Red wings Vs Nicks

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The major difference between these work boots is that the Red Wing boots have the Vibram lug sole while the Nicks boot has the Vibram sierra sole.

The Red Wing boots are produced using the Goodyear welt construction while Nicks’s boots are produced using the 360 stitch-down welt.

Red wings Vs Nicks

Also, the Red Wing boots have no collar meanwhile the Nicks boots have a Sunbrella-lined padded collar. Both boots are sturdy and are high-performance boots. 

Let’s check out these high-performance boots and know more about their features.

The First Glance Of The Boots

When we see these boots for the first time, there are certain features we can easily identify. I have had an experience with these boots and I can tell you my first impressions of them and which I think is the best boot.

Red Wings Boots

Red wings boots Vs Nicks Boots

  • Exceptional comfort
  • Maximum performance
  • Comfort 
  • Durability 
  • Quality 
  • Protection 
  • Goodyear welt construction

This boot comes in different iconic styles like the safety boot, work boot, moc toe boot, and iron rangers.

I own two pairs, the Iron Ranger and the Classic Moc Toe. These boots offer exceptional comfort, durability, and maximum performance.

These boots are highly insulated and as well waterproof. It offers extra protection and can be very comfortable.

Though, it gets comfortable after I break in the boots. It is hard to break in but after the break-in process, I feel like they are made for my feet. It is suitable for industrial work and other tough jobs.

I wear this boot not only as work boot but also as casual boot. They are high-quality boots as they are all hand-stitched. It is made with durable leather. It features a lug sole.

The lug sole is invented by Vibram. It offers me a lot of traction and it is also non-marking. It incorporates a cork midsole and a leather insole that tends to form my feet. 

This boot features a Goodyear welt construction, a steel shank, and triple stitch construction.

The boot allows me to freely move my toes as it has enough room around the bump toe area or the forefoot.

It also comes in various color options. I use a leather protector for one of my red wing boots while for the other I use leather oil to maintain the appearance of my boot.

Nicks Boots

  • 8 inch 
  • Vibram Sierra outsole
  • 360 Stitchdown welt
  • Padded collar
  • Aggressive traction

I got a pair of Nicks boots a few weeks ago and the first thing that caught my attention to it was its length.

This boot is about 8 inches. Another thing I noticed about this boot is its rugged sole which offers aggressive traction.

They are made of strong leather with thick heels. It features a Vibram sierra outsole and a full leather insole that is removable.

This boot has a 360 Stitchdown welt which helps in making the boot water resistant. It also has Sunbrella-lined padded collars. Its midsole is made of polyurethane.

I later realized that this boot was made for linesmen and people that usually go hiking.

The Comparison: Red Wings Boots And Nicks Boots

Let’s compare these shoes using the following technical features;

Features Red wing Nicks
Sole Vibram lug soleVibram sierra sole
Insole Leather insoleRemovable tan leather insole
Size and FitIt runs big It fits true to size
Construction Goodyear welt construction360 stitchdown welt
Break inA long break in process (2 to 3 weeks of wear)A longer break-in process (3 to 4 weeks of wear)
Care Use of leather protector and boot oilMoisturize the boot using oil
Price They are expensiveThey are more expensive
Padded CollarNo padded collarSunbrella lined padded collar
Midsole Steel midsolePolyurethane midsole



Red wings Vs Nicks

Red wings Vs Nicks

All Red Wing boot have a Vibram lug sole. This sole offers superior durability and traction. The sole is highly chemical and oil resistant. It is rugged and sturdy.

The Vibram sole makes the boot ideal for harsh conditions and as well water resistant.

This sole makes the boot heavy-duty and high-performance.

It keeps you safe and protected from hazards while working. This sole can be resoled with a new one when it starts to wear out.

This is possible due to the Goodyear welt construction used in manufacturing the boot. To get your boots resoled, you can either call Red wing company or go to your local Red Wing store.

All Nick boots feature a Vibram sierra sole. This sole is made with an 18IR (9.6mm) thick compound which is durable and offers traction.

This sole makes the boot ideal for any rugged activities, and industrial work and can serve as military footwear too.

These boots can also be resoled whenever it starts to wear out. It cost about $100 to $200 to resole a pair of boots.


Red wings Vs Nicks

Red Wing boot has a leather insole with a foam back which adds up to the comfort of the boot and makes wearing easier.

It gives you a bit more padding, it has single density, simple foam, and nubuck suede overlay. It has a cork layer inside which molds your foot.

It has a couple of ventilation holes that help for heat insulation. This insole can also be replaced whenever it starts to crack or you want to replace it with your favorite insole.

The insoles are supportive and as well comfortable. Research has shown that Red Wing inserts do last up to 2 years and 6 months. 

Nick boots a removable leather insole. This insole is a full-length veg tan leather insole which is about 6-7oz.

This insole can be removed whenever it wears out or you can replace it with any insole of your choice. The insole makes the boot more comfortable and helps to offer more support.

Size and Fit

Red wing boot usually runs big. These boots fit half a size larger than your regular sneaker size. I would recommend you size down at least half a size. 

If you’re a size 10 in sneakers, you should go for a size 9.5 in Red wing boots. Moreover, if you have a narrow foot, then you should get a full size down.

Nick’s boot fit true to size. For Nicks boots, you can order your normal size and the boots would still fit perfectly. 


The Red Wing boot is crafted using the Goodyear welt construction. When you look at this boot closely, you would notice that it has fine quality and craftsmanship.

It has a clean precision mixed with handmade details that is fantastic. The scent of the leather would remind you of the long history of this great brand.

Due to the way it was crafted, you would need to take time to break in the boot. The Goodyear welt construction makes it possible for you to resole the boot, replace the welting and recondition the uppers.

All Nicks boots are made of 360 stitchdown welt construction. When you look carefully at this boot, you would see a layer that is between the outsole and the upper.

This construction offers an increased level of flexibility and also makes the boot water resistant i.e all season. It has a high-grade 8IR rubber midsole construction.

It is made of Vibram’s Sierra outsole which is about 9.6mm thick. This boot can be resoled when the sole wears out and you can also replace the insole for your favorite.

The boot is also made with a padded collar for more comfort. This collar is lined with Sunbreall fabric for better performance. It also has high heels to give the boot a bit of support and to keep you stable while you work.

These boots are handcrafted premium work boots and can also serve as casual boots. It is a combination of quality materials, custom fitting, unique leather choice, and high craftsmanship. 

Break in

Due to the way it was crafted, you would need to break in this boot to feel very comfortable in it. I won’t tell you that your Red Wing boot will become comfortable after two days.

You would need to wear this boot for a few hours for about 2 to 3 weeks to ensure they properly break in.

After the long break-in process, the leather gets soft and your feet would get used to the boot over time.

During the break-in process, you can put on a pair of socks and do some squatting positions. You would need to do this continuously for a week or two.

According to research, it takes about 80 to 100 hours of wear to properly break in a pair of Nick boots.

This is approximately 3 to 4 weeks of wear. Sometimes, it may take two more weeks to complete this process.

So, don’t expect your Nick boots to be perfect and very comfortable right out of the box. You can wear them around the house for an hour or two each day. 


For Red wings boots, you can either use a leather protector or natural boot oil to take proper care of your boot.

A different kind of cloth, brush, or oil may be used depending on the kind of leather. For instance, it is recommended that the All Natural boot oil be used on the Iron Ranger.

Any product that would work on calfskin leather is also recommended.

You can moisturize your Nick boot using oil to extend its longevity, especially in harsh environments. 


Since this boot is produced in the US, it tends to be pretty expensive.

The time and care that is used in producing this boot also contribute to the high price.

Also, its quality leather and other quality materials used in the production contribute to it. But they are worth the price, due to their quality construction, versatility, and durability. A pair of these boots approximately cost $100 to $400. 

Nicks boots are very expensive, though they are worth the price. This boot is expensive due to the quality of the leather and the careful production put in place. A pair of these boots approximately cost $500 to $600.

Padded collar

The Red Wing boot has no padded collar. Though, some styles like the work boot feature a padded collar for extra comfort. 

Nicks boots feature a Sunbrella-lined padded collar. This padded collar offers an increased level of comfort whenever I go hiking or when I need to kneel.

It is lined with a high-performance Sunbrella fabric. This Sunbrella fabric is long-lasting and as well tear-resistant. 


Red wings Vs Nicks

Red Wing features a steel midsole that is removable and feels very comfortable. It helps to reduce foot injury and it’s also heat resistant. 

Nicks boot is made of a Polyurethane midsole. The polyurethane offers added comfort and impact resistance. This midsole is an 8IR high-grade rubber midsole.  

Why should you buy Red Wing?

This boot is known for its work functionality. If you are a construction worker you may need this boot as it is specifically designed to withstand moisture, paint spills, and mud, and some styles feature the steel toe installation to protect your toe from being crushed while you work.

You would be amazed at how much sturdiness these boots have.

The stitching, the sole trimming and the distinctive coloration of the toe are well made. The Vibram sole is securely stitched and can be resoled.

Red wing iron ranger boot

Red wings boots Vs Nicks Boots

Red wing Heritage Classic Moc boot

Red wings boots Vs Nicks Boots

Red wing work chukka boot

Red wings boots Vs Nicks Boots


Why should you buy Nick?

This boot is made with durable materials. It is lightweight and it is made of a flexible stitchdown construction. Its leather is easy to break in.

This boot is known widely for its toughness and distinct look. It is durable and offers the best comfort and support needed for hard jobs and activities.

Nick tactical boot- Classic configuration

Red wings boots Vs Nicks Boots

Nick tactical boot- Custom configuration

Red wings boots Vs Nicks Boots


After making comparisons between the two boots, I would conclude by saying Red Wing boot is the best boot among the two.

This is because I feel more comfortable wearing Red wing boots. Moreover, it is expensive but not as expensive as Nicks boot and though its break-in period may be long it doesn’t take too long like Nicks boot.

This boot can be resoled as it is produced using the Goodyear welt construction. It can be maintained and cared for by using a leather protector and boot oil. These things are to make your boot last long. 


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