Solovair Greasy vs Hi-Shine

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Solovair (or Sole of Air) is a British footwear brand established in 1881. After one century and a few decades, the brand is still going great. 

Have you ever had to try out Solovair Greasy of Hi-Shine boots? If so, you can tell they are not the same.

The difference is not so clear but you get to keep and use them for a while before you start to see which purchase was a mistake.

The major difference between Solovair Greasy and Hi-Shine boots is the leather used in them. Solovair Greasy uses full-grain leather while Solovair Hi-Shine uses corrected leather.

This may not guarantee which was the better purchase so read on.

Solovair Greasy Review

Solovair Greasy vs Hi-Shine

Obtaining a pair of Solovair Greasy boots is like a jackpot. You don’t realize it till you start using the boots.

This is a combination of special features in one product and the boots are available at a quite cheap price. For less than $300, these boots are a great deal, considering how much you get from them.

Solovair Greasy boots are made with thick full-grain leather, so thick that they require a puritan sewing machine to be stitched.

In addition to the high-quality materials that are combined in the construction of the boots, they are strengthened further with a Goodyear welt. Asides from the assured level of durability, the comfort shoots you to another level.

Pros of Solovair Greasy

Thick Full-grain Leather

Solovair Greasy boots make use of full-grain leather in the upper soles. The thickness of the leather makes the boots durable and stuff.

They are so thick that they require a puritan sewing machine to be stitched together. This reflects in the lifespan of the boots.

Goodyear Welt Construction

In addition to the high-quality full-grain leather used in the upper soles, the boots are Goodyear welted. With a Goodyear welt construction, the durability is increased. In addition to that, the soles can be repaired if they ever get damaged.

Strong PVC Outsoles

The outsoles in Solovair Greasy boots are made of PVC. The Thermoplastic material, also known as Solovair’s soft suspension technology, is very strong and durable.

It won’t tear or break off easily. In addition to that, it has excellent resistance to oil and other chemicals. In other words, while some chemicals will destroy boots, the PVC outsoles will remain unaffected.


Solovair Greasy boots are not just made of full-grain leather. They are made from Chromexcel leather. This is a special leather that gives boots a long-lasting attractive look.

They are as strong as leather can be. Asides from the strength, they give boots a shiny look. As time passes, Solovair Greasy boots may wear out but they will only look better.

Easy break-in

Solovair Greasy boots are made of Full-grain Leather. It is not just high-quality but also very thick which means it should be stiff.

While thick leather boots take time to break in, Solovair Greasy boots take less time to break in. This is because they are infused with oil. This does not only make them easy to break in but also gives them a greasy look.

Cons of Solovair

No Insoles

The Solovair website has so many insoles on display. However, Solovair Greasy boots do not come with insoles. You will have to get your insoles separately if you need them

Low Traction

The PVC Outsoles used in Solovair Greasy boots may be alright in terms of durability but they are not so good with slip resistance. Although Solovair’s PVC outsoles have a bit more resistance than other PVC soles, they still don’t offer enough traction.

Easy Scuffing

Due to the Chromexcel leather, the boots are prone to scuff marks.

Solovair Hi-Shine Review

Solovair Greasy vs Hi-Shine

Solovair Hi-Shine combines a bright attractive look with its high durability and comfort. This is one of the best products from the Solovair brand.

While it is very similar to Solovair Greasy, it has a much better look. Solovair Greasy boots are not as shiny and they can’t be polished. Solovair Hi-Shine boots, on the other hand, are naturally shiny and may not even require a polish.

 The Solovair Hi-Shine boots are very thick and durable, once again. Coming at prices below $200, this may be the best deal any brand has to offer.

Pros of Hi-Shine

Thick Corrected Leather

The leather used in the upper soles of Solovair Hi-Shine is corrected but it is thicker than many leather boots. The upper soles don’t only offer high durability but also provide high resistance to water.

Goodyear Welt Construction

Solovair Hi-Shine boots are Goodyear welted. Like the Solovair Greasy boots, they are reinforced to last very long. It is also to have their soles fixed.

Strong PVC Outsoles

The Outsoles are made of PVC, just like the Solovair Greasy boots. With an improved PVC outsole, the boots are stronger and can last as long as rubber boots. They won’t tear or break easily. They also resist abrasion and chemicals.


Solovair Hi-Shine boots are made of Chromexcel leather. With Chromexcel, they can last long without having a worn-out look. Instead of getting worn-out, they will look more attractive and keep up an attractive shine.

Cons of Hi-Shine

Tiny Insoles

Solovair Hi-Shine boots come with very small heel inserts that are made of leather. They are so small that you may feel better off without them and you will have to get new Insoles separately.

Low Traction

Due to the PVC outsoles used, the boots offer low traction. The outsoles have more traction than regular PVC soles but the traction is still very low.

Easy Scuffing

While Chromexcel leather will make the boots keep up a very attractive shiny look, they also make scratch marks very obvious. However, this can be fixed with leather creams.

Head-to-Head Comparison Between Solovair Greasy And Hi-Shine

Solovair Greasy vs Hi-Shine

  • Construction Modes
  • Prices
  • Build Quality
  • Insoles
  • Outsoles
  • Fit and Sizing

Construction Modes

Solovair Greasy vs Hi-Shine

Both boots make use of the Goodyear welt construction. This adds to the durability of both boots and also makes them easy to be repaired.

The Goodyear welt goes 360⁰ which makes both boots watertight. With this, they can be temporarily waterproofed if they are oiled. The PVC outsoles are already 100% waterproof which makes it much easier.

The leather used in both boots is extremely thick so they require a puritan sewing machine to be stitched around. The stitching is so well-done that you can barely detect any flaws. 

Bottom Line: The comparison is a tie in this case. This is because both boots are constructed in the same way. The Solovair brand keeps up with its unique construction mode which reflects in the durability of every pair of boots.


Solovair Greasy vs Hi-Shine

Solovair Hi-Shine boots are quite expensive but not the most expensive boots on the market. The prices are truly not super-high but they are much higher than many other boots.

However, they are worth the price. Once you pay the fee, the quality follows. If you were to choose between this and Solovair Greasy, this would be the best option smiling at your pocket.

Solovair Greasy boots cost more than Hi-Shine boots. While Solovair Greasy boots are priced between the range of $225 and $300, Solovair Hi-Shine boots are priced at less than $200. The price of Solovair Hi-Shine ranges from $175 to $200.

Bottom Line: The comparison is in the favor of Solovair Hi-Shine boots, in terms of price. Instead of spending up to $300 on a pair of Greasy boots, it may be considered much wiser to go for Solovair Hi-Shine. You save a few bucks, enjoy quality, and enjoy the shine.

Build Quality

Solovair Greasy vs Hi-Shine

Solovair Greasy and Hi-Shine boots are similar in construction. They also feature high-quality materials which make them extremely durable.

In addition to that, they are Goodyear welted. However, Solovair Greasy boots have a stronger build quality.

This is because Solovair Greasy boots feature full-grain leather in the upper soles while Solovair Hi-Shine boots use corrected leather.

Corrected Leather can be as strong as Full-grain Leather but not in this case. The leather used in Solovair Hi-Shine is gotten from full-grain leather which is split in half, smoothened, and coated.

This makes them less as thick as Solovair Greasy boots and probably explains why they cost less.

Also, Solovair Greasy boots are of higher quality in terms of water resistance.

They are infused with oils while they are constructed. This not only makes them easy to break in but also multiplies their level of water resistance.

Bottom Line: Solovair Greasy boots come ahead in terms of build quality. Not only do they use thicker leather than Solovair Hi-Shine boots but also they are infused with oil to be more resistant to water.


Solovair Greasy vs Hi-Shine

Solovair Greasy boots do not have insoles so you will have to buy insoles separately. Solovair Hi-Shine boots come with small insoles that may not be considered better due to their small size.

However, while the insoles in Solovair Hi-Shine boots can be managed and possibly enjoyed by some, Solovair Greasy boots do not come with any at all.

Bottom Line: Solovair Hi-Shine boots come ahead in terms of Insoles. They may be considered useless by many but they can be managed, unlike Solovair Greasy boots that have no insoles at all.


Solovair Greasy vs Hi-Shine

Both boots make use of PVC outsoles. The PVC outsoles are modified to be stronger and more slip-resistant. This makes both outsoles equal in strength, durability, water resistance, chemical resistance, and traction.

Bottom Line: The comparison is a tie in this case since they both use the same outsoles and are equally modified. The modified outsoles and their capabilities give you more reasons to buy these boots.

Fit and Sizing

Both shoes fit the same way and they are both true to size. However, there can be inconsistencies with how both boots feet.

If they turn out to have excess room in them than you want, you can buy thick insoles to help fill the space.

Some Solovair boots don’t offer half-sizes. People who use half-sizes are advised to order a full size higher and buy insoles to fill the space.

Bottom Line: This comparison is a tie in this case. Both boots are from the same brand and they are sized the same way.

Solovair Greasy vs Hi-Shine: Which is Better?

It was quite obvious which of the boots will come ahead, right from the start. Solovair Greasy boots may cost higher than Solovair Hi-Shine boots but they are also the better option.

To spend less, you may want to buy Hi-Shine boots instead since they are more affordable. However, Solovair Greasy boots are worth the high price.

To be worth a high price, they have to be of high quality. While Solovair Hi-Shine boots are arguably of high quality too, they are in no way in the same league as Solovair Greasy boots when it comes to durability.

Solovair Greasy boots are naturally more durable due to the full-grain leather they are made of. In addition to the thickness and high quality, they are infused with oil to make them nearly waterproof.

Solovair Hi-Shine boots, on the other hand, don’t just use corrected leather but use half of the full-grain leather used in Solovair Greasy boots. They are not infused with oil like the Solovair Greasy boots are so they are less resistant to water.

Like other leather boots, Solovair Hi-Shine boots will break down slowly when exposed to water. Solovair Greasy boots can last a much longer time remaining unaffected by water. This makes Solovair Greasy the winning boot of this comparison.


It is quite beautiful how Solovair can make corrected leather last as long as Hi-Shine boots do. They are not just corrected.

They are split from full-grain leather. While this means they should be thinner, they are even thicker than many leather boots.

The sweetest part is they cost less than Solovair Greasy boots and, even though they are quite expensive, they are worth the price.

 While all these are true about Solovair Hi-Shine boots, it doesn’t change the fact that Solovair Greasy boots are much better.

It depends on how much you are willing to spend at a go. Whichever one you opt for, you will surely enjoy your money’s worth.


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