Is Madden Girl The Same As Steve Madden

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Madden Girl is not the same as Steve Madden. Madden Girl is a brand that is under Steve Madden and is aimed at younger women.

The designs of Madden Girl fashion line are only made to design for ladies who are in their teenage.

Steve Madden ltd is a broader brand that focuses mainly in designing high quality shoes and accessories for men, women and kids’. Madden Girl clothing can be found directly in stores and Steve Madden website including major retailers such as JC Penny , Amazon; etc, it will be easy for you to find a store or  ecommerce site selling Steve Madden and Madden Girl.  

We expanded more on the brand quality subject in the following article, because we truly believe that no matter what you are looking for you can be confident that Steve Madden is a good brand

Why Do People Confuse Both Brands?

Is Madden Girl The Same As Steve Madden

Similarity in Name

Steve Madden and Madden Girl share one common name which is “Madden”. As a result of that, people would want to think that they are the same.

The collection of clothing’s you will get from Madden Girl isn’t the same for Steve Madden. You can find Madden girl shoes also, but just because they sound the same doesn’t mean they are the same.

If I didn’t know better, I would have thought the same too. So, now you know that Steve Madden is the brand while Madden Girl is a line under the brand.

Regardless of the fact that they have one common name which is probable because they are of the same origin, they offer different products for different categories of buyers.

There is bound to be confusion at first, not until you learn the main facts about Steve Madden and Madden Girl. 

Both are Available in Same Stores

Another cause of confusion between Steve Madden shoes and Madden Girl for buyers is that you will find both Steve Madden products and Madden Girl products in the same clothing store.

It is normal to go into a Brand’s store and assume that every product you see there is the same and should bear the same brand name.

Since Madden Girl is a clothing line under Steve Madden, you will likely find its products in the Steve Madden store. Because, they are the same brand but different products and price point. 

Madden Girl will be displayed in a different department in the Steve Madden store and you will discover that it’s a different clothing line.

Finding both of them in the same store may cause confusion in the brand but, you need to understand that they are different lines but the same brand.

Steve Madden can also be found in famous legit online shoe stores like and Famous Footwear, if you have never heard about this store you can read more about them in this article: is shoebacca legit?

Besides, some Vendors advertise Madden Girl as Steve Madden and that causes confusion for buyers. I am sure that by the time you are done reading this article, you will no longer be confused about Steve Madden and Madden Girl. 

The Same Company

It would have been easier to tell the difference if Steve Madden and Madden Girl were separate companies entirely.

When you understand that Madden Girl targets young women only, that will narrow down to the type of products you should expect from Madden Girl.

When you understand that Steve Madden focuses on shoes and accessories for everyone, especially older people, you will know what to buy from Steve Madden. 

It is also common to assume that, because they do bear different names, they are two different companies.

So far, you will agree with me that that is not a fact. Understand that both Steve Madden and Madden Girl are in the same company but they offer different lines of fashion.

Check for the one that readily offers what you want, that feels comfortable on your heels and go ahead and buy from your favorite Steve Madden brand. 

What Brands Does Steve Madden Own?

Is Madden Girl The Same As Steve Madden

Steve Madden owns a lot of brands and according to the Steve Madden About Us page, he owns the Steve Madden brand, GREATS, Betsey Johnson, Dolce Vita, Blondo, BB Dakota, and Mad Love. 

Steve Madden

Steve Madden is a brand owned by Steve Madden that designs and markets shoes and accessories. Steve Madden is popularly known to sell good quality footwear for both men and women.

They are quite expensive shoes but still affordable for a lot of people. This is the first brand of Steve Madden and the brand is managed by Steve Madden himself. We did a deep dive on pricing in this article.

It is notable to know that Steve Madden’s products are quite trendy and fashionable. If you are looking for classy footwear and accessories to wear, then you should check out Steve Madden stores and online shop. 

Dolce Vita

Dolce Vita is mainly a footwear brand that was bought by Steve Madden in 2007.

Steve Madden bought Dolce Vita at $60M. Since then, Steve Madden has brought new ideas and has invested a lot to profit more from Dolce Vita. Dolce Vita is actually doing well as it is being patronized by many buyers.

If you are looking to get cool footwear that has the Steve Madden touch but not exactly Steve Madden, then you should buy Dolce Vita shoes. 

Betsey Johnson

Betsey Johnson is another brand that was bought by Steve Madden. Betsey started designing for women before she got into a debt of $48 Million and couldn’t pay off her debt.

Steve Madden came to her rescue, paid off the debt, and acquired the company as well. Betsey Johnson was acquired by Steve Madden in 2010.

Betsey Johnson designs and markets women’s clothing, accessories and shoes. Betsey Johnson is also known to design one of the best dresses for prom.

You can still get Betsey Johnson clothing and accessories from any vendor or better still, from Steve Madden. 


Blondo brand is another brand that was bought by Steve Madden. Blondo designs and markets waterproof shoes.

Blondo is known to produce catchy and fashionable booties for women that are actually waterproof. Steve Madden bought Blondo and he still continues to produce the waterproof boots of blondo.

If you are in need of stylish boots that are also waterproof, then Blondo is the right place to go. They are quite affordable and they are still available for purchase.

Since Steve Madden is really interested in shoes, this proves to be a very good investment for him. 


Steve Madden designs dress shoes and it doesn’t seem like he would be interested in sneakers. But, here, he owns GREATS which designs and makes sneakers.

A lot of people wear sneakers approximately 5 days out of 7 days in a week. Steve Madden understands the business of involving himself in sneakers, and that is why he bought GREATS.

Steve Madden still owns GREATS today and he is still making a lot of profit from that brand. Steve Madden is really strategic in the companies he buys and it is obviously paying him off. 

BB Dakota

BB Dakota is a women’s lifestyle clothing brand that was bought by Steve Madden some years ago. BB Dakota is majorly distributed in the US and Canada.

It is a brand for every woman, both young and old. You will most likely find fashionable and stylish wear from the brand.

The brand is now owned by Steve Madden and you can find BB Dakota products in Steve Madden stores.

They are quite affordable and available for quick purchase. If you are in need of fashionable dresses, then you should get them from BB Dakota. 

Mad Love

The last brand listed on Steve Madden About Us page is Mad Love. Mad Love is a shoe brand that designs and markets sandals which are called Sandalias Casuales.

Considering all of these brands, Steve Madden has practically delved into all the footwear categories using different brands he bought.

If you love cool sandals and you are in need of a pair, then you should check out the Mad Love brand owned by Steve Madden.


Steve Madden and Madden Girl are not the same. Madden Girl is a clothing line that is under the Steve Madden brand.

The fact that they are both available in the same Steve Madden store makes a lot of people confused about their difference.

Steve Madden owns about 7 different brands which are Steve Madden, Dolce Vita, Betsey Johnson, Blondo, GREATS, BB Dakota, and Mad Love just as specified by Steve Madden.

The products of these brands can be found in their own stores and department stores where you will get excellent customer service.


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