Sperry Vs Cole Haan

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Dressing smart is ideal and a cool pair of shoes is what completes the look. An Oxford shoe is an elegant dress shoe that does the magic.

Featuring a closed lacing system and a variety of designs, this traditional men’s shoe has evolved into the women’s fashion world.

In addition, this iconic shoe comes in different textures, including different leather types, suede, and canvas, and is suitable for many purposes.

The Oxford shoe should certainly be part of your closet and no brand does it better than the Sperry and Cole Haan brands.

The Sperry and Cole Haan brands design elegant Oxford shoes that are great for several occasions, including styling up for a casual occasion, dressing formally for the office, and doing something in-between.

They design both men and women Oxfords including unis*x Oxfords. But, which brand should be your choice? Which brand offers the best quality and craftsmanship? Let’s find out.

What Is The Major Difference Between Sperry And Cole Haan Oxfords?

The main dissimilarity between the Sperry and Cole Haan Oxfords is in the construction. Sperry Oxfords are designed with their trademark razor-cut wave-siping non-marking rubber outsole.

Also, some designs feature a hand-sewn moccasin toe, a force-absorbing EVA heel cup, and their 360° lacing system.

On the other hand, Cole Haan employs the Grand.Os technology on their rubber outsole. Also, they use EVA midsoles for some Oxford designs for proper support and function. 

Another difference between these two shoes is in the price. Sperry Oxfords’ shoes are expensive with prices of about $225 or more.

However, Cole Haan is a luxury brand and their Zerogrand Oxfords shoes sell between $300-$400. Let’s take a look at both Oxford shoes.

First Glance


Sperry Vs Cole Haan Oxfords

  • Stain and water-resistant leather and Suede upper
  • Genuine handsewn Tru-Moc construction
  • Lambskin lining
  • Brands name
  • EVA heel cup 
  • Razor-cut wave-siping™ rubber outsole
  • Eyelets
  • Waxed cotton linings
  • Breathable vent on leather

The Sperry Top-sider captain and the Gold cup Cabo Oxfords is the brand’s most famous design. The top-sider Oxfords can function as boat shoes and work shoes.

In addition, you can also match both Oxfords with casual wear. The top-siders Oxfords are designed with a stain and water-resistant upper while the Gold cup Cabo is designed with leather or suede uppers.

They feature a hand-sewn moccasin toe for extra support and comfort. In addition, the heel cup of the top-sider is made with EVA for extra comfort.

There’s a lambskin lining in the Gold cup Cabo for extra warmth and also a PLUSHWAVE cushioning technology.

Both oxfords have a non-marking rubber outsole with the razor-cut wave-siping™ for lightweight support and excellent traction.

Sperry is branded on the outsole and also on the insole of both shoes. Also, the top-sider Oxford has two eyelets with laces for closure while the Gold cup Cabo has four eyelets with waxed cotton laces for closure.

Some designs of Sperry Oxfords have the 360° lacing system, where laces are passed around the shoes for closure.

Also, there are Sperry Oxfords with hole designs on the leather upper for increased breathability.

Cole Haan

Sperry Vs Cole Haan

  • Leather, suede, and stitchlite upper
  • Handwoven leather
  • Brand’s name
  • Rubber outsole
  • Eyelets and laces 
  • Breathable vent on leather upper

Cole Haan has different designs of Oxfords that are great as formal and casual shoes. The wingtips are their most famous design. This wingtip also comes in various designs including the Zerogrand, Originalgrand, and dress shoes.

The Cole Haan Oxfords are designed with leather, suede, and stitchlite uppers. The stitchlite uppers comprise 23 % wool, 7% baby alpaca, 40% nylon, and 30% polyester making the shoes extremely lightweight.

The Zerogrand Oxfords have some of their uppers designed with an all-around woven leather. In addition, they come with a layered foam cushioning that offers maximum support.

The dress shoe Oxford has leather lining and footbed for soft cushioning and support while other designs have a sock-like lining for comfort. Also, some designs are made with an EVA midsole for added support.

The rubber outsole has deep grooves and Grand.Os technology for maximum traction. The Oxford shoes are constructed with eyelets and laces for an appropriate fitting.

In addition, there are Cole Haan Oxfords with breathable vents on the leather upper. Let’s get into the comparison proper

What Are The Comparisons Between Sperry and Cole Haan Oxfords?

Sperry Vs Cole Haan

I will use the following features to draw a comparison between both shoes:

  • Material
  • Stitching
  • Outsole
  • Construction
  • Build quality
  • Insole
  • Price
  • Sizing and fitting
FeaturesSperry OxfordsCole Haan Oxfords
MaterialsLeather and suede upperLeather, suede, and knit upper
StitchingWell-detailed visible stitching with hand-sewn toeWell-detailed stitching
OutsoleNon-marking rubber with razor-cut wave-siping™ and leather outsoleRubber with deep grooves and leather outsole
ConstructionWell constructed with leather and suede uppers with rubber and leather outsolesWell constructed with leather, suede, and knit uppers with rubber and leather outsoles
Build QualityStandard build and qualityExcellent  build and quality
InsolePLUSHWAVE cushioning technology and leather footbedGrandFoam technology and leather footbed
PriceBetween $105-$255Between $109-$400
Size and FittingFit true to sizeFit true to size. However, may run large 



Sperry Vs Cole Haan

Both the Sperry and Cole Haan Oxfords use different materials to construct their Oxfords. Sperry Oxfords are available in suede and leather upper. Most of the leathers are made water resistant as some of the Oxfords are good boat shoes.

On the other hand, Cole Haan shoes are available in leather, Suede, and knit uppers. The knit material comprises wool, baby alpaca, nylon, and material.

Cole Haan Oxfords made of knit uppers are super lightweight and breathable. They are exceptionally comfortable in any weather condition. Most of the Zerogrand and Originalgrand Oxfords are constructed with knit uppers.


Sperry Oxfords are handcrafted with visible well-detailed stitching. The upper is first sewn together with a sewing machine and then hand sewn to the bottom.

Finally, the midsole is stitched together with the upper. This stitching process increases the durability of these shoes. 

The Cole Haan is also handcrafted with visible all-around stitching. The Oxfords are well stitched to make the shoes long-lasting.

Both the Sperry and Cole Haan shoes are well-stitched as both shoes are long-lasting.


Sperry Vs Cole Haan Oxfords

The Sperry Oxfords are designed with a rubber outsole. The cushion crepe rubber outsole is non-marking and features the Sperry trademark wave-siping for increased traction and solid support.

Sperry Oxfords are also constructed with leather outsoles. The leather soles are non-slip and will offer quality traction.

Cole Haan Oxfords are also designed with rubber outsoles. These rubber soles are marked with deep grooves for solid traction.

There is a rubber patch at the toe and heel part of the soles for increased resistance to wear.

The sturdy soles feature the Cole Haan Grand.ØS technology for a comfortable fit and maximum support that goes the distance.

The dress shoe Oxfords are made with leather outsoles that are also durable and slip-resistant. 

Both shoes are designed with durable outsoles, featuring their trademark innovations that increase durability.

However, I feel the Cole Haan Oxfords have a more durable outsole.


The Sperry brand makes wonderful and quality shoes. The Sperry Oxfords are handcrafted versatile shoes that can serve as boat shoes, sneakers, and dress shoes.

They come in varieties of designs and offer different levels of comfort. However, one common feature is their razor-cut Wave-Siping™ on the rubber outsole.

The various designs of Sperry Oxfords are well constructed for maximum comfort. The high-quality leather or suede upper is stitched together with the midsole before the outsole is glued with a heat process.

This process ensures the durability of these shoes. In addition, the toe features a well-detailed handsewn moccasin construction for some Oxford designs.

Sperry Oxfords are also designed with holes on the leather upper to increase durability and comfort. 

The Sperry Oxfords have some designs constructed with EVA heel cups for more support and comfort.

Also, some Oxfords are lined with lambskin that offers maximum comfort on the feet. The footbed features their PLUSHWAVE cushioning technology for added comfort. 

The Cole Haan brand is well known for its excellently designed shoes. The Cole Haan Oxfords are handcrafted shoes and are designed with different materials and innovations that bring maximum comfort all day.

The Zerogrand and Original grand wingtip is their most famous design. These Oxfords are constructed with leather and stitchlite uppers. One unique feature common with both Oxfords is their extreme lightweight and flexibility.

These shoes are constructed like sneakers to offer lightweight comfort and support. In addition, the EVA midsole is another feature that offers enough cushioning and support. 

Cole Haan also constructs dress shoe Oxfords with leather upper. Holes are made to increase air circulation and ensure comfort all day.

These shoes are lined with leather and have a leather footbed for proper cushioning of the feet. Furthermore, another design of Cole Haan has a handwoven leather upper that increases the beauty of these shoes.

The outsole of Cole Haan shoes is constructed with rubber and leather. The rubber outsoles have their innovative Grand.Os technology for extra comfort.

Both Sperry and Cole Haan Oxfords have nice designs and construction. It’s very difficult to choose which brand has better construction.

However, I will go with Cole Haan Oxfords, they’ve more varieties with nice detailing and construction. Many of their Oxfords are very flexible and lightweight which is a plus on their side.

Build Quality

The build quality of Sperry shoes is one thing that has kept them as one of the top brands in the footwear industry. The Sperry brand uses standard leather to design their Oxfords, thus guaranteeing their reliability.

The leather is well-sourced cow leather that is well dried before being used so as not to compromise the quality of the shoes. They are treated and made water-resistant. The shoes go through standard craftsmanship to ensure their durability.

Furthermore, the outsole of the Oxford shoes is made with durable rubber and leather that offer excellent traction and durable support. The heel cup is reinforced with EVA for support. 

Cole Haan is a luxury brand and offers top-notch satisfaction with its shoe design. The Oxfords are not left out. These shoes are put together with standard materials to increase the build and quality.

In addition, the brand employs quality artisans for its production. The leather is very durable and goes through a thorough tannery process before use.

They are treated to be water-resistant. The stitchlite upper comprises durable materials combining wool, nylon, baby alpaca, and polyester.

Furthermore, the rubber outsole has extra rubber patches to reduce wear in these Oxfords and keep them lasting longer. Moreover, they offer excellent support and grip on any surface.

The Sperry and Cole Haan Oxfords are both designed with quality materials and craftsmanship. However, the Cole Haan Oxfords are more durable. They last longer, up to two years or more depending on how you use them.


Sperry Vs Cole Haan Oxfords

The Sperry brand makes use of a soft footbed with PLUSHWAVE cushioning technology. This technology cushions the feet properly, leaving you relaxed all day. Some designs feature a leather footbed that’s glued to the shoe.

The Cole Haan Oxfords use their signature GrandFoam technology on the Zerogrand and Originalgrand Oxfords and some other designs.

This technology cushions the feet and offers lightweight support all through the day. The dress shoe Oxfords are designed with a leather footbed.


Sperry is an expensive brand. Their Oxfords shoes vary in price depending on the design. They fall within the range of $105-$255. 

Cole Haan is a luxury brand. The Oxfords shoes fall between $109-$400.

Size and Fitting

The Sperry Oxfords generally fit true to size but it’s safer to always check the size chart and measure your feet when purchasing them.

Also, you may order half a size down when going for leather Oxfords as you will need to break them in. Sperry offers half sizes. 

The Cole Haan Oxfords also fit true to size but this may not always be true. So, it’s best to always measure your feet and check the size guide. Cole Haan recommends sizing down for the Zerogrand shoes if you prefer a snug fit.

Final Verdict

The Sperry and Cole Haan Oxfords are both wonderful shoes, built with excellent quality. They’re versatile shoes and are suitable for many occasions.

Both shoes are great, having standard materials and a very durable build. However, the Cole Haan Oxfords are better than the Sperry Oxfords.

They are more durable and are available in different designs. Also, this brand offers many flexible and lightweight Oxfords that bring lightweight support, maximum comfort, and performance without compromising the build and durability.

If you don’t mind the price, you should go for the Cole Haan Oxfords, especially their Zerogrand design

But, if the price is the problem, the Sperry Oxfords are also great shoes to have or you can have both if you can afford them.


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