Lacoste Vs Adidas

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The biggest difference between Lacoste and Adidas is in how they are perceived. This makes Style and Brand Recognition the major difference between the two brands.

Lacoste is considered by many to be a low-budget option for many. Some consider the brand’s logo to be extremely repulsive, calling it not stylish in the least.

 Adidas, on the other hand, has its respect upheld. The brand is known for its stylish shoes and is widely appreciated.

However, this doesn’t exactly make Adidas better than Lacoste shoes, even in terms of style. Below are contrasting reviews on Adidas and Lacoste shoes;

I will always put Lacoste over Adidas. Adidas products are common and just overrated. It’s like they make the same thing every year.

I have an idea; let’s get a white shirt and put three stripes on it. Boom! We just created the Adidas collection for the next fifteen years!

You can find Adidas shoes almost everywhere. I would go for Lacoste. First, they are quite affordable, they are stylish, and only a few people have them which makes you different.

The reviews above may not be worthy reasons to go for either of the shoes so we should have a quick look at both brands and leave a review of our own.

Lacoste Sneaker Reviews

Lacoste Vs Adidas

Lacoste, or La Chemise Lacoste, is a French knitwear company founded by René Lacoste and André Gillier in 1933. The brand is recognized by its green alligator logo. 

The brand started with the production of tennis shirts designed by René Lacoste. Now, the brand has gone further into fashion, producing clothing, footwear, sportswear, leatherwork, perfumes, and even watches.

The Lacoste brand has grown wide and is still growing in production, with Novak Djokovic, the iconic tennis star, as the brand’s ambassador.

Lacoste shoes have some of its shoes made in Germany and some in Thailand. The sneakers can be made of Leather, Canvas, or PVC, and every material utilized is said to be of the best quality. Below are some reviews on Lacoste sneakers;

They seemed a bit tight on the first day. After the first day, they fitted perfectly. Very comfortable!

I like the Lacoste Lerond but it’s Canvas… and it’s white. Canvas can be very hard to clean. It’s not impossible to put out stains but it doesn’t take a 2-minute wash either.

The product is pretty high-quality though. It’s not excellent but it’s not cheap either. It is quite the same with my Adidas sneakers.

I recommend visiting a Lacoste store. The reception was nice. The shoes are of commendable quality and the prices are very reasonable.

They also have discounts on purchases. You will get the worth of what you spend. The shoes I bought were very stylish and comfortable.

Lacoste Sneakers are sometimes incorrectly sized. Asides from the sizing, Lacoste shoes are great. I can’t recall how their pricing is but they offer high quality.

They are pretty comfortable and some of them look really good. Some Lacoste shoes, according to their label, cannot be washed.

Pros of Lacoste Sneakers 

  • High Quality
  • Fairly fashionable
  • Affordable
  • Comfortable fit
  • Versatility
  • Fair brand recognition

Cons of Lacoste Sneakers 

  • Wonky sizes

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Adidas Sneakers Reviews

Lacoste Vs Adidas

Adidas, or Adidas AG, was founded in 1947 by Adolf Dassler in Bavaria, Germany. The brand’s history dates back to 1924, with his older brother, Rudolf, under a German name, “Gebrüder Dassler Schuhfabrik”, which means “Dassler Brothers Shoe Factory”. 

The business succeeded after Jesse Owens wore Dassler’s handmade spike shoes for the Olympics and won four gold medals.

However, the brothers had to split in 1947. Adolf started “Adidas” and Rudolf started “Puma” which became a rival brand to Adidas.

 In 1952, Adidas made use of a logo of three stripes. The brand changed its logo in 1972 and it lasted till 1997 before the current logo was introduced. 

Adidas shoes are made in the headquarters in Bavaria. The brand makes use of cold cement construction to avoid adding extra weight to shoes. Below are some reviews on Adidas sneakers;

Super comfortable shoes. They are so beautiful. My usual size is 10 and that’s what I ordered. They fit perfectly. I think going half size up will work fine but these are still very comfortable. 

I have tried three Adidas running shoes. Adios is the best. They are fast, lightweight, and have the least cushioning. It is probably the best running shoes in the Adidas collection. The other running shoes seem built for comfort alone.

Adidas has been my favorite sportswear brand for a while now. Their products are always of high quality and they are very comfortable. I recommend this brand.

Adidas is a great option. The brand is quite innovative in its footwear. The shoes are comfortable. They are also quite weightless so you can wear them for a long while without problems.

Pros of Adidas Sneakers

  • High Quality
  • Comfortable
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable fit
  • Versatility
  • High brand recognition

Cons of Adidas Sneakers

  • Incorrect sizing
  • Expensive

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Head-to-Head Comparison between Lacoste and Adidas Sneakers

  • Construction
  • Price
  • Build Quality
  • Insole
  • Outsole
  • Fit and Sizing


Lacoste Vs Adidas

Adidas makes use of different materials in the construction of shoes, including suede, ocean plastic, foam, fabrics, and synthetic leather.

The Adidas brand doesn’t use any material gotten from animals so the leather used in their shoes is not natural. However, the shoes are able to keep great quality and durability.

Lacoste has almost all of its shoes made of natural high-quality leather with additions of suede or fabric. Both brands make use of high-quality materials that reflect the durability of their products.

Adidas shoes usually have a cemented construction. The brand has adopted a new style of cementing its shoes that prevents the shoes from amassing unnecessary weights.

Some parts of the shoes are stitched but some people believe the stitches to be faux. Lacoste shoes, on the other hand, are stitched perfectly to ensure durability.

Stitched shoes are generally assumed to last longer than glued shoes but Adidas shoes are very durable even with the glue.

The glue is not roughly applied so you can’t see it. The stitches are also not roughly done unless your Adidas shoes are fake.

The same applies to Lacoste shoes. The stitches are solid and perfect that they appear seamless.

Adidas shoes are reviewed to come in the same style again and again with very few changes. Lacoste shoes are also reviewed to have a repulsive logo with no bit of stylishness.

These reviews are quite wrong. Adidas shoes truly have a simple logo but the styles offered are superb.

The same applies to Lacoste shoes. A fairly large amount of people acknowledge the versatility of Lacoste shoes.

Bottom Line: Judging by the construction modes of both sneakers, Lacoste shoes take the lead. It is easier to convince a newbie of the premium quality of Lacoste shoes than Adidas shoes if brand popularity is set aside.

This is because glued shoes are considered cheap and less durable. Also, faux stitching is a feature that can be assumed to be for the sake of deception.

Lacoste shoes are constructed with materials that prove their durability.


Lacoste Vs Adidas

Lacoste shoes are not very cheap. Adidas shoes also are not very expensive. Considering the status of the Adidas brand, the price tag on their shoes are very reasonable.

In addition to that, they provide high-quality products which may be even worth more than the money you pay. Lacoste shoes are not cheap in prices and they are not cheap in quality either.

Virtually every review, including the few negative ones, mentions how reasonable their prices are. Lacoste shoes range between $60 and $150. It is very rare to find Lacoste shoes spilling over that range.

Adidas shoes have prices within the range of $60 and $200. Also, only a few Adidas shoes have prices over $200.

However, no matter the price you pay for either of these sneakers, you will enjoy the value more than you expect yourself to.

Bottom Line: Judging by the prices of both shoes, the duel will be a tie. Both shoes are quite high in price but it’s not rare to find lower-priced variants of either of them.

Also, they both offer great quality so the prices can be termed reasonable.

Build Quality

As mentioned earlier, both shoes are of great quality. They are both sturdy in texture and very durable.

There are a few complaints about some Lacoste shoes with thin soles that look thick on the outside, although this doesn’t impair the performance and durability of the shoes. The same applies to some Adidas shoes with thin soles.

Both shoes tend to be narrow. The Adidas brand claims to provide options for people with wide feet but there are not many Adidas sneakers with wide sizes.

Although Lacoste doesn’t exactly provide options for people with wide feet, most of their shoes are so soft that wide feet can break in. It takes a short while to get comfortable in the shoes.

Bottom Line: Judging by the build quality, this will be a tie since both shoes are equally thick. While some Lacoste shoes have thin soles, some Adidas shoes do too. This doesn’t affect the quality of either of the shoes in any way.


Lacoste Vs Adidas

Both shoes have extremely comfortable insoles. Lacoste shoes use Ortholite Insoles which allow softness, lightness, breathability, and comfort. Ortholite Insoles are sweat-wicking.

This, in addition to the shoes’ lightness, allows you to wear your shoes for a long while without losing out on comfort.

Adidas shoes have many Insoles. They have the Cloudfoam insoles which provide superb cushioning and shock-absorption.

They are installed in some Adidas running shoes but these are reviewed to be inappropriate for runners due to the high cushioning.

However, Adidas also has other running shoes with insoles that provide less cushioning and assist runners. Adidas also has a special insole technologically modified for soccer players.

Bottom Line: Judging by the Insoles, Adidas wins this because there are more options to choose from.

Lacoste shoes have extremely comfortable insoles and insoles built for runners too. Adidas seems to provide more options than Lacoste shoes.


Both shoes have their outsoles made of rubber. The upper soles can come in different materials. Lacoste tends to use leather in every one of its shoes to assure durability. The rubber outsole ensures traction.

Adidas shoes also use rubber outsoles while the upper sole can be made of synthetic leather or fabric. 

Due to the materials used for the upper of both shoes, they tend to get dirty easily. Adidas shoes are reviewed to last a while before starting to fade. Lacoste shoes don’t last as long but they don’t fade naturally.

Bottom Line: Judging by the outsoles of both shoes, Adidas shoes should take the lead. The two shoes use almost the same materials but Lacoste shoes tend to fade earlier than Adidas shoes do.

Fit and Sizing

Adidas shoes are advertised to be true to size but some of their shoes tend to run big while some run small. It is necessary to learn about the particular shoe before ordering a size.

Lacoste shoes run big for women, most of the time, but it’s necessary to confirm how they fit from other reviews. Lacoste shoes for men are sometimes true to size and, sometimes, they run small.

Both brands have issues with wide sizes. Adidas offers a few options for people with wide feet. Lacoste also has softly cushioned insoles to help some wide feet.

Bottom Line: Comparing the Fit and Sizing of both shoes, this should be a tie. Both shoes have no trusted sizing system so you have to be careful not to order the wrong size.

Lacoste vs Adidas: Which is Better?

While both shoes will be great for anyone, Adidas shoes are the better option. Both shoes are great at durability and fashionable too. However, Adidas shoes are more versatile.

Lacoste shoes are versatile in the sense that they tend to fit perfectly with any outfit and they have beautiful designs. Adidas has more styles in its collection.

With its special insoles, Adidas has shoes for virtually every exercise. They have shoes for walking, running, and other sports. They give you more options to choose from than Lacoste shoes do.


The beautiful collection of styles offered by the Lacoste brand gives you a million reasons to check them out.

In addition to that, you get to be special in places where Lacoste is not well-known. The Lacoste brand is growing bigger with time so you have a very short time to be special in those shoes.

Still, Adidas shoes might be the better option for you.


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