Is Louis Vuitton Too Flashy?

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I don’t believe that Louis Vuitton is too flashy. I personally see it as being classy. What people see as flashy Louis Vuitton might be the replicas of Louis Vuitton, but the Originals are really classy and stylish.

Although they might be a little showy in their logos and styling, they cannot really be passed off as flashy.

One of the reasons why many people think Louis Vuitton is flashy is because a lot of people are using them and they look really common and superficial but they are not actually flashy but classy instead.

Why Louis Vuitton Shoes Are Not Flashy?

Is Louis Vuitton Too Flashy?

Louis Vuitton Are Classy Shoes

Louis Vuitton is a brand of a very high class and not many people can afford the original Louis Vuitton. So instead of you seeing Louis Vuitton as a flashy brand, you should see them are classy.

Apparently, Louis Vuitton bags, shoes, clothings, and accessories are very expensive and it is mainly people of the high class that can afford them.

You might find the cheaper ones if you are buying from a brand that is replicating the originals. 

The LV design on the shoes is peculiar to the brand and it’s a design that looks fashionable, not flashy. So having a Louis Vuitton in your closet is another way of counting yourself among the classy people.

So, this is a basic reason why I consider it not flashy. You should be careful not to get fake Louis Vuitton because, when you get the fakes, that’s when you will think they are flashy.

The original Louis Vuitton is actually classy and you will love them if you can spend that much to get the original. 

They Are Sturdy

Another reason why the Louis Vuitton brand is not flashy is that they are really sturdy.

The material of the bags especially is really strong and so, with this very feature you won’t even remember if they’re flashy, added to the classy feature of Louis Vuitton shoes, belts, and other accessories.

You will be grateful you have a Louis Vuitton brand in your closet.

This is a reason why you should really get the original Louis Vuitton rather than get the cheap ones that may not be as strong as the originals. You can wear a Louis Vuitton pair of shoes for decades without having them fall apart.

That goes to show how strong and sturdy the Louis Vuitton brand is. Louis Vuitton is a great brand to give a dear friend as a gift because there’s not gonna be a complaint of damage on the shoe for years. That person will have you in mind forever.

They Are Durable

With Louis Vuitton, you are not only buying a class or the brand name, but you are also buying durability, you are buying the sturdiness of the brand.

So, this is another reason why they are not flashy because the quality of materials is really good and whatever you buy from Louis Vuitton can last for years and decades.

This is the kind of brand that you can pass from generation to generation. You can have a Louis Vuitton pair of shoes and you can pass it on to your daughter and your daughter can pass it on to her daughter and so on because the brand is so durable.

Louis Vuitton Brand products stay for a long time and still retain their new look for as long as you use them.

So, if you really want to have a more durable brand of Louis Vuitton shoes especially, then you should get the sturdy material.

Some of the Louis Vuitton shoes may look flashy. But, they are not all that flashy, they are fashionable. So, this is a very good reason why you should overlook any iota of flashiness and get it for durability.

Let me remind you that the Louis Vuitton Brand is really classy, fashionable, and stylish and it’s a brand you should have in your house. 

Why Do People Think LV Is Too Flashy? 

Is Louis Vuitton Too Flashy?

There are many reasons why people think Louis Vuitton is too flashy and I’m just going to mention a few of them. 

The Logo Duplication On The Products

Just as in the picture shown here, the Louis Vuitton brand has a way of branding its products, especially the shoes, bags, and purses, with the LV logo all through. And because of that, a lot of people think it is too flashy and it is just way above their style.

There are so many people that love plain fashion and don’t really like the branded LV logo on Louis Vuitton products like shoes and bags

The monogram bag of the Louis Vuitton brand is a typical example of a kind of bag that people would think it’s flashy.

So many people like to have a plain and simple design on their accessories and shoes, but Louis Vuitton seems to have a different idea as they boldly brand their shoes, bags, and accessories with their logos.

And that kind of looks flashy to some people. This is a major reason why people think Louis Vuitton is flashy. 

Availability of Louis Vuitton Products Everywhere

It can be annoying when you have purchased a very expensive Louis Vuitton shoe and the next day, you’re seeing so many people who you are sure can’t afford it with that same brand.

It might even be that everyone in the meeting that you are in is using the same Louis Vuitton shoe. So, as a result of the availability of Louis Vuitton products everywhere, especially the fake ones, that make it look really flashy.

So, the once expensive brand is really being replicated at a very cheap price. And, because of that, almost everyone has access to Louis Vuitton products.

When everyone is using it, it is kind of flashy. So, people who do not like it may want to think that the Louis Vuitton brand is a flashy brand.

And by the time you walk on the street and you see 10 to 20 people using Louis Vuitton at the same time, it looks really flashy and fake. But, in an actual sense, the original Louis Vuitton is not flashy. 

The Bold Shiny Colors of Some of Their Shoes

It is so obvious that Louis Vuitton products are attractive with their shiny and bold colors. This is not only the shoes but every product of Louis Vuitton.

You cannot have Louis Vuitton products and not have people notice it. 70% of the styles in the Louis Vuitton brand are shiny and showy.

With that, people often think of them as flashy. Their shoes are particularly bold in colors and shiny in look.

Regardless of that, the Louis Vuitton brand is not really flashy, it’s just the way they have designed and patterned it to be.

So, some of their products that are really colorful, shiny, and bold may look flashy to some people.

There are people who do not like shouty colors, so many people just like plain colors. So, when a color of a material is just too bold, they might pass that for being flashy.

These are some of the reasons why people think Louis Vuitton is flashy. 

Why You Should Have A LV Brand In Your Closet

So now that you know that the Louis Vuitton brand is not flashy, this is when you should have some of their products in your house or their shoes in your closet.

Here are some reasons why you should have Louis Vuitton shoes or products in your closet.

If You Love Wearing Classy Things

I am sure that you are a man or a woman of class and you would want to wear classy brands.

So, Louis Vuitton is a very classy brand and this is a very important reason why you must have a Louis Vuitton brand in your closet, especially the Louis Vuitton accessories and shoes.

People are going to know you as a person of class if you go out to a meeting with your Louis Vuitton bag and a pair of shoes altogether. You are going to be regarded as a person of class.

If You Have A Good Fashion Sense

Another reason why you should have a Louis Vuitton brand in your closet is if you are a lover of fashionable things, then you need to add Louis Vuitton to your closet.

Louis Vuitton products are really stylish and fashionable and you are going to be noticed wherever you use them. So, if you love fashion just like I do, then get a Louis Vuitton brand in your closet. 


You should have a Louis Vuitton brand in your closet if you want to have a brand of shoes or accessories to pass on to your children or grandchildren. Because Louis Vuitton brand is really durable, you can use it for years.

So if you are looking for a brand to keep for your children and grandchildren, generation-to-generation, then Louis Vuitton is the brand to go for.

You will most likely begin to see Louis Vuitton as classy after reading this article. 


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