Shoes like pottery Vs converse

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The major difference between these sneakers is that Converse is more of an athletic shoe while Shoes Like pottery are usually worn for fashion. Though, both sneakers can not withstand long hours of wear.

Converse sneakers go through a vulcanized construction process while Shoes Like pottery are produced using an Ancient vulcanized Japanese process. Both sneakers do run big and are very comfortable to wear. 

Shoes like pottery Vs converse

This is not all about these highly crafted sneakers especially the Shoe Like pottery sneakers, to know more about them you should read further.

The First Glance Of The Sneakers 

When we see these sneakers for the first time, there are certain features we can easily identify.

I just got a pair of Shoes Like pottery sneakers for the first time and I’m so excited to talk about it and I also have about two pairs of Converse sneakers in my closet. So I can tell you my first impressions of them.

Shoes Like Pottery

  • Textured fabric
  • Quality 
  • Rubber sole
  • Low top
  • Durability 

This isn’t your average sneakers as it has a lot of artwork in its construction. Shoes Like pottery are produced like pottery. It is a made-in-Japan sneakers that is crafted beautifully like an art.

They are high-quality shoes and feature a nice textured fabric. They are also hand-sewn by highly skilled craftsmen.

Every pair goes through a vulcanizing process which includes the firing of the outsoles inside a kiln. This gives each pair a unique texture and finish.

It features a blue under-sole. Its upper is made of a durable canvas fabric that becomes more and more comfortable with each wear.

It is a low-top sneakers that is very comfortable to put on. The toe and heel of the shoe are made with rubber which gives it a good amount of durability and offers maximum support to you all day long.


  • Rubber sole
  •  Smooth round toe
  • Wrap-around strip
  • Diamond shape tread pattern
  • Canvas upper
  • Soft inner

Converse shoes have several distinguishing features. It can be recognized by the star symbol that is imprinted on the shoe which gives it a classic look.

It has a vulcanized rubber sole with a diamond shape tread pattern that is sturdy and perfect for skateboarding. It also has a smooth rounded toe and a wrap-around strip. It is quite soft and comfortable on the inside.

It has a canvas upper with super minimal padding. It features a white one-piece rubber toe cap. It is very durable with vulcanized construction. If you have a pair of converse you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.

Comparison Vs Shoes like Pottery Converse

Features Shoes like potteryConverse 
Sole Rubber sole Vulcanized rubber sole
Insole No insoleOrtholite insole
Upper Canvas upper Canvas upper
UseFor fashion For athletics
Size and FitThey run big (whole size down)They runs big (half a size down)
Construction Ancient vulcanized Japanese processVulcanized construction
Versions/Styles Low topsLow and high styles
Comfort Not comfortable for long hours walkNot comfortable for longer stretches


Shoes like pottery Vs converse

Shoes like pottery Vs converse

Shoes like pottery feature a rubber sole. The rubber sole goes through a fired process which makes it durable, hard-wearing, flexible, and as well soft. These soles are very hard to peel.

It is called shoe like pottery because its rubber sole is baked in a kiln. Its sole features an identifiable trademark blue under-sole. This blue rubber seal features the logo of the brand.

Converse sneaker sole is made of tan rubber or natural gum rubber. The rubber sole is also vulcanized for better durability and comfort.

It offers an excellent grip on different surfaces while performing your activities. Moreover, rubber is easy to clean and can last pretty long.


Shoes like pottery have no insole. Converse features an ortholite insole. It is a single-density polyurethane insole.

This technology offers better cushioning. It helps you to be super comfortable and gives a durable impact resistance. It offers better comfort and support to your feet.

The tongue of the shoe is stitched to the side panel to give a better-fitting shoe. Such that the shoe does exactly what your feet are doing while giving you a great skateboarding shoe. It gives plenty of shock absorption.

Converse has a springy cushion foam on its footpad. Converse footsoles are made with a special memory foam which gives a cloud-like feeling when you’re walking.  


Shoes like pottery Vs converse

Shoes like pottery Vs converse

Shoes like pottery feature a canvas upper. It also has a grain deer leather upper that has a unique texture and soft feel to it.

The canvas upper is sewn together and then glued to the sole of the shoe using a tape-like rubber. This process is carefully done by hand and not a machine.   

Converse sneaker uppers are made of lightweight canvas upper. The uppers are stitched together. The Converse is originally made from cotton canvas. This material is heat-resistant and easy to keep clean.

You can easily keep it clean by wiping the top with a wet cloth. Cotton canvas and rubber are the main materials used in producing the sneaker. The canvas upper is quite tough and durable.


Shoes like pottery are worn mainly for fashion and streetwear. This sneaker is effortlessly classy. There are available in different colors.

Its blue rubber sole adds a bit of style with every step you take. You may wear these sneakers with whatever clothing you choose. 

Converses are worn for skating and other athletic activities. One of the greatest pairs of skateboarding shoes is Converse. According to skateboarders, the rubber toe cap of the sneakers offers amazing control.

Converse are suitable for running shorter races, such as those under two miles in length on level ground.

Converse can serve a good purpose if you’re in a pinch and need to race but don’t have a running shoe.

However, you should note that your converse shoe would not offer you the amount of breathability, support, and shock absorption which you would need while running.

Running shoes are breathable, they give support and absorb shock, and are the best type of shoes for every athlete you can use your converse to replace it but know that it would provide the same feature.

Converse is also fashionable shoes. They are classy and can be paired with almost all outfits.

Size and Fit

Shoes like pottery usually run big. I suggest you go a whole size down to get a perfect fit.

For instance, if your normal size is about 10, then you should order size 9. Whatever size you use, ensure you size down if you choose to get a pair of these sneakers. 

Converse sneakers also run big. They are larger than the typical shoe size. According to the brand, Converse does fit half a size bigger.

So, if you wear a size 8 you should order a 7.5 and if you wear a 7.5 you should order a 7.


Shoes like pottery are manufactured using an ancient vulcanized Japanese process.

This process usually creates a chemical reaction between raw rubber and sulfur to restore the rubber’s inherent suppleness. This process is called the “ka-ryu” process.

The sneakers are fired in the kiln which is a similar way pottery is fired. This is done to create a soft, flexible, durable, and hard-wearing rubber sole.

These sneakers are durable and made of fine quality with quality craftsmanship. The shoe goes through the combination of a strong sole and upper bond.

They are fired for 70 minutes a 120 oC. This process is carried out by hand, making the process more labor and time intensive,

Converse is made with vulcanized construction. Vulcanization is the process of curing raw rubber via heating.

The rubber is elastic gooey, and incredibly simple to break until it is vulcanized. The rubber is exceptionally durable, stretchy, and ready to wear after being vulcanized.

The sole white rubber shoe outsole components are affixed to the shoe top before the rubber is heated to a cure. This is how Converse vulcanized shoes are made.

It is necessary to heat the complete shoe in a vulcanizing oven with the sole pieces connected. Over 300oF, or 170oC, has been applied to the shoe.

Nylon and polyester textiles may melt at the temperature needed to vulcanize the rubber shoe.

Converse sneakers are mainly made with suede, leather and as well cotton canvas, this is to ensure that the designers are creative and produce classy shoes.


Shoe like pottery is known to be a low sneakers. Unlike converse which comes in both low and high tops, shoes like pottery come in only low tops. Few of them are made in high tops. 

Converse do come in both low and high tops. The high tops are a little more elevated than the low tops. Converse sneakers is available in low tops, mid-top, and high tops.


Shoes like pottery is a high-quality sneakers that is extremely comfortable. Though, they can make your feet hurt if you stand or walk for too long. 

Converse are not very comfortable when skating on longer stretches. This is because they don’t have much support. It is best to wear them for a shorter distance.

When worn for too long, you might do some damage to your foot or your ankle.

Why should you buy Shoes like pottery?

When you speak of quality sneakers, you would be talking of Shoes like pottery. They are very simple with nice designs.

It features long-term comfort and durability. It goes through an ancient Japanese “Ka-ryu” process which is properly vulcanized.

The sneakers are fired in a kiln which is a similar method to how artisans make ceramics. Its outsole and upper are sturdy and durable.

The sole would not split even after years of wear. These shoes are built to last and to give comfort. These sneakers will still look good on you even while dirty. It is also a better alternative to Vans sneakers.

Why should you buy Converse?

Converse shoes tend to offer you enough balance that you need when lifting weight or while skating. It gives you an authentic street style and they have less weight. Converse is also a very affordable brand.

Its price ranges from USD 55 to 130. It has a very chic and modern design. It is also very comfortable. They are made for everyone and most people look great on them. It can also be customized as it comes in several colors.

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Shoes like pottery Vs converse

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Shoes like pottery Vs converse


To conclude this article, I would pick the Shoe like pottery as the best sneakers. This is because personally, I love classy shoes. This sneakers is not like my other regular sneakers due to its special hand-crafted construction.

It keeps me comfortable all day long and I do pair it with any outfit of my choice. It’s a fashionable sneakers, so I don’t wear it for any kind of athletic exercise so as not to hurt my feet.


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