Solovair Vs Blundstone

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The major difference between Solovair boots and Blundstone boots is that Solovair boots are easy to break in, while Blundstone takes some weeks to break in and be comfortable.

Solovair incorporates a cushioned foam insole while Blundstone incorporates an EVA insole. Another key difference is that Solovair is made of corrected grain leather, whereas Blundstone is made of greasy kip leather.

Having these boots in my wardrobe, I can tell you that there are more technical differences when you compare them side by side. Let’s have a glance at them. 

The First Glance Of The Boots 

When we see these boots for the first time, there are certain features that can be easily identified. I have had an experience with each of the boots and I can tell you the first impression I had of them.

Solovair Boots

  • Rubber sole
  • Wood shank
  • Resoleable
  • Corrected grain leather
  • Laces and eyelets 

Solovair produces high-quality boots. This brand name came from “Sole of Air”. A lot of people (including me) consider it the “real” Doc Martens. They are produced using the same sole, lasts, and materials used in making Doc Martens.

One key feature I noticed about these boots is that they are all Goodyear welted. The Goodyear welt construction is an old technique of joining the sole and the upper.

This construction makes the boot very durable, water resistant, and also resoleable.

I also noticed that this boot features a wooden shank between its outsole and the insole, which helps to provide support to the arch of the foot.

The boot is made using smooth, corrected-grain leather. It is a glossy leather that has been smoothed down and is kind of shinny. It is also very smooth to the touch.

Looking at the Solovair boot, you’ll see that it has 8 pairs of eyelets and a sturdy rubber sole. It has triple stitching along the sides. 

Blundstone Boots 

  • Rubber sole
  • Pull tabs
  • Slip-resistant
  • Oil resistant
  • High insulation
  • Leather upper
  • Sturdy 

My Blundstone boots are high-quality boots. Anyone familiar with this boot will know that it is designed for comfort and durability.

They have a comfortable fit and they are never out of style.

The boots are iconic, reliable, comfortable, and, indeed, protective. I have these boots in the zipper style and the elastic side style.

These boots are my most reliable work boots. I noticed that they are slip resistant, oil resistant, and heat resistant.

This is due to the quality rubber sole. It has quality soles that grip well. They are made with a high level of insulation properties and can withstand extreme heat.

I got to know that the leather made with these boots is premium leather, which is water resistant, and that makes it best for wet and muddy areas.

Looking at this boot, you’ll see that it has two pull tabs, at the front and at the back. This is to ensure that the boot is worn with ease.

Its inside feels like normal leather and it is quite soft. The Blundstone outsole is made of a durable rubber-like design that makes me very comfortable while I walk. 

The Comparison: Solovair Vs Blundstone 

Features SolovairBlundstone
Sole Made of rubber – PVCMade of rubber -TPR
Insole Cushioned foam insoleEVA Insole
LeatherCorrected grain leatherGreasy kip leather
Price Price depends on the style of the bootAbout $200 to $230 for an adult pair
Size and FitIt runs half a size bigIt runs true to size
Construction Goodyear welt processXRD technology for durability and comfort
Break-inEasy to break inDifficult to break in
Closure Lace closure with 8 eyelets Pull on with elastic side panels
Support Foam around the heel for supportA cushiony footbed for support
Use/Purpose Designed for factory and industrial workWorn for all season and verstile
Padded CollarFeatures padded collarNo padded collar



Solovair boots are made with a bouncy rubber sole. The soles are made from PVC, otherwise known as Polyvinyl Chloride.

It is a soft, flexible, and durable material that may require re-soling after continuous wear.

Due to the Goodyear welt method used in making the shoe, it can be resoled whenever it is worn out.

PVC soles are durable and resistant to abrasion. They are quite comfortable as well as lightweight.

Blundstone boots are made of TPR, otherwise known as thermoplastic rubber. The sole is designed to reduce fatigue and orthopedic issues in the lower body.

Your Blundstone can be resoled when they are worn out using the Vibram Gumlite.

It is a soft and cushioned material that is similar in density to the original sole. It offers more traction and excellent gripping power.

The only Blundstone that cannot be resoled is the new Blundstone stitch-down style.

Solovair Vs Blundstone

Solovair Vs Blundstone


The Solovair has a cushioned foam insole. The insoles are made from smooth, vegetable-tanned leather.

It helps to keep your feet warm, dry, and also hygienic. It gives comfort and can be air-dried naturally when exposed to moisture. It is also very soft.

It is most suitable for people who are between sizes. The insoles of Solovair boots are part of the integral structure of the boot due to the Goodyear welt process, so it is difficult to remove. It can also help increase the fit of large boots. 

The Blundstone boot features an EVA insole. Its lining also incorporates wool for better comfort. Its footbed is removable and helps to offer a more snug fit. The footbed slowly molds to your foot, thereby making the boot much more comfortable.

The footbed also helps to insulate the body from winter. The boots are compatible with most orthotics. It gives better underfoot comfort and shock absorption.

Each pair of these boots that are purchased through the Australian Boot Company has an extra footbed attached to it with no extra charge involved.

The footbed features XRD technology that helps to absorb 90% of the impact while walking.


Solovair boots are made of smooth corrected leather. This type of leather has been fixed or corrected by professional leatherwork to improve the aesthetics and quality.

It is considered to be as durable as full-grain leather. The buffing process of this leather removes its natural softness. An example of this type of leather is nubuck.

Blundstone is made of greasy kip leather. This is an all-season leather that is waterproof and weatherproof. This leather is quite soft.

The greasy kip leather is a heavy chrome-tanned, durable type of leather. This leather is infused with oil during the tanning process to make it water repellant. 

Solovair Vs Blundstone

Solovair Vs Blundstone


The price of Solovair boots depends on the style of the boot. For instance, the Black Hi-shine Derby boot cost about $269.00 while the Black Hi-shine Dealer boot cost about $219.00.

Blundstone boots’ price ranges from $200 to $230 for an adult pair. 

Size and Fit 

Solovair boots run half a size big. The insoles also help to provide extra fitting. It’s better to size down for a perfect fit or purchase a half-size smaller than your regular size. So, if you’re a size 11, you should order a size 10.5 for a perfect fit.

Blundstone boots usually run true to size. However, some boots are made for wider feet, and different designs do have different sizes. You should note that Blundstone boot sizing is unis*x. 


Each pair of Solovair boots is produced using the Goodyear welt process. It has no insulation in the upper. It involves the high craftsmanship of shoemaking to produce a quality Solovair boot.

It features a leather upper and synthetic lining. A process known as “clicking” is used to start the production of the shoe.

Traditional Puritan sewing machines are used in sewing the boots as they provide heavy-duty stitching and a triple width.

Blundstone boots are made of a very flexible upper, even though the sole is rugged as it is made from rubber.

Apart from being comfortable, they are also made to be stylish and durable.

They are made of TPR sole that grips well in all weather and feature removable insoles. The boot features XRD technology as well as Poron in the heel to help absorb shock. It has elastic side panels with pull tabs for easy pull-on wear.

Solovair Vs Blundstone

Solovair Vs Blundstone

Break in

Solovair boots are not so difficult to break in. After the break in the process, they look sleek and more stylish. You can put on socks to speed up the process.

Blundstone boots take a long time to break in. It takes about two months of regular use to stretch your boot and a complete break-in process. Due to the fact that they do not have laces, the boots rely on a snug fit.  


Solovair boots feature 8 eyelets and a lace closure for a more secure fit. The laces are held by metal eyelets.

Blundstone boots are basically pull-on boots. It features elastic side panels to make wearing it effortless.

Solovair Vs Blundstone

Solovair Vs Blundstone


Solovair boots have foam around the heel, which gives more arch support. 

The Blundstone boot has a good amount of ankle support. It features a cushiony footbed in order for the boot to absorb shock while walking or hiking. Its footbed is removable and can be washed.


Solovair boots were originally designed for factory and industrial work. They are rugged boots for high-intensity jobs. 

Blundstone boots can be worn in all seasons. It is simple yet fashionable. It is unique, rugged, comfy, and protective.

It is a perfect boot for kids as it has no laces, which enables it to be very easily put on. This boot combines practicality, comfort, and style. They are rugged and very versatile.

Padded collar

Solovair features a high-padded collar for better comfort.

The Blundstone has no padded collar, but its safety boot features padded collars.

Why should you buy Solovair?

My Solovair boots are very comfy to put on all day long. I love these boots because they are resoleable. I don’t need to discard them when they are worn out; just resole them and I’ll have a brand new boot again.

The boot has good arch support and its sole is rigid. It is made of quality leather and it helps to maintain its shape better. They are very durable and shiny. It has a thick tread pattern, and the rubber on the sole is very hard.  

Solovair Derby Hi-shine boot


Solovair Hi-shine Astronaut boot


Why should you buy Blundstone?

  • Fashionable 
  • Versatile 
  • Good Quality 
  • Durability
  • Breathability 

These boots are so aesthetic and come in various styles. The upper is sturdy, with the side panels firmly stitched onto them. It has a suede feel to it.

This boot is also water resistant. These boots were built to be tough and they were designed to go anywhere. They can serve as work boots and also as fashionable boots.

They are very durable and are made of durable materials. The materials are durable, breathable, protective, and also supportive. A breathable and supportive boot helps to prevent blisters after a long day at the construction site.

This makes Blundstone a good boot for foot health. It aids in the prevention of orthopedic problems in the legs, feet, and lower back.They are light and comfortable too. You can get this boot on Amazon. 

Blundstone Lux boot for men and women

Solovair Vs Blundstone

Blundstone 550 boot for men and women

Solovair Vs Blundstone

Blunstone men’s Chelsea boot

Solovair Vs Blundstone


Final Verdict: Which is better?

After much comparison, we have arrived at a conclusion that The Solovair boot is the better brand of the two boots. It is made of quality and durable material.

The tag, “the real Doc martens” wasn’t for no reason. The boot tends to have shiny and long-lasting leather. The boot has a quick break-in process which enables it to be very comfortable. It features eyelets and laces.

It is known to be the best boot for the working man due to its hard and protective sole.  It is a high-performance kind of boot worn to prevent falling or slipping while working on a construction site.


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