Aldo Bensadoun and it’s different from Aldo Gucci which gave birth to the Gucci brand.

Aldo is a distinct brand that started in Canada and has its line of products different from the luxury brand, Gucci.

4 Aldo Shoes You Should Have In Your Closet

Aldo ShoesUnique FeaturesReview
Aldo StessyClassic stiletto heel with  pointed toe4.4/5
Aldo Women’s Nicholes Block Heel PumpsClassic pumps with ankle straps for closure4/5
ALDO Men’s Eowoalian Lace-up OxfordClassic Oxford sneakers with lace-up as closure and rubber outsole4.6/5
Aldo Women’s Blanchette Ballet FlatBallet flat with slip-on design4.2/5


1. Aldo Stessy

Is Aldo Expensive

The Aldo Stessy is a classic stiletto heel every woman should have in her closet. If you’re a heel lover, then there’s no reason not to have this shoe handy for your killer night. It’s super cool with a glamorous glossy finishing that will steal all the attention.

The Aldo Stessy is made with a synthetic upper and is finished with a shiny appearance. The classic heel is designed with very durable premium leather. In addition, it features a pointed toe that enhances the beauty of this heel.

The synthetic lining is very comfortable and is meant to leave a plush feel on your feet. Also, the footbed is very comfortable and will offer enough balance for the feet. The outsole is non-slip and durable.

This slip-on heel is of great quality and is a must-have for every woman who loves quality heels. However, it’s best if you order a half size down as many reviewers say it runs small.

2. Aldo Women’s Nicholes Block Heel Pumps

Is Aldo Expensive

The Nicholes block heel pump is another classic heel from Aldo. This heel features a simple yet stylish design that will do justice to most of your outfits.

In addition, it provides a nice fit and lasting support and comfort.

The Nichole pump is made with materials of excellent quality to ensure a durable build. The upper comprises durable leather, and the rubber outsole has excellent traction. Also, this pump is well constructed to offer balance and comfort.

You can wear this shoe for a long time in the office or on any occasion, thanks to the well-balanced heel. In addition, this pump has a classic pointed-toe design.

The ankle strap is adjustable and helps keep your feet in place and also provides a more convenient fit. The Aldo Nichole pumps are a must for every woman’s closet.

They will take you to almost anywhere in almost any outfit.

3. ALDO Men’s Eowoalian Lace-up Oxford

Is Aldo Expensive

This Aldo men’s Oxford is an excellent preference for men who appreciate style and comfort. Not only does this Oxford sneaker provide lasting comfort, but it’s also very durable and will give you value for your money.

The Aldo Oxford is constructed with top-quality materials. The classic design offers reliability and lasting comfort. In addition, the low-top casual sneakers have a comfortable footbed that will closely contour your feet and give you a relaxed feel.

The lace-up closure offers an adjustable and more secure fit for your foot. Also, the tongue leaves a smooth feel on your midfoot.

The rubber outsole is reliable and has excellent traction that will properly grip any surface. This men’s Oxford is great to match with your jeans; it’s a must for every closet.

4. Aldo Women’s Blanchette Ballet Flat

Is Aldo Expensive

The Blanchette Ballet flat from Aldo is another nice shoe with a classic silhouette. This simple-designed flat has a quality build and provides a comfortable fit.

The Aldo Blanchette flat is designed with quality leather that improves the durability and build of this shoe. It’s well constructed to offer long-lasting comfort with a relaxed fit.

In addition, the lining and footbed offer sock-like comfort, properly cushioning the feet. The rubber outsole is good for any surface, and will properly support you all day.

This simple slip-on is perfect for everyday wear to the office or a casual setting; you should have this flat in your closet.


The Aldo brand is not a luxury brand but offers exceptional quality and stylish designs at a price that is still higher than other fast-fashion brands.

It’s an expensive brand because it uses standard materials with excellent construction and designs. However, the prices of its products are not as high as some other luxury brands.

The Aldo shoes can be gotten at a price between $70-$150. In addition, this brand offers discount sales for its products.


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