Is SneakerIICity Legit - Truth Revealed

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Many die-hard sneaker fans are out there, especially for Nike’s Air Jordan footwear.

The sad part is that scammers are aware of this and want to leverage the trend by creating scam websites on the internet with the pretext of selling these shoes to dupe people out of their money.

There has been a dramatic rise in websites showcasing Air Jordan shoes at a very low price. Some are scams, and some are legit.

SneakerIIcity is one of these novel websites, but before you trade with them, you first want to be sure whether they are scams or legit.

I have dedicated some time to doing the digging for you. This article will walk you through my findings.

What You Probably Don’t Know About Sneakerllcity

Sneakerllcity is an online store that sells sneakers. But they also deal in other clothing items like t-shirts, caps, accessories, socks, and pants.

According to information provided on their official website, SneakerllCity has two stores – one in Singapore and the other in Vietnam.

They have also shared their addresses and phone numbers on the website for those who want to verify authenticity. They claim to sell high-quality footwear of Nikes, and Air Jordans seem to be their popular model.

According to details on TrustPilot, a globally recognized host of reviews of businesses worldwide, Sneakerllcity domain registration was on the 27th of September, 2021.

This can make one conclude that Sneakerllcity hasn’t been in the sneaker vendor business for too long to be trusted. But there is more to the consideration than this.

6 Questions That Determine the Legitimacy of Sneakellcity

Does the URL of Sneakerllcity look wrong or suspicious?

When an online sneaker vendor is recommended to you, checking the details of the website link is the first diagnosis to know whether it is a scam or not. Sneakerllcity has a dedicated website where it sells shoes and other clothing items.

But they are mostly patronized via social media. But looking at their website, it doesn’t look secure for a legitimate transaction to happen.

The site URL does not begin with ‘HTTPS,’ meaning it is not even secure for online transactions.

Are Sneakerllcity product images stolen?

Another salient question you need to answer before dealing with a website like Sneakerllcity is whether or not their product images are stolen from the internet or the Nike website.

If they are genuinely in the sneaker-selling business, the images they put out to advertise their market should be original – pictures of the shoes they have in stock.

One way to know when product images are stolen is when they are not uniform. Legitimate sneaker-selling platforms use their pictures taken by their photographers.

Sneakerllcity offers many of the same products but not with the same pictures, so it’s a green sign on this factor, not red.

Are Sneakerllcity deals too good to be true?

A Limited edition, out-of-production Nike Air Jordan selling for $100? Really now?

If you have seen any sneaker on this platform that appears too good to be true, it can be tempting to patronize, but it could be a red flag.

Based on experience, scam websites with too-good-to-be-true deals would send either pirated or counterfeited shoes – provided they even send the product in the first place.

What about their contact email addresses?

It is good that Sneakerllcity provides all its contact information and address on its website. It is a transparency gesture to promote trust, but that is not enough for a novel website dealing with people’s hard-earned money.

I have tried calling the numbers provided on the Sneakerllcity website during business hours but have yet to hear back. This could mean something.

Nevertheless, a website with no contact information is a red flag, and Sneakerllcity does not seem to be on the negative side of this one.

What websites are linking to Sneakerllcity? Reviews?

This is the first step you took in verifying the legitimacy of Sneakerllcity, which brought you to this page.

Sneakerllcity is a relatively young enterprise (as it claims to be) and has yet to be mentioned many times on the internet or recommended in giant fashion-oriented platforms.

It doesn’t stand a chance compared to other retailers with a solid online presence and a rich history of selling shoes for a long time.

From my research, most of the times Sneakerllcity has been mentioned on the internet is about questions on its legitimacy. That is not a good sign.

Is there any social media presence for Sneakerllcity?

Sneakerllcity does have an Instagram handle, and the comments there are by real people, probably customer based, constituted by people who have purchased shoes from them.

They seem to share their business with followers on Instagram, and there is no hidden detail about their physical stores, sales representatives, delivery to customers, etc., which doesn’t send any red flag impression.

Final Remarks

Sneakerllcity may not be a scam, considering the positive review comments made on the brand’s social media pages. But all these could have been orchestrated.

Since Sneakerllcity is new now, shopping on such a website comes with a risk that I won’t advise you to take.

Instead, consider shopping for sneakers from reputable sources like Macy’s, Amazon, Foot Locker, eBay, Sneakerhead, Sneakernstuff, or Stadium Goods.

There is no doubt that the demand for Air Jordan shoes is very high, and you can expect many scammers to make fraudulent websites and list this product on them.

Due to this perceived scam stunt, it is not wise to trust any new website claiming to sell sneakers. It is best to deal with websites that have been in the business for more than two years and have reviews to prove a genuine customer base.

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