Solovair Vs Tredair

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Let’s take on the battle between Solovair Vs Tredair and see which is the superior footwear. Firstly, do you know that Solovair has been the producer of one of Dr Martens’ famous boots known as Dr Martens Solovair? 

Sorry that I digressed. Well, if you ever find yourself waffling on deciding between Solovair and Tredair, then here is a clear unveiling that puts the two boots to light.

This is so that you can decide with a clear understanding which best suits your needs. 

Firstly, know that Solovair was established in 1881 while Tredair was introduced in 1776. Both are British-based brands that make not just boots, they make other footwear too.

However, this article focuses on just the similarities and differences, functionalities, and the overall construction of these respective boots that should help you know them better. 

Major Difference Between Solovair and Tredair 

The major difference between Solovair and Tredair boots is the fact that Solovair boots are made of glossier leather. They are mostly made with corrected-grain leather. They have soles that are rubber and bouncy.

Their sizing is majorly men-inclined and comes with their signature six-eyelet designs. They have vegan boots whose designs are done with materials that are a blend of plant-based biodegradable matter and synthetic materials.

Whereas Tredair on the other hand is made with different leather types that range from cherry leather, horween leather, robo-ff leather, gaucho leather, patent leather, full-grain leather, etc, depending on the boot model.

All of these are bovine leathers. When it comes to Tredair boots, you have the luxury of options. Their boots have different breathability levels, albeit not heavy. They’re true to size too.

Comparison between Solovair and Tredair Boots

AboutSolovair BootsTredair Boots
First GlanceSophisticated outlook. Good looking.Sleek design. Bold stitches.
ConstructionMajorly goodyear welt technology construction. Bouncy sole.  Minorly goodyear welt technology construction. Three-layered sole.
MaterialsEuropean bovine hides. PVC. Natural. Cowhide. Faux leather. Natural rubber.
Comfort LevelGood comfort level.Better comfort level.
Fashion QualityGood fashion quality.Exceptional fashion quality.
Size And FitTrue to size. Fits well. True to size. Fits nicely.
Price$190 to $220$170 to $200


The reason for the comparison between these two brands is because both are British-based, they have many years of experience that has made them carve not just goodwill for them in the world of fashion but also debates.

So, there has been this argument hovering around them as regards superiority as they have also been living rent-free in the mental duplexes of boot lovers.  

Are you trying to choose between Solovair and Tredair but stuck on which to opt for? Trying to figure out between Solovair and Tredair, which is more reliable?

The answers to these questions are the reason for the comparison. This is because this article is tailored toward providing you with these answers. 

Solovair Vs Tredair: First Glance

The power of the first glance at boots has the power of boosting sales. The reason for this is that a boot is first appreciated for its look before its inner qualities are known. How are Solovair and Tredair doing with regard to this? 


Solovair Vs Tredair

There are boots whose outer looks are an embodiment of quality, Solovair is one. Solovair has this deep Dr. Martens quality type of look.

This is probably because of their intertwined history. Solovair boots have this rich dose of sophistication; all thanks to the Goodyear welt technology.

There’s a high chance that you’d be drawn to boots if you’re a fan of boots with complex structure, yet sleek.  


Solovair Vs Tredair

Tredair boots are aesthetically pleasing too. They have moderate sole height and bold stitches. Their leathers also determine the shininess of their different models.

They have curved heels and sleek eyelets, some are 16, others are more. Tredair boots are the types that will have you wanting to know what other aspects there are to the boots. 

Solovair Vs Tredair: Construction

Solovair Boots

Solovair boots have the Goodyear welt technology construction. Here, the welt is stitched to the upper.

A strip of material runs around the bottom and is attached to the midsole or insole depending on the variant of Goodyear welt that is used for the specific model. 

They’re mostly made with the classic and soft suspension sole, some have the synthetic lining, and others are constructed with leather lining.

And except it is a smooth leather used, the leather is always sanded to give a smooth appearance. 

Solovair makes over 1000 boots yearly. The construction process begins by cutting prices of leathers into desired shapes through the “clicking” process. 

Thereafter, a basic shape is formed when the different pieces get sewn together. Then puritan machines are used to give them heavy-duty stitches and stretched to allow extra width. 

The leather is then put over a last where it gets stapled and the loose edges trimmed nicely. The welt is finally attached to the sole using heat without adding any synthetic or natural glue.

Thereafter, the upper joins, a midsole is placed, and an insole is inserted. A boot is formed.  

Tredair Boots

The construction of Tredair boots has the upper firmly attached to the welt. There’s a firm bond between the midsole and the sole before they get sewn to the upper as a single unit.

Plus, they adopt the three-layered sole construction to reduce impact.  

Tredair boots are constructed with suitable lasts that are great with long-distance walking because they slash down flexing.

They have slight cushioning and are made to mold to the feet’ shape. The uppers have ¼ of 2mm thickness, the soles are thicker.

For years, Tredair are known to have been constructing boots that are great for regular use and have proven to be environmentally friendly. 


Solovair boots have better construction. The reason for this is because the Goodyear welt construction sits atop in hierarchy of all boot construction types. Although Tredair uses the same construction technology for some of their shoes. 

Solovair Vs Tredair: Material


All of Solovair materials are bovine leathers and PVC, all of which are sourced in Europe, they are cowhide specifically.

The company says that it sourced all of its materials from European cattle and tenneries, except the chromexcel leather that is gotten from the US. 

Different materials are used for their boots design; both vegan-friendly and non-vegan-friendly, depending on how the intended model is made to be.

The eyelets are made of metal materials, the soles are usually rubber while the shoe’s tongue is made of full-grain leather. 

Tredair Boots

Tredair also uses vegan and cowhide materials. The soles are made of natural rubber. There’s usually leather lining at the base, on the shoe wall, where the back of the heel touches the inside of the shoe.

Recently some iterations are made of faux leather. Those types are pretty comfortable but they do not stand the test of time like natural leather does.  

Solovair Vs Tredair: Comfort Level

Comfort in boots means being able to walk in them without subjecting your feet to pricks, imbalance, weight or any form of deep discomfort. 

Tredair Boots

Tredair shoes are comfortable shoes, except that the steel toe area sometimes can be discomforting as it doesn’t break-in, but then, they are mostly designed to be spacious enough to not be in tight contact with the foot. 

There is a good alignment between the toe and the heel areas so that the foot is placed nicely.

They’re made with breathable materials too, so you’re spared of the discomforting sweaty feet and moisture buildup that can lead to smelly feet.

One of the downsides of Tredair boots is that they take time to break-in. But when they eventually do, they become super cool. 

Solovair Boots

Solovair boots are incredibly lightweight, so this eliminates the hurdles that come with dealing with heavy shoes. The fact that they come with replaceable padding made of memory foam makes them cool too.

This makes it soft and cushy, accompanying every step with a bouncy feel. From reviews, users particularly love Solovair boots for this.  

The soft suspension sole technology used here is old but gold. It adds to Solovair boots comfort and is supportive, unlike the conventional boots setup that uses negative space to achieve forward propulsion and cushioning.

All of these are for their upgraded designs. This is because most of their exciting boots are not really exceptionally comfy because of the little rigidity of their materials, plus, they’re not very big on arch support. 

Verdict: Tredair boots have a better comfort Level. Although not at the instant of first use. But then, you’d prefer a kind of comfort that takes time and is long-lived than one that comes early but lives in a relatively shorter time. 

Solovair Vs Tredair: Durability

Boots durability means that a boot can be used on uneven terrains and other complex grounds, sometimes, undergo the worst of situations without easily giving in to wear, tear or rupture.  

Tredair Boots

The factors that account for a boot’s durability are the material used, the construction, stitching patterns, and the tanning procedure that a boot’s leather has undergone. It is good that Tredair boots are doing fairly well in these areas. 

While it is true that Tredair makes durable boots, it is also necessary to mention that Tredair uses different leather types for the manufacturing of their different shoe models.

This brings about an unequal durability level. Some are exceptionally durable. In all, none had a durability level that falls below average. 

Solovair Boots

Solovair Boots are more quality because of their major construction pattern and material types; goodyear welt and original bovine hide. The customer’s report has put these to light.

The said construction type has been analyzed by footwear specialists to be the most long-lasting and comfortable. 

The full-grain leather is obtained from both the combination of the outer and inner sides of the hide. This allows for added strength. Although this makes the boot a tad weighty, nevertheless, it doesn’t amount to much discomfort. 


Solovair boots win for durability.

Solovair Vs Tredair:Fashion Quality


Tredair boots have different looks because of the different materials used for their different boots. Each model has a different finish. The hi-shine models made with corrected grain leather are exceptionally glossy and sleek.

The full-grain leather types have a classy look too. The boots in general have well-cut soles with fine rounded toe areas and nice seams. Aesthetically, Tredair boots are atop their game. 


Solovair boots have this unique elegance and grit and are spotlessly polished in their smoothness. They have refined outer stitching that looks like the boots are for professionals.

Solovair styling mimics the Dr. Martens’ boots that were designed in their factory. However, they seem to be made with better materials and have a better English shoe-making pattern.   

Solovair Vs Tredair: Size And Fit

You can get the right size of either Solovair or Tredair boots by measuring your feet on a flat surface.

You measure from your biggest toenail to the back of your foot. For both boots, you should add about 7-8 mm to allow for a bit of tolerance during foot insertion. 

They’re both true to size and fit just right. If your foot is large, you may need to size it up by half. Also, know that there are different sizing patterns here.

The designer advises that buyers should ensure that their country sizing pattern aligns with that on the size chart. 

Solovair Vs Tredair: Price

Solovair boots majorly sell within the price range of $190 to $220. While there are other price ranges, Tredair boots are mostly sold within the price range of  $170 to $200.

Final Verdict

Regardless of what features make what boot suffice better at where Solovair is the better choice here.

And this doesn’t in any way rule out that Tredair is an inferior brand. It is just the relativity of the quality of these two boots that put Tredair below. 

But being a fashion-inclined person, I’d choose Tredair regardless of popular choice. This is because the boots also have a good dose of quality and are super sleek.

However, your choice should be unique to your needs.  


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