Sperry Vs Keds

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Sperry shoes are the best for Summer. No, Keds shoes are much better. Hold on! Why not just get both?

Summertime requires the best clothes or else even the clothes on your body will complain. Even your feet want the most comfortable shoes for each season. When summer comes around, you don’t want your feet sweating profusely.

That is as uncomfortable as sleeping in drenched clothes. No matter how great all summer shoes are, it feels great to know you are wearing the best shoes.

This is where Sperry and Keds shoes come in. These are some of the best shoes in the market, currently, but what would it take to know the best among the best?

Major Difference between Sperry and Keds Shoes 

Sperry Vs Keds

The biggest difference between the two shoes is the Price of the items. Because both brands are now owned by one company, the Keds shoes seem to be made as cheaper versions of the Sperry shoes.

While the Sperry shoes are not very expensive, some Sperry shoes manage to spill over $100.

The Keds shoes have prices ranging from $40 to $95, while most of their shoes are below $60. However, despite the price difference, Sperry shoes are not of greater quality.

Truly, both brands are great in terms of comfort and some other areas but not in durability. Contrary to what anyone would expect after looking at the prices, Keds shoes put more effort into quality than the Sperry shoes do.

Sperry Summer Shoe Reviews

The Sperry shoe company, also known as Sperry Top-Sider, is a footwear brand that specializes in the making of boat shoes.

The company was established by Paul Sperry in 1935. According to the historic tale, Paul Sperry was a sailor.

He slipped and fell off a boat. This experience is said to have inspired the idea of antiskid shoes for boating. The first Sperry Top-Sider boat shoes were created in 1935. The shoes quickly became a necessity among sailors.

The shoes adopted the use of water-resistant leather after the company partnered with Commonwealth’s Shoe and Leather Company.

Production increased when the US Navy obtained the right to manufacture the shoes for its sailors.

The brand was sold to US Rubber in 1940. US Rubber, which had control of both Sperry and Keds shoe brands, sold the two to Stride Rite Corporation.

Ownership was transferred to Payless ShoeSource in 2007, and the brand was acquired by Wolverine World Wide in 2012.

Below are the top reviews you get on your Sperry boat shoes;

  1. They are worth the price for me. They have gone through lake water, salt water, country towns, city streets, golf course, and more, and they are still going strong.
  2. The build quality is strong enough to justify the price. I have had my Sperry shoes for over 3 years. Although I only wear them 2 to 5 times every week.
  3. The build quality is superb and I have never had a pair of Sperry shoes fall apart. This is probably because I usually get a new pair at the end of every year. That’s because they start to look unkempt when I wear them daily
  4. In my opinion, Sebago shoes would be a better option than Sperry shoes. They run a half-size larger than Sperry shoes and take a long while to break in… but they are thicker and a lot more supportive. 
  5. I have had mine for three-and-a-half years now and the sole heels seem worn out. The insoles are messed up with holes but the body is in good shape. Though it has worn out a bit. I have a new pair sitting in my closet but I can’t bring myself to ditch the ones I’m currently wearing.

Pros of Sperry Shoes 

  • Fairly durable
  • Antiskid
  • Fashionable and versatile
  • Very comfortable
  • Water-resistant
  • True to size
  • Easy break-in
  • Very affordable
  • Breathable
  • Provides wide sizes

Cons of Sperry Shoes 

  • Quick wear-out
  • No arch support

Keds Summer Shoe Reviews

 Keds is a footwear brand known for canvas shoes and their rubber soles. Founded by US Rubber in 1916, “Peds” had been considered to be the brand name but the name was already trademarked.

In 1940, the Sperry brand was purchased by US Rubber. US Rubber later sold Sperry and Keds to the same company, Stride Rite Corporation, in 1979. 

Because of the soft rubber soles in the Keds shoes which allowed you to walk silently, they were called “Sneakers”. The Keds company is currently owned by the same company that owns Sperry shoes; Wolverine World Wide.

 Keds shoes are great, especially in terms of comfort, but not all reviews agree with that. Below are the top reviews you will find on Keds shoes;

  1. Every time I put on a pair of Keds shoes, it only takes a while before my small toes and heels get blistered. This also happens with other simple white shoes I try out. Does anyone know any nice white shoes that prevent this?
  2. I have had a pair of Keds for about six months and there are no hints of them coming apart. I treat them carefully though and sometimes wear other shoes but they are still the main shoes I use most often. They are holding up pretty fine and they still look very new. I recently bought two more pairs at a very cheap price, about $20 each. I don’t expect them to hold up if you go a little rough on them but mine is still pretty good.
  3. The Keds I know are usually around $45. I was surprised to find them for less on Amazon. I was on the lookout for a pair of comfortable shoes and these are perfect. I ordered my usual size and they were just as I expected. I can’t speak about the quality but they are comfortable and I will get more.
  4. Comfortable and thick sole. They fit well with thin socks; my preference, actually. The back of the sole rubbed against my heels and it takes a long time to break in.
  5. Just not a fan. They lack support and I don’t enjoy the grip. I have a pair that I dance with but I’ve not worn them enough to break them in.

Pros of Keds Shoes 

  • Fairly durable
  • Fashionable and versatile
  • Very comfortable
  • Breathable
  • Antiskid
  • Shock absorption
  • Very affordable
  • Offers wide sizes

Cons of Keds Shoes 

  • Runs slightly large
  • Low arch support
  • Wrinkling

Head-to-Head Comparison: Sperry Vs Keds 

  • Construction Mode
  • Price
  • Build Quality
  • Insole
  • Outsole
  • Fit and Sizing

Construction Mode

Sperry vs Keds

The two brands are similar in the materials they use. Both brands use leather, rubber, and suede in their shoes, with each material having its limits. Rubber soles last a lot longer and are waterproof.

However, rubber soles are not used alone. The shoes either have a leather upper sole or suede. The materials are said to be water-resistant but water has its effects on the materials which may contribute to reduced durability.

Sperry shoes have received a few complaints about stitching, though the complaints are not often. Keds shoes are reviewed to be stiff and the strong stitches holding the soles together make them initially uncomfortable during the period of breaking in.

Sperry shoes do not have major stitching problems but, from the consistent reviews, Keds are stitched a lot better and stronger.

Sperry and Keds shoes come in similar looks that may be hard to distinguish. Both brands have boat shoes. Both brands have lace-up shoes.

Both brands have slip-on shoes. While Keds shoes are respected for cheap prices, many reviews speak of some cheap quality materials. Some mention how easily breakable the laces are.

Bottom Line: From a critical look at the construction modes of both shoes, Keds shoes will take the lead. Both shoes have issues with quality.

While anyone can make do with broken laces, stitching problems are not very easy to manage.


Sperry Vs Keds

There are expensive shoes from both brands but they are not as expensive as shoes you get from bigger brands.

Most of the shoes from Keds are found for around $50 and some shoes cost even a lot lower than that. Some Keds shoes can be gotten for $30 or even lower.

The same applies to Sperry shoes. Sperry shoes are closer to $90 and can go as high as $150. That is lower than the price of bigger brands.

However, they also have shoes that cost as low as $30 and can be even lower than that.

Bottom Line: From a critical look at the prices of both shoes, Keds take the lead. While Keds has more shoes that revolve around the $50 price, Sperry has more shoes around $90.

Build Quality

Sperry vs Keds

Sperry shoes are reviewed to have issues that didn’t use to be there. They are probably fixed already.

While the Sperry shoes were built to resist water, and proven to be able to sit in water comfortably without issues, the new Sperry shoes had issues with dye when dipped in water.

Users also complain of issues with stitching and thin soles in some Sperry shoes.

Keds shoes get wrinkled easily. Though this is an issue with all canvas shoes, the complaints on Keds show the wrinkling is excessive. The Keds have thicker soles, compared to the Sperry shoes.

Bottom Line: From a critical look at the build quality of both shoes, Keds will take the lead, even though both shoes are reviewed to be average in quality.

This is because the thin soles in some Sperry shoes may cause discomfort on rough grounds if worn without insoles. Thicker outsoles should make for quality.


Sperry vs Keds

Some Keds shoes don’t have removable insoles while some do. Some Keds shoes even come with replacement insoles.

The Keds insoles are made of Ortholite. They are cushioned but they provide very little arch support that can be compared to none. However, the insoles are comfortable and replaceable.

Sperry shoes have removable insoles but the Sperry company doesn’t create replacement insoles. In other words, if you have a problem with the insoles, you will have to buy a different kind of insole.

The Sperry brand uses two kinds of insoles in its shoes. Some have leather insoles while some others have ASV insoles (made as a mixture of leather and memory foam).

The insoles are said to be so comfortable and light that they feel like butter but they also have no arch support.

Bottom Line: From a critical look at the insoles of both shoes, this should be a tie since both insoles are equally comfortable while lacking support. Both shoes may require a change of insoles to make up for support.


Sperry vs Keds

Sperry shoes have their outsoles made of synthetic rubber, while the upper sole is made of leather or suede. With the synthetic soft rubber, the shoes have excellent traction on wet surfaces.

The same applies to the Keds shoes. They have rubber outsoles and rubber soles made of leather or suede.

Bottom Line: From a critical look at the outsoles of both shoes, this is a tie. Both shoes make use of virtually the same materials, probably because they are currently under the same company.

Also, the materials seem to be handled equally, making the predicted durability of both shoes almost equal.

Fit and Sizing

Sperry shoes fit perfectly well and they require no break-in period to achieve the desired comfort.

Keds shoes, on the other hand, run half-size large so you might have to size down to get the snug fit.

Asides from the sizing, Keds shoes are reviewed to be stiff. Therefore, they require a break-in period before you can feel perfectly comfortable in them.

Bottom Line: From a critical look at the Fit and Sizing of both shoes, Sperry shoes take the lead.

They fit well immediately and without sizing problems. Keds require a break-in period and that might not sit well with impatient people and new customers.

Sperry vs Keds: Which is The Better Summer Shoe?

 This is a tough duel but it should be clear enough that Keds shoes are the better option. They look just as nice as Sperry shoes and have almost the same quality issues.

However, the Keds shoes seem to have a better build quality. Once you break in your Keds shoes, you can live through many summer vacations and have your Keds intact.


Both shoes require extra care to keep them in perfect shape for as long as a year or more. If you wonder why many go for these shoes, despite quality issues, they are fashionable and versatile.

They are also comfortable, even though they lack arch support. In addition to everything mentioned, they are breathable enough to give you a great time in the summer.


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