Nike Roshe Vs Adidas NMD

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This is the umpteenth time these two brands are clashing on the internet. Everyone wants to know which product is better and which brand is winning.

Not everyone cares about the “brand” though, but no one wants to pay for a product that’s lagging in quality. Nike and Adidas are known for their high-quality footwear but we still want the best.

Nike Roshe and Adidas NMD are great sneakers. They are perfect for casual occasions. They have many similarities but they are not the same; the exact reason some people still compare the two.

If you have come across these comparisons and you want to make a choice, you have come to the right place.

The major difference between Nike Roshe and Adidas NMD is Support. Nike Roshe sneakers are comfortable but they don’t offer as much support as Adidas NMD sneakers do.

If you are the type who needs arch support to prevent foot pain, Nike Roshe sneakers may not be perfectly comfortable. That doesn’t mean Adidas NMD sneakers will work perfectly well either.

Nike Roshe Review

The Nike Brand used to be known as Blue Ribbon Sports when it was founded in 1964 by Phil Knight and Bill Bowerman.

The Brand is now the world’s largest supplier of sportswear apparel and shoes. The current headquarter is in Oregon, US. 

The design idea of Nike Roshe was created in 2010 by Dylan Raasch. The designer was still new to Nike when he approached the brand.

Due to this, Nike was skeptical about the idea. The shoes were released in 2012 and they went viral very quickly.

The designs were simple and that made the shoes versatile. Read the top reviews that mention Nike Roshe sneakers below;

They are comfortable and very durable. I have had these for a while and they still look like they are going a long way. 

My daughter recommended these to me so I ordered them. They are very stylish and comfortable. The all-white version looks so clean.

When they get dirty, it’s easy to clean them up. They are very light too. The fabric on the upper sole dries up quickly.

I don’t run in these shoes so I can’t tell how good they serve that purpose but I do fitness walks, three days a week. The support is enough for me. I recommend them.

Pros of Nike Roshe


 The lightness and breathability of these shoes make them extremely comfortable. The breathability of the knitted fabric on the upper sole allows airflow so your feet don’t heat up.

That makes them perfect for summer. In addition to that, Nike Roshe sneakers make use of a one-piece sole (midsole + outsole). This makes them soft but the cushioning is not high.


Virtually all Nike shoes are Durable. This gives you peace of mind when you invest so much in getting a pair of Nike shoes. Like other Nike shoes, Nike Roshe sneakers are very durable.


The outsoles have a firm grip on the ground so you can’t easily get slipped off your feet.

Cons of Nike Roshe

Low Support

This won’t be a downside to you unless you need arch support. Nike Roshe Insoles have soft and comfortable insoles but they are not supportive enough for runners. They are also not supportive enough to keep you standing for long.

Low Cushioning

The Nike Roshe Insoles are soft and comfortable, as mentioned earlier, but the cushioning is not very high, despite using memory foam insoles.

If you are a lover of cushioned Insoles, these shoes may not fully satisfy the urge but they are comfortable enough. This doesn’t apply to everyone though.

Adidas NMD Review

The history of the Adidas brand dates back to 1924 when the “Dassler Brothers Shoe Factory” was created by the Dassler brothers.

The two brothers split up after a rift, 23 years later, Adolf Dassler founded “Adidas”, while his brother named his new brand “Puma”.

The Adidas brand has developed greatly since its establishment. With its trendy sportswear shoes, Adidas has traveled around the world.

The brand is not one of the top luxury sportswear brands and is the biggest competitor to Nike.

The Adidas NMD sneakers debuted in 2015 and they were sold at $170. They have several beautiful colorways which make them extremely versatile.

Just like the Nike Roshe sneakers, the upper sole is knitted so they don’t require socks. Read the top reviews that mention Adidas NMD below;

I love these. To be honest, I have always thought Adidas shoes are overpriced and, maybe, overrated.

I bought these because they looked super smooth. They fit me perfectly. I just finished a race for the first time in three years and it was great. Fashionable look.

The material in the upper sole is nice. It may be hard to get it dirty.

The price was quite high so I was reluctant to get these shoes. Turns out  I got what I paid for. I have no regrets about this purchase.

It feels like I am walking on clouds when I am in these shoes. They are comfortable and lightweight. They were also true to size. They are worth the price so I recommend them.

Pros of Adidas NMD


Adidas shoes are sock sneakers. The upper sole is made of knitted fabric, akin to the upper soles in Nike Roshe sneakers, so the shoes are extremely breathable.

The fabric also has quick-drying features inside and outside so they can wick sweat quickly. They use Ortholite Insoles which made them very comfortable, with a lot of cushioning from the “Ultra Boost” soles.


Adidas NMD sneakers provide adequate support. Most Adidas shoes don’t have enough support but these sneakers are slightly better.

The support in these shoes is not the best but it is better than nothing. Without support, the shoes won’t stay comfortable after a long walk. 


Adidas shoes are known to be durable and the NMD sneakers are just as good in durability. The upper sole is made of knitted fabric but it is thick enough to keep its shape for a long time.


Adidas NMD shoes have been known widely as running shoes. The outsole provides great traction so you won’t slip off your feet easily. In addition to the cushioning, they also absorb shock.

Cons of Adidas NMD 

Too much cushioning

With the “Ultra Boost” outsole and the Ortholite Insoles, Adidas NMD sneakers have so much cushioning.

This is a great feature if you want to enjoy your long walks. However, in running shoes, the cushioning should not be excessive.

Cushioning can restrict runners from performing perfectly well, though they’d be great for shock absorption.


While Nike Roshe sneakers are not exactly affordable, Adidas NMD sneakers are more expensive. You truly get the quality you pay for but there are similar styles from cheaper brands.

Head-to-Head Comparison between Nike Roshe vs Adidas NMD

Nike Roshe Vs Adidas NMD

  • Construction
  • Price
  • Build Quality
  • Insoles
  • Outsoles
  • Fit and Sizing


Nike Roshe Vs Adidas NMD

Adidas NMD and Nike Roshe sneakers have a similar construction, both being sock sneakers.

The two shoes are well-stitched. There are no complaints about how the shoes are stitched so it is quite easy to tell when they are fake.

Some Adidas NMD sneakers use a stitch with a different color for stylish detailing.

Both shoes have wedged heels with a slight curve.

Nike Roshe midsoles and outsoles are both made of Phylon (attached as one piece), with removable Insoles made of memory foam. Adidas NMD midsoles are made of ultra boost.

The outsoles are made of rubber with EVA foam plugs on either side of the heel. The Insoles are made of Ortholite and cannot be removed.

Bottom Line: They both have similar construction modes. This comparison, based on Construction, should be a tie.

Adidas NMD and Nike Roshe can be compared to thick socks with soles at the bottom.


Nike Roshe Vs Adidas NMD

Nike and Adidas are top brands in the sportswear industry so you should expect a high price tag on most of their shoes.

Nike Roshe sneakers are not expensive, however. While top brands are stereotyped to sacrifice quality when they become a hot topic, Nike never fails to deliver.

In addition to that, the prices are kept at an affordable range, unlike many other top brands. Nike Roshe prices range from $70 to $150.

The Adidas brand is known for its highly-priced products but they are also recognized for quality and durability.

Adidas NMD sneakers have prices within the range of $100 and $250. A majority of the reviews, however, acknowledge that the price of the shoes is worth it.

Bottom Line: The Nike Roshe sneakers, based on the price range, should win this comparison.

This is because the two shoes are similar enough to be compared but Adidas NMD sneakers cost more. If they are so alike, then it is only wise to go for the cheaper option.

Build Quality

Nike Roshe Vs Adidas NMD

Nike shoes are always well-built so you can expect Nike Roshe Run sneakers not to fail. The knitted fabric on the upper is thick enough to last a long while.

The outsole is equally extremely durable. The outsole and the midsole are light That makes the entire shoe easy to lift and work with while remaining very durable.

Adidas shoes are not worse in quality. If you have ever come across a complaint on Adidas NMD, it’s not about the shoes’ durability.

Adidas NMD also features a knitted fabric on its upper sole while the outsole is thick yet lightweight.

The rubber outsoles of Adidas NMD sneakers make them tougher than Nike Roshe sneakers.

Bottom Line: Comparing the Quality of both shoes, Adidas NMD shoes come ahead.

The durability of Nike Roshe Run sneakers cannot be questioned but Adidas NMD has tougher outsoles which make them appear more durable.


Nike Roshe Vs Adidas NMD

Nike Roshe insoles are made of memory foam. This allows some cushioning in the shoes.

The cushioning is enough to assist runners, though the shoes are not made for running (even though it was originally named “Nike Roshe Run”). The arch support of the insoles is not very high.

Adidas NMD sneakers are also built to look like running shoes but they are casual. The insoles are made of Ortholite.

This allows too much cushioning which is not very beneficial to runners, although the arch support is there.

Bottom Line: Nike Roshe would win this comparison if we were to judge by the Insoles in both shoes. Both shoes were made to be versatile in use.

The insoles in Nike Roshe make the shoes more useful for runners than the insoles in Adidas NMD do.


Nike Roshe Vs Adidas NMD

Nike Roshe shoes have midsoles and outsoles made of Phylon. The outsole is patented as “Waffle”, by Nike.

While the insoles are great for runners, the midsoles don’t have the responsiveness needed by runners. The outsoles are lightweight so they can retain their comfort for a while.

However, the arch support is low so you may not be able to walk or stand in them for too long without feeling pain in your arches.

Adidas NMD outsoles are made of rubber. The midsoles are made of “Ultra Boost”.

This makes the shoes extremely comfortable but the midsole is not stable enough to work well for runners. There are foot plugs on the sides of the outsoles.

While they are quite cool and can be mistaken for decorations, the plugs are made of EVA foam and they assist in adding more support.

Bottom Line: Adidas NMD would win this comparison if we were to judge by the Outsoles.

Not only do the Adidas NMD sneakers look more stylish but they have a better construction that aids comfort and support than Nike Roshe sneakers do.

Fit and Sizing

Most Nike Shoes run small. If you are used to the sizing of Nike shoes, you will find Nike Roshe sneakers a bit bigger.

They seem a bit loose if you go for your actual size. For runners, it is recommended to go down by half a size.

Adidas NMD shoes are true to size. Some runners choose to go down by half a size smaller but that is not exactly necessary.

There are sizing charts to guide you for both Nike Roshe and Adidas NMD sneakers.

Bottom Line: This would be a tie if we were to judge by Fit and Sizing. For both shoes, there are size charts to help you pick the right size.

Nike Roshe vs Adidas NMD: Which is Better?

While both sneakers are great and worth their price, it is quite obvious that Adidas NMD sneakers are much better, especially in terms of comfort.

The two sneakers are versatile, having many colorways to go with almost any outfit. Adidas NMD is much more stylish.

The foot plugs can be assumed to be ordinary fashionable additions but they add support; a feature that is missing in Nike Roshe. However, the foot plugs are quite fashionable too.

Adidas combines fashion and durability with comfort in the NMD sneakers. The price tag may be high but the sneakers are worth it.


You don’t have to put a fortune on Adidas NMD shoes if you are not a runner or someone in need of arch support.

If you wonder why many would go for Nike Roshe sneakers, it is for that reason.

Nike Roshe sneakers are extremely comfortable and arch support is not necessary for everyone. At the end of the day, your decision is up to you and your pocket.


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