Nicks Americana vs Falcon

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Nicks boots are quite expensive but it is important to know how much quality you’ll be missing out on if you don’t get them in your closet.

Nicks Americana and Nicks Falcon boots have a pretty great reputation when it comes to quality.

Though they are heritage boots, they seem to combine every great feature of work boots, mixing durability with comfort and performance.

 If you are wondering which of these boots to go for, you may not find it easy. It is quite easy to just pick any one of the two.

That is because they are very similar in construction and virtually everything. However, this doesn’t mean they have no difference at all.

The major difference between the two lies in their outsoles. They both use Vibram rubbers. While Nicks Americana boots are made of Vibram 430, Nicks Falcon boots use Vibram 700.

Nicks Americana Review

Nicks Americana vs Falcon

This is a pair of heritage boots built to endure every rough path you may have to put through. All work and no rest, however, don’t affect these boots as they should.

This is because of their amazing construction which makes them very durable. In addition to the long lifespan of Nicks Americana boots, they are very comfortable and have good traction.

Traction is one of the most important features of work boots and Nicks Americana provides more of it.

Pros of Nicks Americana

Thick Leather Upper Sole

Like most tough work boots, the upper soles in Nicks Americana boots are made of leather. The leather is thick enough to ensure high durability while maintaining the flexibility of the shoes.

Also, the weight of the leather is kept in check to prevent the boots from weighing you down when you walk around in them.

The leather used in Nicks Americana boots is vegetable tanned. This not only makes the boots so thick but also makes them emit a pleasant smell while they age well.

Leather Insole

The Insoles in Nicks Americana boots are made of leather. Leather is one of the best materials to make Insoles with.

This makes the insoles breathable so airflow is allowed and your feet won’t sweat. It also provides cushioning, adding to the comfort you get from the shoes.

Asides from the comfort provided and the little support, leather soles are easy to clean so when they get dirty, you can get them clean with simple wipes.

Vibram 430 Outsole

Nicks Americana boots use a Vibram outsole. Vibram outsoles are made of rubber but modified to increase durability and traction. With Vibram 430, the outsoles in Nicks Americana won’t break down easily.

They have an increased lifespan and superb traction. Vibram 430 outsoles are also oil-resistant. Where oily substances should damage shoes, the Vibram 430 outsoles will remain unaffected.

Worth The Price

Nicks Americana boots last a very long time. However, there are other boots from bigger brands that last equally long.

Nicks Americana is one of the boots that have very few negative reviews. This is because they don’t just offer durability. They also provide great traction and comfort.

While the price may be high, the boots are delivered with barely any faults to complain about.

Double Row Stitchdown

Durable work boots are known to use a Goodyear Welt construction which reinforces the boots and keeps them from breaking down early.

Nicks Americana boots don’t use the Goodyear Welt construction. Rather, they are glued. That should be a downside because glued shoes are stereotyped to be less durable and hard to repair.

However, Nicks Americana boots are reinforced with double stitches. This assists the glue in keeping the upper soles and the outsoles together, making the boots much stronger than other glued boots

Cons of Nicks Americana

Requires Break-in

Nicks Americana boots are very comfortable. However, they are stiff. While this emits how strong they are and how long they will last, they require some time to break in.

Without breaking the shoes in, they may feel less comfortable and less flexible.


While Nicks Americana boots are said to be worth the price, this doesn’t change the fact that they are expensive.

They cost more than regular boots. They are of high quality but they may be unaffordable for some people.

Nicks Falcon Review

Nicks Americana vs Falcon

The Nicks Falcon is similar to Nicks Americana boots in virtually everything. The Nicks Americana shoes were probably made to be better versions of this while using almost the same construction mode.

These boots are as tough as boots can be, even though they are heritage boots just like Nicks Falcon boots.

They have a sturdy construction which makes them last a very long time. This comes at a pretty high price but the quality of the construction is worth the price.

Pros of Nicks Falcon

Thick Leather Upper Sole

Just like the Nicks Americana boots, Nicks Falcon features thick leather in its upper sole.

The leather is also vegetable-tanned so it has increased longevity and a nice smell. Some Customer reviews even say it looks much better as it gets old.

Leather Insoles

The Insoles in Nicks Falcon are made of leather, as stated for the Nicks Americana boots. The insoles allow breathability and easy cleaning.

There is also a good amount of cushioning, though the support is low. The Nicks Falcon boots are reviewed to be very comfortable but they are the same as the Nicks Americana boots.

Vibram 700 Outsole

This is the only feature of the Nicks Falcon boots that dictates the difference between the two boots.

They both use Vibram outsoles but one outsole is better than the other. While Nicks Americana uses Vibram 430, Nicks Americana uses Vibram 700. Vibram 700 is another modified rubber that is also strong with nice traction and oil resistance.

Double Row Stitchdown

Just like the Nicks Americana boots, Nicks Falcon boots don’t use a Goodyear welt construction.

While this may be a downside when compared to actual Goodyear welted boots, Nicks Falcon boots are doubly reinforced.

Asides from the glue that holds the boots together, the edges are stitched in double rows, making them stronger than other glued boots.

Worth The Price

Nicks Falcon boots are known for their high prices. While the Nicks brand is not among the top 5 shoe brands in the world, Nicks Falcon boots are recognized for their high-quality shoes and their prices are much appreciated.

There are so many reviews about Nicks Falcon boots and virtually all acknowledge how reasonable the prices are.

Cons of Nicks Falcon


Nicks Falcon boots are worth the price but they cost more than regular boots. Top brands do have boots that are just as expensive and maybe more.

However, Nicks Falcon boots still have a high price that may be too much for some people.

Requires break-in

Just like the Nicks Americana boots, Nicks Falcon boots are stiff at first so they require some break-in time before they loosen up and become fully comfortable.

Low traction

Vibram outsoles have good traction. However, the outsoles in Nicks Falcon boots use one of the Vibram rubbers with the least traction.

Head-to-Head Comparison Between Nicks Americana And Falcon

Nicks Americana vs Falcon

  • Construction Modes
  • Prices
  • Build Quality
  • Insoles
  • Outsoles
  • Fit and Sizing

Construction Modes 

Nicks Americana is a newer version of Nicks Falcon. While the similarities should be expected, the differences should be easily noted too.

However, the boots are so similar that it is hard to point out a difference. Right from the feel to the body and look, the boots can be easily mistaken for each other.

Nicks Americana boots are glued. To strengthen the boots from getting pulled apart, the edges are stitched.

This will make the boots stronger and also delay the weakening of the glue. This also applies to Nick Falcon boots.

The stitches are applied in double rows to make the boots feel more durable. The stitching is done so smoothly that it is difficult to find the slightest flaws.

Nicks Falcon boots make use of tanned leather in the upper soles. The insoles and the midsoles are also made of leather. Nicks Americana boots also have tanned leather in their upper soles, with leather insoles and midsoles.

Both boots have outsoles made of Vibram rubber. Vibram rubbers are modified to last longer and perform better than other shoes with rubber outsoles.

Nicks Americana boots use Vibram 430 while Nicks Falcon boots use Vibram 700. This is where the difference between the two boots comes in.

Bottom Line: The construction modes of both shoes are the same. They both use the Stitchdown construction mode. They both use double-stitch rows. They both use leather and both shoes use Vibram rubber for their outsoles.


Nicks Americana vs Falcon

Both shoes are very expensive but reasonably priced, considering the quality of the shoes. Nicks Falcon has some pairs that fall slightly below $500.

Nicks Americana has more pairs priced over $500 and less than $600. Some Nicks Americana boots manage to go slightly beyond $600. However, both shoes may be expensive but they are worth the price.

Bottom Line: Nicks Falcon cost slightly less than Nicks Americana boots but the price tags on each pair of both boots are worth it. Nicks Americana is a newer version of Nicks Falcon boots so the price is just.

Build Quality

Nicks Americana vs Falcon

Nicks makes use of thick leather in the upper soles of the Falcon boots. The leather is vegetable tanned to make it thicker and stronger.

This feature was retained in the Nicks Americana boots. The upper soles are equally made of tanned leather. The stitching is also done smoothly to avoid a rough look on the shoes. 

The outsole of Nicks Americana is different from the one of Nicks Falcon. While Nicks Americana outsoles have a high resistance to oil, Nicks Falcon outsoles are not very resistant to oil.

Nicks Falcon outsoles are more resistant to oil than other leather boots but it is much less when compared to some other Vibram rubber outsoles.

Bottom Line: Both shoes have a strong and sturdy build. They are stiff at first. The leather used is high-quality and treated to last longer than regular leather.

The outsoles are made of Vibram. The Vibram 430 outsoles in Nicks Americana are more oil-resistant than the Vibram 700 in Nicks Falcon.

This means Nicks Falcon may break down earlier than Nicks Americana if they are both exposed to oil.


Nicks Americana vs Falcon

The two boots use the same insoles; leather. With leather, both shoes provide excellent cushioning, breathability, and comfort. In addition to that, they are very easy to clean when they get dirty.

Bottom Line: This would be a tie if we were to judge by the quality of the insoles. They are both made of leather insoles which makes them equal in comfort, cushioning, and support.


Nicks Americana vs Falcon

Nicks Falcon boots make use of Vibram 700 outsoles. Vibram is a modified rubber that is improved in durability and performance.

Vibram 700 is durable. It has a level of traction and oil resistance that is quite low when compared to other Vibram rubbers.

Nicks Americana boots make use of Vibram 430 outsoles. Vibram 430 is equally durable.

The traction of Nicks Americana is slightly higher than that of Nicks Falcon. However, Nicks Americana is superior to Nicks Falcon in terms of oil resistance.

Bottom Line: The outsoles of Nicks Americana boots are better than the outsoles of Nicks Falcon in traction and oil resistance.

Fit and Sizing

Nicks boots are generally known to be a half-size large. While boots from a brand may fit differently, Nicks Falcon and Nicks Americana boots are the same in fit and sizing.

If you were using Nicks Falcon boots, Nicks Americana boots will fit you the same way. This is because the same shoe lasts used in Nicks Falcon is used for Nicks Americana.

Since shoe lasts determines the width, curvature, size, and fit of a shoe, the two boots will fit the same way.

Bottom Line: Both shoes run a half-size larger than normal size.

Nicks Americana vs Falcon: Which is Better?

Although updates are not necessarily better than original versions, Nicks Americana boots come ahead of Nicks Falcon boots.

There is no big difference between the two shoes and you can choose to go for either of the two but the upgrade in Nicks Americana boots is quite appreciable.

Nicks Falcon boots may have been okay in terms of traction and oil resistance but some more durability and performance only make the boots better.

Nicks Americana boots were made to perform better and endure more, and they are working perfectly well.


If you haven’t tried out any pair of Nicks boots, you should probably check the shoes out now. Nicks Americana is an upgraded version of Nicks Falcon so you know which one to go for if you will be placing an order.

If the price still scares you, remember you get to use them for a very long time till you forget how and when you bought them.


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