Motocross Boots Vs Motorcycle Boots

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When it comes to safety boots for motorbikes, it is always common to see the Motocross boots vs Motorcycle Boots comparison. This comparison is often made based on which is better. 

The better boot between Motocross and motorcycle is dependent on the specific terrain on which they are used. This is because they have different features that make them function better in some areas

The need to take safety and precautionary measures while on a motorbike, especially power bikes and other racing bikes, can never be underestimated. Hence the need for a good helmet, glove, jacket, boot, etc. 

However, being equipped with the right knowledge on the ideal type of safety item to use on specific terrains reigns supreme. In that regard, this article opens you up to the functionalities of Motocross and Motorcycle boots so that you can make an informed decision. 

AboutMotocross BootsMotorcycle Boots
First GlanceAdvanced structural rigidity. Structural sole design. More of darker hues. Not a very sleek design. Sleeker designs. Fine outer armor. Brighter colors. 
ConstructionHinged ankle system and hard shell protection construction. Off-road construction.Supple construction. On-road construction.
Comfort LevelGood comfort level. Excellent comfort level.
MaterialSturdy rubber. Thermoplastic polyurethane. Polyurethane. Metal. Microfiber material.Largely polymeric materials. Composite materials. Metal.
Sizing And FitTrue to size. There’s a break-in period. Come in narrow, average, and wide fit.Fit snugly. Different iterations have distinct sizing characteristics.
PriceVery pricey. The price range is majorly from $140 to $200.Pricey. Price range is majorly from $90 to $150. 

Motocross Boots Vs Motorcycle Boots: Major Difference

The major difference between Motocross and Motorcycle boots is that Motocross boots are made stiffer, have better protective features, and have better abrasion resistance. Motorcycle boots on the other hand are made of lighter material, have less protective features, and are more comfortable. 

Simply put, the major difference between Motocross and Motorcycle boots is that the former has a design for off-road motorbiking whereas the latter suffices better for on-road motorbiking. 


Motocross boots have a stiff design that doesn’t allow good movement range. This protective feature makes them not suitable for on-road use. Especially when it comes to braking and shifting. 

Reason For Comparison 

The reason for the comparison between these two boots in this article is to create a guide for users so that their decision to opt for either of these shoes, should come from an informed place. 

Research has shown that reckless driving and the use of alcohol top the chart on the common causes of accidents, same research showed that another leading culprit here, as recorded, is overspeeding.

But the fact that overspeeding is the conventional way of driving among racers, on-road, and off-road motorbike users, it is important that any precautionary measure taken shouldn’t ironically defeat the purpose it is supposed to serve. 

Improper boots have been a measure cause of accidents too. Sheilas Wheels, a British insurance company surveyed over 1000 drivers in the UK, and it was discovered that 60% used unsuitable shoes for driving, and 20% of this population led to accidents.

This is because these shoes have weights and features that impair your ability to control the motorbike.

Motocross Boots Vs Motorcycle Boots: First Glance

When it comes to shoes for motorbikes, a first glance wouldn’t really do it because the outer appeal can be deceiving sometimes. However, there are some visible features with which you could tell whether or not a certain shoe type can suffice for your use. 

Motocross Boots

Motocross Boots Vs Motorcycle Boots

A first glance at a Motocross boot opens you to its sturdy outer face. You will notice that it is a lot like ski boots, you’ll also notice the thicker leather even from a distance.

You can also tell that it has advanced structural rigidity and a better structural sole design that is geared towards safety. Motocross boots come in less sleek and bright hues, although they look great. There is the heat shield too. 

Motorcycle Boots

Motocross Boots Vs Motorcycle Boots

Motorcycle boots have a fashionable appearance too. They come in different models and colors. While they have protective features, they do not exude the typical sturdy look common with most Motocross boots. They have this fine outer armor and safety buckles. Motorcycle boots are usually sleeker and with darker hues. 

Motocross Boots Vs Motorcycle Boots: Construction

The construction of every boot determines its safety level, durability, and every other feature that should bring about comfort or discomfort therein. Here is how Motocross and Motorcycle boots function in this regard.  

Motocross Boots

Motocross boots have a very rich dose of sturdiness. They have a hinged ankle system and hard shell protection construction. They usually come with a reinforced toe box and shanked soles. Their soles are particularly hard and don’t have much traction so the users do not feel the gear change. 

Motocross boots have outer armor made of sturdy plastic that shields a rider’s feet, lower legs, and shins from the effect of a possible collision. It also has a heat shield which prevents the direct effect of the heat from the muffler. 

The main features of Motocross boots include:

  • Shock-absorbing padding
  • Heel guards and steel toe
  • Replaceable arch support
  • Achilles flex zone
  • Safety bucket lock system
  • Reinforced shin plates protectors

Motorcycle Boots

Motorcycle boots have a light and supple design, comfortable, albeit not very big on protective features. They have the typical on-road construction that has buckles and fasteners for a secure fit. The inside of the boot is constructed with cushy materials for a comfortable fit. 

Motorcycle boots have a good under-the-sole grip, they seldom lose touch with the pegs such that a rider rarely slips off at any point in time. 

The main features of Motorcycle boots include:

  • Undersole grip
  • Safety buckles and fasteners
  • Cushy inner material
  • Molded ankle protection
  • Oil resistant sole
  • Good air permissibility


Motorcycle boots are constructed to protect against long abrasive slide types and high-speed movements that can occur on asphalt, road, or pavement.

Motocross boots on the other hand are constructed with a different reinforcement that should shield against the direct impact of the rough off-road high-speed movement. 

Although the construction of both boots is geared towards the foot, ankle, and lower leg protection. However, their different designs give them different protective reinforcement, padding, airflow, and different movement types that should be compatible with their various ideal places of use. 

Motocross Boots Vs Motorcycle Boots: Comfort Level

The comfort level of a motorbike boot, to a great extent, determines how well you can focus and enjoy your riding experience while on it. The major factors that improve or alter them are their weight, traction control level, inner cushioning, heat prevention features, etc. 

Motocross Boots

Motocross boots are not very big on comfort. While they are not built with much vibration damping or resistance, they’re made to be very stiff and allow for a little range of foot movement.

The overall design of Motocross boots is not to be worn for a very long period, otherwise, they result in fatigue. In a way, they’re a tad weighty. 

Know that Motocross boots are not comfortable for regular road use. Hence the name “Motocross”, translates to “a form of off-road motorbiking.” The highest priority of this design is injury prevention. 

The ventilation system in Motocross boots is simply good. Not exceptional. 

Motorcycle Boots

Comparatively, Motorcycle boots are very comfortable. This is because of their lightweight design, good traction control level, and because of their overall long-hour use design. Most of their models do not raise very high to the calf height, as such, allowing for a good range of movement.  

While Motorcycle boots can be comfortable for use in off-road motorbiking, they do not have the safety features that can withstand the intensity of damage that form of motorbiking brings. 

Motorcycle boots have a good ventilation system that helps to aerate the legs. This means less sweaty feet to boost good foot health. 

Motocross Boots Vs Motorcycle Boots: Material

The materials used in every boot is as a function of how the designer wants the functionality of the boot to be. While some are made of single-unit materials, others are made of hybrid materials. All of these are a result of making them better suffice for their intended areas of use. 

Motorcycle Boots

Motorcycle Boots are largely made of synthetic polymeric materials. These are polymer materials that are specifically synthesized to have a predefined density, flexibility, softness, breathability, and stretchability to allow the user some comfort while on it. 

There are also metals in some of the areas and other composite materials. All of these aforementioned materials have their proportions in different areas so that they do not become too heavy or excess in areas where they should not. 

Motocross Boots

The materials used for Motocross boots are thick leathers, sturdy rubber material, and metal. The polymeric materials include microfiber material for the outer part, precisely the upper construction, thermoplastic polyurethane for the ankle region and the medial protectors’ feature, and the calf protector plate.   

In all, Motocross boots are made of innovative materials that make them serve a tad sturdy. 

Motocross Boots Vs Motorcycle Boots: Sizing And Fit

The fitting and sizing of motorbike boots are pivotal aspects of them. This is because these factors determine whether or not the boot can be in place and hold pretty well to the feet. This is what is responsible for your comfort and safety. 

Motocross Boots

While it is acknowledged that Motocross boots are true to size, it is advised that you size up by ½ or 1 when purchasing, it all depends on your foot type. This is because you’ll be using very thick socks. Although there is a break-in period, however, it wouldn’t cause much difference. 

To get your right size, ensure to measure your foot while wearing the riding socks. Another thing you should have in mind is that there are Sidi and Alpinestars sizes that come narrow, whereas Gaerne size comes wide.   

Motorcycle Boots

People often think that the right way to size a Motorcycle boot is to choose a tad larger size, but that is not the right way to go. You should know that your Motorcycle boots must have a snug fit. This is why you don’t need to put on a sock during sizing. 

You must know that different Motorcycle boots manufacturers use different cutting systems that are peculiar to them. This means each type has its distinct sizing characteristic. 

So the safest way to get the sizing right is to measure the sole of your feet from end to end, as well as the sides. Everything becomes easier as most Motorcycle brands give you the equivalent of sole measurements with their corresponding sizes. 

Motocross Boots Boots Vs Motorcycle Boots: Price

The materials adopted for the design of every boot always play a major role in deciding the price. The overall extent of the complexity of a motorbiking boot contributes to determining its price too.

Motocross Boots

Motocross boots are relatively pricier than Motorcycle boots. This is because of their complex design and the materials it takes to input their safety features. Motocross boots come in various iterations. 

They do not all have the same complexities; their respective prices have a direct proportionality to the extent of their safety features. On average, Motocross boots sell from $140 to $200.

Motorcycle Boots

Motorcycle boots are as costly, albeit not as pricey as Motocross boots. Although they are not cheap either. They are far pricier than most normal boots, it is only a simple comparison that makes them less pricey. Motorcycle boots averagely sell for $90 to $150.

Final Verdict 

Motorbiking is best enjoyed when the right apparel is used. From helmet to jacket, to pants, and boots. However, some of these have, in turn, defeated the purpose for which they are worn. This is because they do not exactly suffice in those areas. 

Nonetheless, an article like this that is tailored to strip these boots naked so you can exactly see them for what they are, keeps you on the safer side. 


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