Is Jordanxstore Legit?

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The Jordanxstore(dot)com is an e-commerce platform that claims to sell Jordan sneakers. The website runs advertisement campaigns across social media platforms, especially Facebook and Instagram to target audiences who are interested in buying a pair of Jordan shoes.

Going through their platform, it would seem as though they have pretty much everything Jordans. However, if you haven’t bought from the website before, it is expected that it looks pretty suspect to me.

So, how legit is Jordanxstore?

The Jordanxstore website seems to be a scam e-commerce website. This is following the identification of similarities it shares with other fraudulent online stores like, cheap sea skateboards websites, and even

I have rigorously gone through various authentic domain review platforms to discover that the Jordanxstore only takes advantage of the iconic Jordan Sneaker Shoes to lure people into shelling out cash for items they won’t get.

So, I do not recommend you deal with the website for buying your shoes.

Here is why I think so:

Why the Jordanxstore seems like a scam

It is quite hard to know if a third-party store for iconic items is legit or not until you do business with them. However, with the help of reviews and articles like this, you don’t have to take such risks.

Many fraudulent vendors pose to be selling items of popular brands like Jordan and even use the name as leverage to woo the product’s audience. An example of these websites is Jordanxstore.

Although you will find some people who would tell you that they are legit, I won’t recommend you to deal with them, especially after spotting these observations:

1. Novelty

Novelty is a huge factor when considering whether or not a website is legit. Websites that claim to trade items with people under the pretext of scams would most likely not have a solid history of successful trading years.

This is seen in Jordanxstore. The website is just a year and a few months old according to Whois Domain Tools

2. Unidentified owner

It should be a red flag when you can’t identify the owner of an enterprise before throwing your money at them in exchange for whatever commodity. The website owner of Jordanxstore seems to be hiding because it is mentally stimulating to dig up information about the website founders.

They are hiding the name of the founder by using third-party services which makes it suspicious.

3. They have registered with some very different company names.

Again, transparency is key when considering an online store to buy your Jordan shoes or other merchandise. Several reviews have shown that the Jordanxstore has registered with some very different company names in the past.

The big red flag in all these is that it is not indicated on their website which means there is probably no structure in their business module.

4. The “Contact Us” email redirects to another domain.

Another indication that the Jordanxstore is most likely a scam is that the contact us link leads you to another domain which is not supposed to be so. A genuine and transparent website would have the contact us Email ID on the same domain as their e-commerce site.

This feature of the Jordanxstore is a sign of fraudulent activity which you’d want to stir away from.

The truth is that many other similar scams are going on out there as mentioned earlier they offer a platform for purchasing iconic items but in reality, they are scams and cannot be relied on.

Reasons Why Some People Think Jordanxstore is Legit

The domain was created about 1 year ago. It is the opinion of some that any shopping website created less than 4 months ago is too new and bound to be suspicious. So, a full year can supply enough details to judge it but I don’t think that cuts it.

Aside from that, uses HTTPS (SSL) connection which is a criterium for any online business that handles payments and sensitive user information. Given that the website has this, some people believe that it assures all the traffic between you and the website is encrypted.

The website’s popularity is also another consideration of its legitimacy. For instance, may not have too much traffic but looking at Alexa traffic rank, it is ranked #1,794,695 among millions of other websites.

How To Know If An Online Store Is Legit Or Scam

Now, there are many other shopping platforms online that allow you to buy Sneakers online. But before you trade with such platforms you should look out for some factors to know whether they are legit or scams. Some of these factors include:

  1. The shopping website should use the HTTPS connection
  2. Check for the official social media accounts of the websites and go through the comments
  3. The website reviews (You can visit TrustPilot for this)
  4. Before buying anything, attempt to contact customer service via email
  5. Don’t shop with websites that have free emails such as Hotmail
  6. A pair of original Jordan sneakers cannot cost $10, right?
  7. Search for website discussions on Reddit to know the opinion of real users of the website
  8. Check if the website has a valid telephone and email address

Reliable Online Stores for Air Jordans

Some websites are dedicated to selling legit, excellent quality shoes that you can buy something from without bothering about safety. The most recommended online store to buy Nike Air Jordans is the official Nike website itself.

However, there are other reliable platforms like Foot Locker, Champs, SneakerHead, Iamkickz, Eastbay, and even Flex website.

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