Tods Chukka boots vs Crockett and Jones

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Chukka boots are one of the favorites on the market. Also, these boots are one the most versatile and fashionable boots every man should have.

They feature a simple design that’s great for almost any outfit in your closet; from a simple casual and smart casual to a business casual, you will definitely find what to match these boots with.

They’re usually designed with leather or suede uppers and a rubber or leather outsole. In addition, they’re ankle-sized boots and come in varieties of colors and designs.

If you want luxury and stylish Chukka boots, then you should be on the market for the Tods and Crockett and Jones.

The Tods and Crockett and Jones are both luxury brands that design shoes and other fashion items. Their Chukka boots are luxury handcrafted boots, designed with outstanding quality and craftsmanship.

In addition, they come in diverse styles, designed with quality leather and suede material. But what are their differences? Which brand makes better quality boots? Keep reading to find out.

Major Difference Between Tods Chukka boots And Crockett and Jones?

One major difference between Tods and Crockett and Jones chukka boot is in the build and design.

Many Tod’s chukka boots have a simpler design and are also built with an embossed pebbled rubber outsole while the Crockett and Jones chukka boots have more sleek and stylish designs and are built with leather and rubber outsoles.

Their outsoles have varied designs, ranging from double-leather, super flex leather to Dainite and Vibram cleated sole.

Another difference is that Tods chukka boots are constructed out of Italian craftsmanship. They’re Italian-made shoes while Crockett and Jones are designed and made in Northampton, England.

Let’s see what you would get at first glance from these boots.

First glance

At first glance, we should be able to tell some notable differences between Tods’ chukka boots and Crockett and Jones.


Tods Chukka boots vs Crockett and Jones

  • Leather and soft suede upper
  • Simple design
  • Pebbled rubber outsole
  • Brand’s name
  • Visible stitching
  • Eyelets
  • Leather welt

The Tods chukka boots are manufactured with leather or soft suede uppers and result in a sleek and simple design.

The outsole of these boots is made of rubber. In addition, the soles are embossed with rubber pebbles.

Some designs have these pebbles at the heels also. Also, Tod’s is branded on the outsole, and heel of the boots. You will also notice that the brand name is imprinted on the inside of the insole. The handmade stitching is visible.

They’re much more outlined in brightly colored boots. These boots have two to three outlets where cords are passed for closure. In addition, there’s the leather welt between the upper and outsole.

Crockett and Jones

Tods Chukka boots vs Crockett and Jones

  • Calf leather and suede upper
  • Classic design
  • Leather and Rubber outsole
  • Brand’s name
  • Eyelets
  • Welt stitching

Crockett and Jones have a wider variety of designs for their chukka boots which include Toe Cap, Apron, Full Brogue, and Plain Front.

These boots are designed with careful attention to detail and aesthetics. In addition, they’ve got a more timeless quality that will add more appeal to your look.

They employ the use of wax calf, grain, and nubuck leathers and Suede for their uppers. The outsole of these boots is made with leather and rubber with unique designs.

Also, the brand’s name is embossed on the outsole. The Crockett and Jones make use of welt-stitching construction for their chukka boots. They also have two to three outlets for closure.

The Crockett and Jones chukka boots are the best choice for anyone looking for more stylish chukka boots, and the best part is they’ve got more options to choose from.

Comparison Between Tods Chukka Boots and Crockett and Jones

I will be drawing my comparisons on the following features:

  • Material
  • Stitching
  • Outsole
  • Build quality
  • Construction
  • Luxury
  • Insole
  • Size and fitting
FeaturesTods Chukka BootsCrockett and Jones Chukka Boots
MaterialLeather and Suede upperCalf leather and Suede upper
StitchingVisible hand-stitchingDurable Welt-stitching
OutsolePebbled rubber outsoleLeather and rubber outsole
Build QualityExcellent build and qualityExcellent build and quality
ConstructionSimple construction with suede lining and leather insoleGoodyear welt construction with a timeless design. Soft leather lining and cushioning
LuxuryA luxury brand with price of about  $575A luxury brand with prices between $509-$800
InsoleLeather insolesLeather insoles
Size and fittingTrue to sizeTrue to size with few wide sizes available



Tods chukka boots are made with leather and suede upper. The leather is well-sourced and offers a smooth, sleek design. The suede upper has a softer feel.

These materials have premium quality and will offer comfort all day. To break in these boots, wearing and walking around the house for some days will do the magic.

Crockett and Jones also use leather and suede for the uppers of their chukka boots. The leathers are gotten from calves which are a very fantastic choice as they’re softer and very durable.

Also, the suede upper is of decent quality. Some of the leather uppers are waxed and oiled for a shiny and beautiful look. This finishing improves the texture of the material, making them smoother and softer.

Tods Chukka boots vs Crockett and Jones


Tods chukka boots stitching is made with hands for better detailing and durability. The leather welt is stitched with the outsole and is very visible.

The Crockett and Jones chukka boots are also hand-stitched, but they employ a more detailed process that enhances the durability while making them easy to resole.

They employ their unique welt-stitching. In this process, the leather welt is stitched to the rib attached to the insole then the sole is stitched to the welt.

This process allows the sole to be easily removed for repair without affecting the boots’ upper. Also, the leather soles are stitched in concealed channels to make them visible on the underside of the shoes.

The Tods and Crockett and Jones both stitch their chukka boots with hands which offer increased durability. However, Crockett and Jones boots have better stitching.


The Tods make use of a rubber outsole for their chukka boots. This rubber is slip-resistant and has high traction.

Also, the rubber outsole is embossed with rubber pebbles for better traction. This sole has high durability and can withstand wear and tear keeping the shoes long-lasting.

The Crockett and Jones make use of leather and rubber outsoles for their chukka boots. Their fine traditional leather is cut out from high-quality hide and is strongly tanned to improve the leather fibers and to increase durability.

Tods Chukka boots vs Crockett and Jones

Also, there’s the Superflex leather sole which is the most flexible. Their rubber soles are designed differently; from their original city rubber to the Vibram cleated soles.

The Vibram cleated soles are heavy-duty rubber and have studded patterns to increase resistance to wear and offer better traction. The rubber outsole has greater durability and grip and is waterproof.

The Crockett and Jones have better quality soles with greater durability.

Build Quality

The Tods chukka boots are well-built with quality materials to offer maximum comfort to their customers. It’s a luxury brand and also makes use of top-notch materials with the best Italian craftsmanship.

From the upper materials, insoles, and outsoles to the stitching, all are designed with careful attention to detail. The rubber outsoles have a unique feature that improves traction as you move about on any surface.

You can check this Tods boot here on Amazon.

The Crockett and Jones chukka boots have excellent quality with a more durable build. The boots are designed and handcrafted in Europe.

This luxury brand employs premium materials and is designed to offer customers the best of comfort, support, and durability.

The calf leather is well-sourced and tanned to provide a smooth sleek design. In addition, the welt-stitching provides extra reinforcement. The outsoles have the excellent abrasion resistance and will last longer.

Both the Tods and Crockett and Jones chukka boots are high-quality boots with durable builds. However, Crockett and Jones have better build quality.


The Tods chukka boots come in varieties of designs and colors. They employ the best of Italian craftsmanship in the hand-making of these boots.

However, one unique feature of these boots is the embossed pebbles on the rubber outsole.

Each chukka boot has this feature on the outsole while some also have the rubber pebbles embossed on the heel.

This feature increases the traction of these boots, making them reliable for any surface. In addition, these boots have a soft leather lining and a leather insole for extra comfort.

The Crockett and Jones chukka boots are well constructed to offer boots for different occasions.

They have chukka boots well suited for summer and winter. In addition, they come in varieties of colors and classy designs.

The leather and suede uppers are super soft yet durable. The Goodyear welt construction of these shoes improves their durability.

After the stitching of the soles to the leather welt, the soles undergo bottom leveling to shape the shoes properly.

The outsoles of these chukka boots are constructed with different leather and rubber designs for a wide range of comfort and durability.

The bark-tanned and Superflex leather soles offer a good grip. The Superflex soles are treated with wax during the tanning process to make them more flexible.

In addition, they offer a good level of comfort and traction and also provide good resistance to abrasion.

The city rubber sole is 90% rubber and lightweight. The Dainite rubber sole has a very high percentage of rubber. Also, they feature a studded pattern for extra comfort and durability.

The heavy-duty Vibram cleated rubber soles have a carrarmato design. They have higher resistance to wear and offer quality grip and traction on any surface. Moreover, they’re great for winter and late autumn seasons.

There’s also the lightweight Vibram cleated soles which is the softer version of the Vibram cleated. It appears heavy, but it’s more flexible and lightweight.

Finally, they’ve got the commando rubber sole, designed for more rugged terrains.

The Crockett and Jones chukka boots come in lined and unlined versions. The soft leather insole offers enough comfort.

The Tods chukka boots are constructed for optimum comfort and luxury. However, Crockett and Jones have better construction that offers greater durability.


The Tods chukka boots are luxury. Their chukka boots are very expensive. The price for the chukka boots is about $575. This price can vary depending on the site you are purchasing from.

The Crockett and Jones chukka boots are also luxury. Their prices are between $500 – $815.


The Tods chukka boots are made with leather insoles. This leather is soft and cushions the feet properly while walking.

Crockett and Jones also use leather insoles for their chukka boots. They’re soft and cushions the feet, molding the contours of the feet perfectly and offering maximum comfort all day.

Material ribs are attached to the insoles and are then sewn to the leather welt which is then stitched to the outsole.

Tods Chukka boots vs Crockett and Jones

Size and Fitting

The Tods chukka boots come true to size and offer a nice and comforting fit. They use English sizes for their men’s shoes.

The Crockett and Jones chukka boots come in varieties of sizes and fittings. They make use of different types of last to provide close-fitting and narrow to wide sizes of boots.

The majority of the boots come true to size. You should always check their fitting guide to buy the best fit for you. This guide is available on their website.

Final Verdict

The Tods and Crockett and Jones chukka boots are both luxury boots with excellent quality and designs. Their boots have a durable build, constructed with leather and suede upper, and come in different colors.

However, the Crockett and Jones chukka boots are better in build quality and durability. Their welt-stitching, cleated rubber soles, and calf grain rubber all contribute to the excellent build of these boots.

In addition, they’ve more designs that are very stylish and will offer you options to choose from. They’re your best bet for chukka boots.


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