Puma Super Liga vs Adidas Samba

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Before this Comparison kicks off, it is important to note that these two are great shoes. Asides from being two of the best sneakers for indoor soccer, they are very similar.

Just like Adidas Gazelle is similar to Adidas Samba, Puma Super Liga has a very close resemblance to Adidas Samba.

Although the two shoes are not the same, you may feel no difference when you have the two shoes on.

This is common to products that are built to serve the same purpose. However, there is something special to Adidas Samba that is also shared by Puma Super Liga. That is quality.

The major difference between the two shoes is in How long it takes to break them in. While they are equally comfortable, you will enjoy Adidas Samba shoes earlier than Puma Super Liga shoes.

You may want to take a few guesses on the reason Puma Super Liga shoes take a while to break in. There is a common cause known to shoes but, with these, it is quite the opposite.

Puma Super Liga vs Adidas Samba

Puma Super Liga Review

Puma Super Liga vs Adidas Samba

Puma is one of the largest brands producing sportswear so it’s quite alright to have a few products clashing with Adidas.

The history of Puma is even more interesting, considering how the business was started by Rudolf Dassler, the brother of Adolf Dassler who founded Adidas.

The origin of Puma can be traced to 1924 when neither of the two brands was in existence. The two brands had started a brand named “Dassler Brothers Shoe Factory”. However, they constantly had disagreements which led them to agree to split in 1948.

Rudolf established his new brand and called it, “Ruda”. A few months after its establishment, the name was changed to “Puma Schuhfabrik Rudolf Dassler”.

Puma shoes were used in the first football match after the 2nd World War. Herbert Burdenski was also wearing Puma shoes when he scored the first post-war goal of West Germany.

The brand has been associated with many celebrities including Rihanna, Jay Z, and Neymar. 

The Super Liga shoes are lined with a soft synthetic fabric. They use a padded insole to allow cushioning. The outsoles are made of rubber which allows grip and a level of resistance to water.

Pros of Puma Super Liga 

Padded EVA Footbed

The insoles in Puma Super Liga shoes are padded. This is to make the footbed soft and cushiony. The insoles are made of EVA foam which provides comfort and support to the feet. The support is not much but it is there.

Soft Lining

The insides of the shoes are as comfortable as they can get. The outsoles allow breathability and, in addition to that, the synthetic lining provides a soft comfortable feeling.

Leather and Suede Upper

They made the upper sole with suede and leather materials. This makes them very breathable so your feet won’t heat up in the shoes.

This, added to the soft lining, makes for extreme comfort. The leather also makes the shoes very easy to clean when they get dirty.

Rubber Outsole

The shoes’ outsoles are made of rubber. The indestructibility of rubber makes the shoes partly resistant to water. This is because only the outsoles are made of rubber. However, the outsoles have reliable traction.

Versatility With Outfits

The shoes are built for indoor soccer and may not work well for football outdoors but it works well on casual clothes. You can style the shoes with several casual clothes and look perfect.

Cons of Puma Super Liga 

Low Cushioning

The footbed is padded so you expect a lot of cushioning. The cushioning is there but it is not as much as expected.

Not For Outdoor Soccer

The shoes have a rubber outsole that is designed to grip hard surfaces. If worn for outdoor soccer, the shoes will lose their traction too quickly.

Adidas Samba Review

Puma Super Liga vs Adidas Samba

Adidas AG was brought to existence in 1949 by Adolf Dassler. This is about the same time Rudolf Dassler founded Puma.

The two brothers who used to be partners soon became the biggest competitors in the sportswear industry.

Though Puma has managed to keep up, Adidas has been in the spotlight for a longer time and is comparably more recognized as a brand.

The Adidas Samba shoes are futsal sneakers. They are not the most fashionable but they are quite versatile in use.

They are built for indoor soccer but the shoes are reviewed to last a while as outdoor football shoes too.

They will lose their traction like every other Futsal shoe, including Puma Super Liga, but it takes a longer time before that happens.

The upper part is made of full-grain leather. The shoes are light, with flexible gum outsoles that enhance traction on hard surfaces.

Pros of Adidas Samba

Full-grain Leather

The upper sole on an Adidas Samba shoe is made of full-grain leather. This makes them very durable and resistant to water.

While leather soles are not entirely waterproof, they resist the debilitating effect of water. The resistance level can be increased by spraying wax over it.

Removable EVA Insoles

Adidas Samba makes use of EVA Insoles which enable your legs to fit comfortably in the shoes. The insoles provide cushioning and a level of arch support. The insoles are removable so you can decide to change them whenever you want to.

Gum Rubber Outsole

The outsole on an Adidas Samba shoe is made of gum rubber. While they are strong and indestructible, they are also flexible. This makes them quite easy to break in. 

Suede Overlay

While the upper sole is made of leather, there is a suede overlay that helps to resist abrasion.


Adidas Samba shoes are not very stylish but they use a simple design that makes them look great with almost any outfit.

Also, they can be used for outdoor soccer. The grip in their outsoles lasts longer than many other Futsal shoes.

Cons of Adidas Samba

Not for Outdoor Soccer

Adidas Samba shoes can be used for outdoor soccer but that doesn’t mean they should. The shoes are not built for outdoor soccer and if they are used, they may turn out disappointing.

This is because the soles of Futsal shoes are constructed to grip hard surfaces. If they are worn on rough surfaces, the traction will slowly wear off.

Thin Insoles (Low cushioning)

The EVA insoles are quite thin. That affects the level of cushioning it offers.

Big Tongue

You have probably noticed this when wearing Adidas Samba shoes. Most Adidas Samba shoes have big tongues which may be a bit annoying.

There are some Adidas Samba shoes with smaller tongues but they cost more than the Samba shoes with big tongues.

Head-to-Head Comparison between Puma Super Liga and Adidas Samba

Construction Modes

Puma Super Liga vs Adidas Samba

It is pretty easy to mistake Adidas Samba shoes for Puma Super Liga shoes if the Adidas logo is taken out.

This is because they are very similar in virtually everything, even down to the way they feel. Both shoes are narrow and less bulky but they come in several styles. You might want to check them out.

They both make use of full-grain leather with a bit of suede on the upper sole.

Adidas Samba sneakers seem mature and less fashionable but the opinion is subjective and may be untrue since Adidas has several Samba styles. Also, Adidas Samba is currently one of the hottest futsal shoes.

Adidas Samba and Puma Super Liga shoes both feature stitch detailing on their upper soles.

Bottom Line: The Construction modes of both shoes are similar in almost everything from the body to the stitch detailing and the materials they use.

Puma Super Liga vs Adidas Samba


Adidas shoes tend to be quite expensive and so do Puma shoes.

Adidas shoes, however, never stop getting compliments because they offer high quality in their shoes which complement their highly-priced shoes.

Similar to Adidas, Puma shoes also have high prices but the quality they offer is just as great as that of Adidas.

Adidas Samba shoes are priced within the range of $60 and $170. Most pairs of Samba shoes are priced above $100.

Puma shoes are comparably lower in price, though that doesn’t make them exactly inexpensive.

Puma Super Liga shoes are priced within the range of $40 and $140. While they are slightly less in price, you can get them in maximum quality and save a few dollars for yourself.

Bottom Line: If we were to judge by prices, Puma shoes would win the duel. This is because both shoes are reviewed to be equal in quality but Puma shoes are priced less.

Build Quality

Puma Super Liga vs Adidas Samba

Adidas Samba shoes make use of full-grain leather for the upper sole. The gum outsoles, however, are flexible.

While full-grain leather soles are usually thicker and more durable, gum outsoles can be easily pierced.

The Samba shoes also feature a suede overlay which protects the toes and provides resistance to abrasion.

Also, the outsoles are built in a way that they are tougher than regular gum outsoles, making them better than other futsal shoes in outdoor soccer.

Puma Super Liga shoes are not as good as Adidas Samba shoes when it comes to outdoor soccer but they are built well to play their roles. They have a sturdy build.

The upper sole is made of leather and suede, like Adidas Samba, while the outsoles are made of rubber. Puma Super Liga shoes are not as flexible as Adidas Samba shoes which makes them seem much better in quality.

Bottom Line: Comparing the build quality of both shoes, Puma Super Liga shoes would win, as they are seemingly tougher than Adidas Samba shoes.


The insoles of both shoes are quite comparable in comfort. They both make use of EVA foam and less cushioning.

The support is also average in both shoes. Adidas Samba insoles are thin so the cushioning is close to ineffective while the support is quite low.

Puma Super Liga insoles also have low cushioning and less support. While this is not beneficial to anyone in need of arch support, the shoes fit perfectly well and are comfortable for people with flat feet.

Adidas Samba Insoles can be easily removed from the shoes, in case you want to replace them with better Insoles.

Puma Super Liga insoles are glued to the bottom of the shoes but removal is possible too.

Bottom Line: This would be a tie if we were to judge by the quality of both insoles. However, Adidas Samba insoles can be easily removed and replaced with better ones.


With full-grain leather in the upper soles, both shoes are highly resistant to water but neither of them is waterproof.

The Outsole of Adidas Samba is made of gum rubber which provides great traction.

They are also built to grip rougher surfaces, though the traction will wear off with time. The Outsole in Adidas Samba is much better than the outsoles in most Futsal shoes.

Puma Super Liga outsoles are made of rubber. They are not as flexible as the outsoles in Adidas Samba but they are tough and slip-resistant.

Bottom Line: Comparing the Outsole construction of both shoes, Adidas Samba would win this duel. This is because the outsoles can work well for outdoor football which makes them versatile.

Fit and Sizing

Both shoes are narrow so it is recommended that you should size up if you have wide feet. Adidas Samba is true to size so you can go ahead and order your usual size.

Puma Super Liga runs a bit small so you might have to pick a larger size (at least a half size larger).

Both shoes tend to feel funny at first. It is very easy and quick to break into Adidas Samba shoes. Puma Super Liga takes a longer time. After the break-in, they both fit comfortably and snugly.

Bottom Line: Comparing how the shoes fit, Adidas Samba takes the lead here. The Samba shoes don’t only fit true to size but they take a shorter time to break in.

Puma Super Liga shoes, on the other hand, have stiff soles so they take a while to break in.

Puma Super Liga vs Adidas Samba: Which is Better?

We can all agree Adidas Samba is ahead of Puma Super Liga for a few reasons. The difference between the two shoes is not large but it is not inexistent either.

Adidas Samba can be put ahead of Puma Super Liga in comfort because shoes tend to feel slightly uncomfortable when they require breaking in.

Adidas Samba breaks in earlier than Puma Super Liga. Also, with Adidas Samba, you don’t have to worry about sizing up or down. You just have to go for the correct size to get the perfect fit.

However, in terms of durability, versatility, and actual comfort, Puma Super Liga catches up fast.


The two brands can be traced to the same origin and it’s funny how the old rivalry between the two brothers has lasted many decades.

Rudolf and Adolf Dassler started as competing sportswear brands and they are still at the top of their game in the industry.

Adidas Samba may have won this comparison but there are diehard fans of Puma who will only agree to disagree.


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