Can you wear fake Yeezys

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Legally, it is not okay to wear fake Yeezys. But, ideally it is very okay to wear fake Yeezys. People wear fake Yeezys for so many reasons and most times those reasons are valid.

So, if you can wear fake Yeezys without getting embarrassed and you’re ok wearing them, then, that’s fine.

But, if you do not want to break the law, then you shouldn’t be buying fake Yeezys. So many people do not see anything wrong with wearing fake Yeezys as long as they are comfortable wearing them.

The major thing we look out for in shoes is comfort. And so, if you are comfortable wearing fake Yeezys, then that’s ok but if you are not, then you shouldn’t wear fake Yeezys. 

Why People Wear Fake Yeezys

Is it ok to wear fake Yeezys

Here are a few reasons people wear fake Yeezys:

  • Price
  • To look cool
  • Comfort

The Price

You can be in a situation when you admire the design of a particular top brand but you know that you cannot afford to buy from that brand, and then you look for the cheap item that looks just like the top brand you admired and buy the fake.

Money is a major reason people buy fake stuff, including fake Yeezys. So because people like the pattern and design of Yeezys and Yeezys are way too expensive for every regular person to buy, a lot of people resort to buying fake ones. 

In as much as you can accept any embarrassment that may come with you wearing fake Yeezys and because you cannot afford to buy the original for as high as it is sold for, then it is ok to wear the fake ones.

Sometimes you may not really know why these top brands raise their prices so high and then by the time you find the same style at a cheaper price, you will be tempted to buy them.

I am sure that people wouldn’t buy fake Yeezys if the originals were really affordable.

To Look Cool

As funny as this may sound, a lot of people just want to wear designer shoes. And, because they cannot afford it, they have to buy the fake ones.

The sad thing is that they will not tell people that they are wearing the fake ones, so they just pretend to wear the originals whilst they are wearing the fake ones.

Some people who wear fake Yeezys do not pretend they’re wearing The Originals because they are content with what they have and maybe, they bought Yeezys because of the design of the shoes.

It doesn’t really matter if you wear top brand shoes like Yeezys or you wear shoes without any known brand, the major thing is for you to wear what you like and what you are comfortable in.

So, there is no need for a person to pretend to wear designer shoes from top brands like Yeezys when you can wear your normal sneakers and you still look very good.

This is another reason why some people wear fake Yeezys. It may not be a major reason, but it is part of the reason. That is why some of them often lie about the originality of the Yeezys they wear.

For Comfort

The major reason people wear shoes is to be comfortable. And if you’re comfortable wearing fake Yeezys, then that’s still ok.

A lot of people are comfortable wearing fake Yeezys even when the quality of the Yeezys are not really reliable.

The truth is that there are some times that some fake ones may last so long like The Originals. So, if you are lucky to get fake Yeezys that are really good and you’re comfortable wearing them, then that’s ok.

Also, if you can find a good size in fake Yeezys that you’re comfortable wearing, it is a plus for you.

A lot of people will keep wearing fake Yeezys because they can find fitting ones for themselves.

People see it as no big deal to wear fake Yeezys as long as they can get comfortable in them, while a lot of people look out for the top brand regardless of how comfortable it is.

These are some of the few reasons people wear fake Yeezys and the price is actually the major reason why people buy fake Yeezys.

Are Fake Yeezys Good?

If you’re talking about the quality of fake Yeezys, they are not good. Just as the name is fake, the quality is not really good. So you can’t buy fake Yeezys and expect them to be of good quality.

Fake Yeezys are not reliable as they can get damaged at any time. Imagine the amount of money used to make a shoe of $20 compared to the original that is $500.

The quality will certainly be very low and you will not enjoy wearing such shoes; this is the same case with the Yeezys.

Although, some people may find quality fake Yeezys that will last for a long time and that also look like the originals, but it still doesn’t make it good.

And because it is illegal to produce and buy fake stuff, then it is not good to buy fake Yeezys but you can still wear them if you’re comfortable in them.

Some people buy fake Yeezys without realizing it, and in that case, you can just wear them so you don’t lose your money.

But it is not at all bad if you cannot afford the original Yeezys. If you want to wear the fake ones, you can go ahead if you’re comfortable wearing them.

Why You Should Not Wear Fake Yeezys

As much as you might want to still go ahead and wear your fake Yeezys, these are the reasons why you should not wear your fake Yeezys:

They Are Made From Poor Quality Materials

Here is the truth; no matter how much fake Yeezys look like the originals, they are made of low and poor-quality of materials.

The reason why original Yeezys are so expensive is a result of the good and high-quality materials used in making them.

So, the fake ones are not exactly like the originals, the materials are fake with poor quality and they are not reliable. And because the materials are of poor quality, you don’t expect them to exactly be like the originals.

The quality of the materials used in making shoes are really very important and they determine how long the shoes will last.

So, if you’re getting very poor quality Yeezys, then you don’t expect them to last long. The outward look of fake Yeezys might be flashy but you may not like the quality of the shoes after buying them.

Cannot Protect Your Feet From Risks

This is a major result of wearing fake Yeezys. Because they are made of poor materials, they can not protect your feet from risks. So, your shoes can easily be damaged and your feet will be in danger of hurt.

When you’re using fake Yeezys for sports, you are putting your feet in danger because at any time the sole of the shoe may give in and your foot may be injured.

So, you’re constantly putting yourself in danger when you wear fake Yeezys because you do not know when they will go bad. 

The original Yeezys have a guarantee for protection from risks for a number of months or years, but the fake Yeezys do not have that.

Fake Yeezys are cheap but the injuries they may cause your feet may not be cheap to treat.

So you have to be wise and not continue to wear fake Yeezys if you have been wearing them before now.

But if you are lucky to get the good ones that have lasted you till now then you must be lucky indeed. Otherwise, it’s really risky to wear fake Yeezys, especially for sports. 

It Will Be Embarrassing If People Find Out

Imagine that you are with a group of friends and you’re feeling high for dressing so cool with your fake Yeezys and then someone immediately spots that the Yeezys you’re wearing is fake.

I bet you’ll be so embarrassed. That’s what may happen if you go about wearing fake Yeezys and portraying them as originals.

It is better you tell people if they ask that they are fakes than to pretend to wear the originals when they are fake because one way or the other, one person might find out and you might be embarrassed.

But some people don’t really care if they’re embarrassed or not and it’s ok if you’re like that.

It is Illegal

Lastly, it is illegal to patronize people who produce fake Yeezys. People took the time to design The Originals and it’s an act of stealing to produce the fake ones.

So, you are partaking in that same crime when you buy from them. It is so much better if you save up the money to get the originals than to get the fake Yeezys. 


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