Stan smith Vs Vans Authentic

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The major difference between the Stan Smith Sneakers and Vans Authentic sneakers is that the Vans Authentic features a canvas upper while the Stan Smith sneaker features a leather upper.

Another difference is that the Stan Smith sneaker is usually not very comfortable for long hours of wear because it does not have any arch support. Whereas, the Vans authentic has a good amount of arch support. 

This is not all about these iconic sneakers, to know more about them you should read further. 

The First Glance Of The Sneakers

When we see these shoes for the first time, there are certain features we can easily identify. I just got a pair of Stan Smith and I have had Vans Authentic for quite some time now. So I can tell you my first impressions of them.

Stan Smith 

  • Leather Upper
  • Punched Ventilation Holes
  • Visible Stitching

Having his sneaker for quite some time, I’ve noticed that stan smith’s sneaker is usually made with a leather upper and laces that are white.

Unlike other Adidas sneakers that have three stripes, this sneaker has a simple design. When you take a look at this sneaker, you’ll see that it has three rows which are ventilation holes on both sides of the sneaker upper.

The three stripes of Adidas were replaced by these perforated holes. It also features visible stitching on the sides of the sneakers. It has a vivid green on the heel and a line drawing on the tongue. This sneaker is available in men’s, women’s, and kid’s sizes.

One thing that attracted me to this shoe is its versatility. These sneakers go well with anything and everything. You would hardly find an outfit that doesn’t go well with Stan Smith sneakers. 

Vans Authentic 

  • Canvas upper
  • Visible stitching 
  • Metal shoelace eyelets
  • Rubber sole 

This sneaker is my favorite sneaker for skating. One obvious feature is that its upper is made of canvas material. It has visible stitching which enhances the appearance of this sneaker.

It features 5 metal shoelace eyelets through which the shoe laces usually pass through them. This gives me several options to style my shoelaces. When putting on this shoe, I can walk on any kind of surface and of course skate as I want to.

This is possible due to the rubber sole which has a waffle pattern on it. The sole offers unmatched traction as there’s less chance of me slipping or falling while putting on this shoe.

These sneakers are also very much comfortable and have a simple design. It is perfect for most casual events and can be paired with any outfit. 

The Comparison: Stan Smith Vs Vans Authentic

Let’s compare these shoes using the following technical features;

  • Upper 
  • Sole 
  • Size and fit
  • Arch support
  • Comfort 
  • Price 
  •  Insole 
  • Durability 
  • Maintenance 
Features Stan smithVan authentic
Upper Leather upper Canvas upper
Sole Rubber soleRubber waffle sole
Size and FitIt fits true to sizeIt fits true to size
Arch SupportIt has no arch support It features arch support
Comfort Not comfortable for long hoursVery comfortable especially for skating
Price About $100 for a pairAbout $90 for a pair
Insole Synthetic materialRemovable cushion footbed
Durability Durable with visible stitchingDurable with visible stitching
Maintenance Wipe with a wet clothWash with warm water and detergent 
Midsole A rubber midsoleA vulcanized midsole



Stan smith features a leather upper. The upper is made of a full real white leather. This leather upper makes it easy for you to wipe off the dirt from the sneakers. The upper also features perforated 3-striped holes. The leather used in making this shoe is called “vegan mushroom leather” 

The Vans Authentic has a canvas upper that is double-stitched. The upper is resistant to water as the liquid tends to roll right off of the top of the shoe to protect your feet from the water. Canvas can also withstand high heat during the manufacturing process. The upper also features metal eyelets and laces.

Stan smith vs vans authentic

Stan smith vs vans authentic


Stan smith is made of rubber studded sole. My favorite feature of this sneaker is the sole. The Vans Authentic has a vulcanized rubber sole that is slip resistant and made of waffle tread.

It would keep you stable and prevents you from slipping or falling. It usually comes in rhomboid and diamond shapes. 

Stan smith Vs vans authentic

Stan smith Vs Vans Authentic

Size and Fit

The Stan Smith sneaker fits true to size, so you can go ahead and grab a pair in your usual size. 

The Vans authentic sneaker also fits true to size. This makes the sizing process of the sneakers very simple. But if you are between sizes or you prefer a loose fit, then you may need to go half a size up. 

Arch Support

The Stan Smith has no arch support. This is because it is a barebone shoe. Though, this may be a good thing for those looking for a classy shoe who may not be on their feet for long.

The Vans authentic features a good amount of arch support.


I don’t expect the Stan smith to be very comfortable because it has no arch support. It is usually not very comfortable for long hours wear. The sneaker is best for short trips and casual outings. It has no Adidas boost technology but it has decent quality and has a simple design.

The Van authentic sneakers are very comfortable to put on, especially for skating and casual wear. It has a soft leather lining and a classic low-profile sole. They are also very warm during winter. 


The Stan smith cost about $100 for a pair. You can get them on Amazon.

Vans authentic costs about $90 for a pair. You can get yours on Amazon.


The insole of stan smith is made of synthetic material. The inner is also lined with GORE-TEX lining. This lining makes the shoe fully waterproof in other for you to wear them even when it’s raining. 

The Vans Authentic has a removable cushion footbed that would keep you comfortable all day long. It features a thick ultra cushioning system that would help in absorbing shock and as well as keep you feeling comfortable. The insoles are also padded.

Stan smith Vs Vans Authentic

Stan smith Vs Vans Authentic


For the durability of the Stan Smith sneaker, I love the fact that it has visible stitches around to ensure that the sole stays in place and strongly to the upper.

It has a leather upper and also a rubber sole. Looking at the stitches, it is a very well-constructed shoe that will last long.

The Vans Authentic are very durable sneakers. It is a dependable shoe as it also has visible stitching which would make it last longer. 


Stan smith is all white so you have to keep it clean and new always because a dirty pair of shoes look bad and unstylish.

Since it’s made of leather, you can easily wipe off the dirt and stains with a wet tissue or a wet cloth. 

The van authentic can easily be clean using warm water and a mild detergent. Do not wash your sneakers using a machine.


The Stan Smith features a rubber midsole. This midsole is cushioned

The Vans Authentic has a vulcanized midsole which is very flexible. It can also be called a cushioned foam midsole.

Why should you buy Stan Smith?

Stan Smith is very classy and casual. I like to wear it for outings and parties. It can also be styled with all outfits. It is also very easy to maintain as you can easily wipe off the dirt with a wet cloth.

Stan Smith sneaker is a very versatile sneaker and I would recommend them to anyone looking for a classy and versatile sneaker.

Adidas original stan smith sneaker

Stan smith Vs Vans Authentic

Adidas stan smith pride sneakers

Stan smith Vs vans authentic

Why should you buy Vans Authentic?

This sneaker has a simple low top. It has a canvas upper that is stain-resistant. The sneaker has a traditional lace-up design that provides a secure fit. the tongue features some straps, so it’s not going to move around too often. It has soft fabric linings that would feel great against the skin. 

Vans authentic adult sneaker

Stan smith Vs Vans Authentic

Vans women’s authentic trainer

Stan smith Vs Vans Authentic


After making a comparison between the two shoes, I would conclude by saying Stan Smith is the best sneakers to get.

This is because it is very classy and features perforated holes for breathability.

It can be paired with any outfit and can also be cleaned with ease. It has a rubber sole and features laces for a secure fit.

The sneaker also fits true to size, so you can order using your normal size. You can get this sneaker on Amazon using the links below them.


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